Cato: The Command Launcher for Your Web Browser-:

The Command Launcher for Your Web Browser

Cato: The Command Launcher for Your Web Browser-: Most of us use the web browser with keyboard shortcuts and it is the best way to use any software with keyboard shortcuts to save time. As a Mechanical engineer in daily life I use Mechanical CAD software and SAP with a keyboard shortcut and it helps a lot to save my time and complete the task assigned to me on time. Most of all software and the browser-based tool can be customized with keyboard shortcuts. 

Cato: The Command Launcher for Your Web Browser-:

If you are a heavy internet user and works on lots of tabs at a time then switching between the tabs is a little bit time consuming, it would be great if you can switch between the tabs with command manager.
In this post, I will discuss about Cato chrome extension that will help you to use Google Chrome with the command line.

The Command Launcher for Your Web Browser 01

Feature List of Cato Chrome Extension-:

  • – Bookmark and un-bookmark pages
  • – Create new windows & tabs (including incognito)
  • – Close tabs (single or multiple)
  • – Copy the current URL
  • – Calculate numbers with the built-in calculator
  • – Change tabs
  • – Detach tabs from their windows
  • – Disable/Enable/Uninstall Extensions
  • – Duplicate the current tab
  • – Copy current URL
  • – Detach tabs
  • – Find bookmarks and open them
  • – Play/Pause videos
  • – Sort open tabs by URL
  • – Merge all browser windows into one.
  • – Open your Bookmarks, Downloads, History and Settings pages
  • – Toggle Bookmark
  • – Navigated your Pages & Tabs (Forward and back)
  • .- Mute tabs
  • – Toggle Fullscreen mode
  • – Reload tabs (single or multiple)
  • – Search Google, Youtube and Gmail (more coming soon)

Conclusions-: If you are a heavy Internet user and works on multiple tasks at a time then Cato command like Launcher will help you a lot to easily switching between the tabs.

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