Seo Competitive Analysis: An All-Inclusive Guide

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A horse, in a race with other horses, runs at its fastest speed while outpacing them. Do you get the idea of how healthy competition is a source of motivation? Having an eye on your contender always keeps you going on the right track.

Imagine being the only business operating in the market. People will only buy from you, and your brand would own the entire market share. However, why would you want to innovate or get better at your products or services when you already have all the customers to yourself? Makes sense, right?

This phrase infers the need for constant innovation and modification. Right now, digital marketers are in dire need of such ideas that can make them outshine others in the industry: top SEO hacks, tips and tricks for traffic generation, ultimate keyword selection guide, and whatnot. Brands are going miles to become unbeatable in SEPRS.

What Is SEO Competitive Analysis?

Competition is remarkable in a way that it compels businesses to work towards achieving better. It encourages innovation and eradicates complacency.

SEO or search engine optimization is the method by which businesses aim to increase their webpage traffic. You work around the search engine algorithms and aim at finding a top place in search engine results. SEO competitor analysis involves evaluating your current and potential competing businesses. It is imperative since it gives you tremendous insight into how the industry is working. You can analyze the weaknesses of your competing companies and benefit from them.

Competitor analysis is a critical part of strategic decision-making in a business. Likewise, SEO competitive analysis helps you look into what sort of content competes with you to score a first-page position on search engine results.

How Is SEO Competitive Analysis Beneficial?

When you produce content to increase your webpage traffic, your objective is to rank the highest in search engine results. When you run the data through a website traffic checker, you can grasp your brand’s market competition status. How many people are aware of your existence and how far your message echoed.

In case of a lower number, the typical reaction is to wonder what other businesses are doing to garner that sort of interest and beat down your strategy. And SEO competitor analysis helps you answer that question. Once you conclude your competitors’ approach, you can work around and produce better tactics to achieve higher rankings in search engine results.

Conducting SEO Competitive Analysis:

Now that we have understood what SEO competitive analysis is, we can now look at how to do it. Just like any other business evaluation, SEO competitive analysis also involves a step-by-step approach. Here we have summarized these steps for you to read through:

Identify Your Competitors:

To compete with your rivals, you first need to know who they are. One easy way to find out who your competitors are is to make a query through a search engine with one of the keywords. Let’s take an example, suppose that you own a brand that sells designer bags.

Your targeted customers will most commonly make queries with the phrase designer bags, such as best designer bags, fashionable designer bags, etc. When you type in these keywords, you will get a list of search results. These are your competitors. And this is the content you need to compete to get a spot on the first page.

The other way is a little complicated. However, it also provides more comprehensive results. There are several competitor analysis toolkit offered, such as SEMrush’s Competitive Research Toolkit. These kits help you run a more thorough analysis of who your competitors are.

For example, via more extensive study, you may end up realizing that the most competition lies in the keyword ‘designer handbags’ and not the ones you were working on currently. Such toolkits also give you a detailed guide on what sort of content is dominating your business. For example, if your competitors are posting video content, you would also have to create your content accordingly.

Workout The Strength Of These Competitors:

Now that you know who your competitors are, it is time to dig deeper. Merely understanding your competitors will not do much good. It would help if you analyzed the competitive scenario on a more meaningful level. There are several tools to help you with this, as well.

First up, assess the market share each competitor holds in comparison to you. Next, ascertain which brand is the most popular in your industry and gets the most webpage clicks. While you are at it, do not forget to compare your page speed with your competitor sites. If your website is even a tad slower than the contenders, you are bound to lose customers to them. Nobody likes waiting for a web page to load.

Moreover, you can also run a gap analysis between your content and the content of your competitors. There may be keywords driving traffic to your competitor’s website that you are not currently using for your web page. It gives insight into how to optimize your web page better to compete with others in the market.

Examine How Your Competitors Are Building Backlinks:

Running an analysis over the backlinks your competitors have on their webpage will give you insights into opportunities you may be missing out on right now. Backlinks prove helpful as they increase the authenticity of the content. The more backlinks you generate from authoritative sites, the higher your chances of popping on the top of search results.

Analyzing the backlink strategy of your competitors will help you devise one of your own. For example, identifying a piece of content that has generated many backlinks will help you get an idea of the content people are searching for at the moment. You can create better content and then reach out to the backlinking authorities to link to your page. Some other tactics include niche edits, resource link building, guest articles, etc.

Look Into The Ad Spending Of Your Competitors:

You could have a well-optimized webpage and still not gather enough traffic. The only reason could be the amount of ad spending your competitors invest. It is critical to look into how much they invest in their marketing campaigns by examining their paid posts, banner ads, Google Ads campaign, etc. It will help you match the level of outlay your competitors are spending on their marketing campaigns.

New digital marketers or freelancers aim to learn more about rewarding resources for getting better with their work. It infers that the competition is getting tougher with every passing hour as younger and innovative minds are entering the field well-informed.

Build Your SEO Strategy:

Now that you are well-aware of what your competitors do and how they get higher ranks for themselves, it is time to build a kick-ass strategy to outshine them. At this point, you may now have the answers on how to leverage your page against your competitors. For example, whether you need better content, a newer link-building strategy, incorporating better keywords, etc.


First and foremost, remember to conduct detailed and thorough research. A half-cooked assessment will do you no good. Please do not shy away from using web page analytics tools since they are usually easy to use and offer great insights. They can expand your research and make it more accurate.

Last but not least, competitor analysis is a crucial aspect of SEO marketing. With an all-inclusive competitor analysis tool, your webpage marketing strategy can boom inspiringly. Hence, invest time and effort in devising your digital marketing roadmap, and you are all set to give some rock-hard competition to your adversaries!



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