How you build DR 90 links with Digital PR

This is how you build DR 90 links with Digital PR:

  • Thoroughly analyze your client’s niche, and see what they are experts in

For example, a fashion client can be expert in fashion trends, clothing styles (colours, seasonality trends, celebrity wardrobe insights)
A solicitor client can be expert in personal injury, car accidents, family law.
And so on.

Steps to start building high DR links

  1. Watch the news for a week or two on topics that are related to your client, or:
  2. Use Google date filters to see what articles have been written in the past, about topics related to your client
  3. Identify 3-4 topics where you can use your client’s expert tips
  4. Ask the client to provide in-depth insights on the matter
  5. Put that in an email, and write up a nice press release with the valuable information from your client
  6. Go to Roxhill, Cision, or Muckrak, and use their advanced filters to find relevant journalists
  7. Add your press release to the built-in email distribution system of the above tools
  8. Send the email to those journalists
  9. Follow up with those journalists in 1-2 weeks, with the same story

Wait and see your links flowing in.

This is exactly how we’ve done it for this client from the image.

We put them forward as the boiler experts, and provided great insights about boiler issues that people need to be aware of.

We sent it out to the press, and landed massive links in:

  • Mirror (DR 90)
  • Daily Record (DR 81)
  • MSN (DR 92)
  • Scotsman (DR 85)

…and many more high-tier publications.

Your clients are your best assets for your link-building activities.
They are usually experts in their field, and they can provide tips and insights that journalists need, for their audiences.
Leverage the expertise of your clients as described above, and you too will land massive links in high-tier media.

I hope this helps
high dr

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