Top 30 websites for free movie downloads

best websites for free movies

A movie is a wonderful way to spend some time by yourself or with your closest ones. Considering all the chaos going on these days, I’d argue that most of us are spending much more time at home, then we usually were.

Some people, perhaps the younger generation, will spend more time playing online video games and talking to friends on Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram while the grown ups will probably spend more time watching TV.

Movies and TV shows, however, are universal in my opinion. Everyone has at least some interest in watching a good piece of entertainment. Perhaps it could also be an opportunity to spend more time among family members together.

As a result, I thought about compiling a list of websites that allow users to download movies completely for free. Since you’re at home, why not spend some more time enjoying a good film with your family, simultaneously entertaining yourself as well as expanding your horizons?

Below I will present 30 websites to download movies completely for free.

Among these providers you’ll find many options to watch timeless classics as well as the latest mainstream blockbusters.

Before you start downloading free movies…

It’s important to note that most of these websites deal with heavily copyrighted material, which means they can be blocked or result in a copyright complaint if you download them excessively.

That is why I strongly recommend using a VPN. Both as a security option among third parties as well as a tool to avoid blockage if the site is blocked by your internet provider. Since the websites are available globally, I believe this note is relevant to everyone around the globe.

Not sure what’s a VPN or which one to choose? Check out my list of VPNs that offer a free trial. Check them out and find which one best works for you.

My list of free movie downloads websites

No. Site name Web address
1 YIFY Movies
2 Bob Movies
3 Fmovies
4 MovieDDL
5 1337x Movies
6 Web Archive Movies
7 Watch Movies Free
8 Mobile Movies
9 123 Go Stream
10 Download Any Movies
11 WellTorrent Movies Torrents
12 Critic Bay
13 House Movies
14 Xmovies 8
15 AVI Mobile Movies
16 C Movies HD
17 HD Movies Maza
19 xFilmy Wap Movies
20 Kasper Movies
21 Movie Cast Blog
22 Movies Daily
23 Filmy Wap Free Movies
24 FZ Movies
25 123 Movies Hub
26 Vidmate
27 HD Movies Point
28 GO Download Movies
29 HD Popcorns
30 300 MB Movies

Why these websites for free movies are so great

One of the main reasons why I chose these particular websites is because they are very active in terms constantly updating their content catalog. That means that you’ll get the latest movies, TV shows and documentaries as soon as they are publicly available.

Another thing is of course – the free download possibilities. All of these websites, one way or another offer the option for downloading their favorite content in Full HD format, usually with a few clicks of a button, without any need to signup or register in any way, thus retaining your anonimity.

You can either download them directly to your computer, or with the help of torrents, which are monitored by quality by the websites administrators.

Good news for international movie watchers is the fact that there’s plenty of language of options as well. If English is not your strongest skill, there’s many downloads in other popular languages around the globe. This includes: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Punjabi, Arabian an so on.

Getting back to the content variety aspect – there’s not only Hollywood produced movies and TV shows available as well. If you’re keen on watching the latest from Bollywood and other major producers globally, you may do that as well.

So, these providers offer options for everyone, which is why I want people to enjoy it as much as possible. Now go ahead and watch something you enjoy and stay safe.

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