6 Reasons to show live hashtag feed on screens for marketing


Hashtags are not just a group of random words together but a powerful medium that when used intelligently lets a brand’s audiences discover their content on social media.

The efficiency of hashtags does not end at the social media networks only but growing beyond that on offline and digital spaces too.

One such avenue that brands are exploring at present is Live hashtag feed. Let’s get to know more about it-

Live Hashtag Feed: Marketing Makeover

A live hashtag feed can be defined as the collection of aggregated user generated content from various social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. pulled in real-time through a dedicated or multiple hashtags.

The aggregated hashtag feed has user-generated posts which can be displayed on digital signages or can be embedded on a company’s website to grab users’ attention.

Benefits of Live Hashtag Feeds In Marketing

A live hashtag feed is a powerful source of engagement that could boost any marketing touch point when integrated with it. Its strength lies with the fact that it is made of real-time user-generated content which is deemed as the marketing gold by industry pioneers.

The UGC in a hashtag feed captures the audience’s attention and encourages them to interact with the brand and its products.

Here are the primary pros of using live hashtag feed in marketing campaigns-

  • Build Brand Trust

When it comes to successful marketing results, inciting a sense of trust in consumers’ hearts is hard for even the most popular brands. But, live hashtag feed could push the brands to achieve the difficult.

When users see the content from real-people like them in favor of brands’ products, they are more likely to put their faith in them. Through the power of social proof, brands can easily win the hearts of their target audiences.

  • Enhance Engagements

No marketing campaign can thrive without engaging its target users. An engaged audience is a happy audience. When people see relatable content from people like them, they get involved and communicate with the brand.

By displaying a live hashtag feed containing user-generated content at different marketing touch points, brands could build healthy communication with their users.

  • Content for Every Marketing Avenue

The versatility of user-generated content in a live hashtag feed makes it suitable for a business to use at every marketing touch point and expand its target pool. The hashtag feed is a subset of content marketing. Through it, brands can make full use of social proof at all marketing channels and can bring much visibility to their products and services.

  • Drive Conversions

The major advantage of using a live hashtag wall in marketing strategies is to let the target users witness the kind of product satisfaction that a brand delivers to its consumers.

When other people see how happy brand consumers are with their services, they would want to try out the products. The analytics features of a smart hashtag wall aggregator also help in monitoring the hashtag history of users and make it easier for brands to find and reach out to them.

  • Promote Sponsors and Partnered Ties

Businesses can highlight their marketing partners by displaying their logos and names on a live hashtag feed over companies’ official websites. In the same manner, event sponsors can be given much exposure to attendees via a live hashtag wall on a digital screen.

This helps in boosting brand and event awareness among the audiences and when others see big shots supporting a brand’s cause or products, they too want to get on board and be a part of a marketing campaign.

  • Social Media Exposure

To be featured in the live hashtag wall at a website or an event, visitors will share their content on social media using the brand hashtags. The shared content will get noticed by the individual’s social following.

It means that by displaying user-generated content through a hashtag feed, brands could draw many people’s attention to their marketing activities. As a result, over time the content of a hashtag wall builds a brand huge social media reach.

How To Create A Live Hashtag Feed

Brands could create an interactive live hashtag wall by employing an efficient UGC platform that would help in quick content curation and moderation. The aggregated feed from different social media channels can be customized to be in tune with various marketing touchpoints.

Where To Put A Live Hashtag Feed

Based on a business target audience and marketing plan, a live hashtag wall can be used on numerous occasions such as-

  • Business Conferences and Corporate Meetings

By screening a live hashtag wall at conferences and business meets, brands could boast of their social media presence. It could also keep the attending members getting a minute-to-minute update about the Conferences. This would encourage them to post their conference-experience over social media which again would maximize branding exposure.

  • Events

A live hashtag wall at events stirs up the excitement among the audiences and takes the engagement to the next level. It promotes both offline and social participation and gives the audience a platform to share their event experiences and feedback in real-time.

  • In-Store Displays

Offline retail stores often struggle with consumer engagement. This can be easily overcome by screening user-generated content through a live hashtag wall at stores. New consumers will enter the stores and see the proof of a brand’s excellent customer satisfaction themselves which would boost up the store conversion.

  • Websites

A company’s website is the primary marketing touchpoint. By displaying a live hashtag wall over the website, businesses could bridge the gap between social and digital platforms. The UGC on e-commerce websites strengthens the purchasing decisions of new consumers and shortens their shopping journey.


A live hashtag live feeds are rising to be the most powerful driving tool when it comes to user engagement and conversions. There are myriad numbers of ways that marketers could use the hashtag feed in their campaigns and get the target audiences’ attention.

A little bit of creativity, a smart UGC tool and the right marketing channel would bring profits to a brand through a live hashtag wall.


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