How To Access Chrome Bookmarks and Settings Among your All Devices

How To Access Chrome Bookmarks and Settings Among your All Devices


Google chrome provides a great feature to sync bookmarks, extensions, apps, themes, opened tabs, auto fill data, preferences and saved passwords with your Google account. You don’t need to worry about sharing your data on all the devices.

You can easily access your all bookmarks, apps, tabs, passwords and other browser preferences anytime you use Google chrome browser on other computer or device. You need to just sign in to your Google account in chrome browser. You will be able to access all data like bookmarks, extensions, settings, autofills, opened tabs, passwords, open tabs and Google chrome themes.

Besides Google chrome will synchronize your passwords in encrypted form to make its more secure. Your data is synced instantaneously. This feature can be very helpful in running chrome browser for multi user with each having their own settings, bookmarks, tabs, auto fill data and passwords.

Follow simple steps to sync chrome bookmarks and other data among all devices :

  • Go to chrome://settings in your Chrome Browser.
  • Sign in to Google chrome.
Sign in Google Chrome
  • Put your Email address and password and hit Sign in.
  • It will ask you to confirm sync settings. You can select option to sync everything including bookmarks, passwords, autofill data and apps etc. But if you don’t want to share everything, just hit Advanced option here.
  • You can select different options which data you want to sync with your Google account.
Google Chrome Advance Sync Setting
  • You can also check Number of bookmarks, Preferences, themes, autofill data, extensions, applications, omnibox data, open tabs, passwords synced with your Google account form Google dashboard here

Now your all bookmarks, extension, apps, themes, auto fill data, tabs, preferences and saved passwords will be synced with your Google account. Whenever you want to access this information on any computer or device having chrome browser, just sign in to Google chrome with your Google account. You will be able to access all data. So enjoy one another great feature of Google Chrome browser.



Google chrome is a Awesome Web  browser with largest market share , using Chrome Bookmarks and setting among all your devices can save your lots of time.

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