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Mobile apps have rapidly changed the way we communicate over the last decade or so. More and more communication and data sharing is happening not only through desktops but also through an ever-increasing number of smartphone applications. In fact, both Apple and Google Play offer over 2 million apps in their stores.

Being proficient and professionally trained in mobile app development offers incredibly exciting opportunities to be part of this fast-paced tech revolution. This article explains the kind of training that leads the best app-related career paths and what to look for when searching for a good mobile development training program.

The evolution of apps

To give you an idea just how central apps are now in the IT world, here are some figures:

  • There are 2.7 billion smartphone users and 1.35 billion tablet users across the world.
  • These users open an average of 30 different apps each month.
  • The average user spends 3.7 hours on apps per day.
  • People have spent $120 billion on apps, in-app purchases, and app subscriptions in 2019.

Leisure options like gaming, social media, shopping, access to information (like travel, weather and news) and direct communication apps like WhatsApp and Skype are among the most used types of app. Apps are also now being increasingly used for business purposes, such as in workplace communication, workflow management, and asset lifecycle management.

The art of mobile app development

Part of the appeal of a career in mobile app development is that it is a creative occupation, as well as demanding highly technical skills. A successful app must work seamlessly and provide both value of money and value of time to the user. But, it must also be visually appealing, and interesting and exciting to use. The very best mobile apps play a key role in enhancing the customer experience for any business using one.

Well-qualified and highly skilled people who can contribute to the development of high-quality apps are in demand today. This demand is set to rise too.

Working in app development

There are a variety of careers in app development. In short, mobile application developers create software for mobile apps. However, there is a range of sub-skills meaning that different people may be responsible for different elements of the app.

Back end developers are responsible for the inner workings of the app. They create a logical, functioning app and also make the links between the app and databases as necessary. ‘Front end’ developers work on the part of the app that clients will see. They are responsible for creating a flawless user experience and great visual appeal.

Full stack developers can do the work of both ‘front end’ and ‘back end’ developers. Some modern programming languages, like Node.js and React.js/Redux, can handle all parts of an app’s development. Therefore, those with proficient knowledge of these apps can work in ‘full stack’ development.

In addition, there is work in app testing; an equally important part of the cycle of app development.

Skills needed

It is the logical preference of businesses to create their apps across multiple platforms to improve customer reach. Therefore, therefore the app will have versions for iOS (Apple) and Android, and perhaps also RIM (Blackberry), Symbian and Windows Mobile.


These all use different core programming languages. Those developing apps for iOS will need to know Objective-C and Swift, whereas those creating for Android must know Java and Kotlin.

To broaden the range of initial opportunities available to you, it makes sense to have an understanding of all these key programming languages. To tap into the market, you need to look for courses that teach you a well-balanced and broad curriculum through theory, demonstration and practical lessons.

What to take courses in

These are some of the most useful courses for career entry. Many will also be useful for existing IT professionals looking to gain an understanding of app development to complement their existing skill set.

Mobile development bootcamp

Taking a short mobile development bootcamp style course is an excellent introduction to the world of mobile apps. You should complete the course with an overview of how apps are created, some basic skills in this area and an idea of which direction you would like to go in next.

This style of course is also excellent for those looking into creating a mobile app strategy for their business or organization.

Android app development

Android apps currently occupy an 80% market share. It is absolutely essential that you have a full understanding of how to create an android app to widen your job prospects. You should look for a course that promises robust coverage of the architecture of Android apps, the API (Application Programming Interface), and the necessary building techniques.


Android operates a Kotlin first policy, so this programming language should be covered in depth.

iOS app development

Learn how to develop apps for Apple’s popular iPhone, iPad and iPod products. iOS courses should teach you iOS’s main programming languages, Swift and Objective C. You should also study how to use Xcode 9’s Interface Builder for designing and building iOS App Interfaces.

User interface design

A good user interface (UI) is essential if an application is to become successful. Thus, knowing UI design essentials and common design patterns is a very desirable skill. Enhancing and maximizing user experience should be at the heart of app development, thus working in this area is very much a key role.

App testing

App testing is an important part of the app development cycle. Learn how to create and perform rigorous tests to ensure a great, bug-free user experience.

Apache Cordova and Xamarin

Apache Cordova and Xamarin both take the headache out of developing apps across multiple platforms. They are specialized design frameworks that can help create hybrid apps that bridge the gap between platforms.

What to look for in a mobile app development program

A good course must provide both in-depth theory and high-quality demonstration. Plenty of practical experience is also essential. This is so that you can present yourself to employers as both knowledgeable and confident from the get-go.

Before booking onto any course, be sure that the time and money invested will be worth your while. Check that the course content is unambiguous and that the teaching methods are clearly stated. Attending a good quality course will be hugely beneficial, either by helping you advance your career or by helping you to leverage mobile apps to greatly benefit your organization, so make sure you pick well.



Tapas Banerjee founded Web Age Solutions, a premier IT training company, serving Fortune 500-sized companies across North America. Under his leadership, Web Age Solutions has won multiple awards such as Inc 500 and Profit 100 as one of the fastest growing companies. He is instrumental in coming up with various training offerings in the growing fields of Data Science and AI, Cloud and Microservices.


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