Can the cracked screen be dangerous? 


As mobile phones are our every day’s need and we can’t carry on without these gadgets. So, many of the times these devices face an accidental hit or drop and the screen gets cracked. It happens, and it’s a part of life.

These smartphones are not cheap because they come with the latest update and technology. Every time you fall your phone unexpectedly, you get a mini heart attack. These devices are so delicate and sleek that it would be fortunate if you get your phone’s OLED display back in the same condition after a drop.

Now the question is what to do now? Few of the people don’t take it seriously, and they keep on working with such a cracked screen. If you wouldn’t take your mobile phone for repair and keep using the cracked screen, then a small crack would get worst.

Not only you have to bear the content obstruction, but it will also lead to further damage. So, using the cracked screen can be dangerous. If, during the repeated falls, your phone remains your device unimpaired, but in disguise, it will weaken the phone screen, and as a result, the screen will get a breakage.

A cracked screen doesn’t get better over time, and some times it gets so worst that it stops responding to the finger gestures. In the most critical situation, the screen becomes dead. With such a lousy screen condition, if your phone gets one more fall, it will shatter.

The shattered screen is worst than ever screen condition where you can’t see anything on the screen. The screen becomes structurally unsound, useless, and dangerous. The debris gets stuck into the cracks and can make the screen further damaged.

Here are a few reasons that you shouldn’t use a cracked screen. Have a look!

Reasons to avoid a cracked screen.

  • OLED displays of Smartphones(telefoon scherm reparatie tilburg) give the users an excellent viewing experience, and when the screen gets cracked, it affects that viewing experience and increases the Eye tensity. So, better to avoid such horrible experiences of eye itching or rashes.
  • The smartphone is a source of releasing the Harmful Radiofrequency Radiations. The smart OLED display lessens the emittance of these rays. When your screen is broke, the chance of absorbing the more energy in your body becomes high.
  • The cracked screen can activate breakouts as the germs start breeding in the hairline scratches on the screen.
  • The cracked screen can easily cut your fingers as you swipe the screen from left to right and from up to down. This finger navigation will quickly slash your finger.
  • Smartphones are rigged with GPS and graphs to help users operate the bizarre roads and places. Often, they take a quick look at their phone maps while driving. Broken screen make it a daunting task, and forcing drivers to lose their focus on the road forward.
  • The screen defends the inside of the device from external elements that could potentially damage the equipment. For example, you would usually clean your phone screen with the dark cloth, but with a broken screen, which is no longer appropriate. This is because the liquid can break the cracks and cause the phone to have a short circuit.

Eventually, we have summed up that a cracked screen is a disturbing display that may lead to Nomophobia as it becomes hard to look and read the content on the screen. You may have to spend more time on the screen to find out the actual content from the cracked area.

It takes your extra time, sometimes gives you a headache, and enforces eye strain, which is, of course, an adverse impact. So, it may be more immeasurable to replace or repair your smartphone screen quickly instead of doing any DIY repair experiment.

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