Seven Effective Ways To Transform Your Digital Marketing Strategy Using Chatbots


Chatbots is the term that has turned into hot talk in the field of digital marketing for quite some time now. A chatbot is a software that carries out certain tasks that are programmed to it. The advent of chatbots is transforming the digital marketing landscape.

Selling a product through a digital platform includes multiple processes. Chatbots can be automated to perform some of these activities, thus reducing the load on the marketers, paving the way for them to come up with better strategies to maximize the conversion rates. Now, we shall look at some of the vital tasks performed by the chatbots that could benefit the market in manifolds.

‘Chat’ Bots:

The word ‘chat’ in the word ‘chatbots’ itself explains one of the common tasks performed by them. If you land on a website, you will find more web pages. Only after scrolling some pages you will get what you are looking for. But, chatbots could bring the product you are looking for in front of you on the screen within moments you land at a page. For instance, once you land at a website, the chatbots will appear before you with questions like ‘How can I help you?’ and ‘May I know what are you looking for?’ Subsequently, it drives you to the page you are looking for, thus saving your time alongside making your shopping easier. Many customers have opined that they find real-time conversation with the chatbots to be engaging and time-effective.

A recent survey has revealed that 59% of customers prefer to live chat with chatbots over a telephonic conversation, e-mails, or any other mode of communication. This has come as a major advantage for brands. Because they don’t have to employ a person and pay for him, moreover, chatbots could handle any number of people at the same time giving instant replies.

The Lead Generator:

The leads you generate have a greater impact on the success of your business. Lead generation is a crucial part of the sales funnel, which many marketers find it to be tedious. But, chatbots have made the process of lead generation much easier.

Chatbots can be used as an effective medium to qualify the leads you generate. You can automate the set of questions to bots you are looking to shoot out to a prospect. The boats will reach out to the prospect with the questions. The collected information through bots will help you largely in analyzing where the prospect is in the sales funnel.

Another intrinsic skill of the bot is it is capable of collecting basic information about a prospect. Thus, you can frame the more appropriate strategy for your prospect, and you can approach him easily with the basic information bots have driven you.

Therefore, bots play a pivotal role in choosing the right prospects for your brand, thus saving your energy and time. There are times when marketers put their heart and soul in deriving strategy for the wrong prospect. This could be discarded if you have employed a chatbot, which drives you valuable insights about a prospect. Trollishly is also regarded as a lead generator due to its potential to drive leads at ease.

Manages Your Marketing Team:

Behind every successful digital marketing strategy lies a digital marketing team that strives hard and puts its utmost efforts to make its strategy successful. Usually, a digital marketing team comprises a certain number of people who carry out the specific tasks that are assigned to them.

There are bots like Standup bot and Nikabot that monitor the tasks performed by the members of a team and deliver a report to you, which will help you to track the performance of your team members and easily spot the places where they are lagging. You can come up with better suggestions for your team members, which eventually uplifts their performance.

In some cases, the team members will be working remotely from different locations and time zones. Thus, making use of these chatbots will avail you of many benefits since these chatbots can monitor round-the-clock, unlike humans. You should go with any of these chatbots to manage your team more efficiently.

Sell Your Product Without Any Strain:

Selling a product could be achieved easier with the use of chatbots. Many clothing brands and food-delivery companies are making use of chatbots to maximize their sales. Nearly 75% of consumers have expressed that they feel comfortable by shopping through a chatbot as they could check out the product within the bot without having to shift to an application or chatbot. They have also added that chatbots provide the feel of a companion to them. This could be attributed to the conversational approach of the chatbots.

They are equipped in a way that the interaction they carry out will sound more like communicating with a human. Moreover, chatbots can come with more relevant suggestions instantly based on the interest of the customers.

Though chatbots are still in their infant change of development, their capability of carrying out a more lively conversation plays a substantial role in maximizing the conversion rates of the brands. Thus, chatbots are becoming more and more crucial for brands to enhance their business on the digital platform.

Deliver Personalized Experience To The Customers:

Personalized Marketing has emerged as a significant trend in 2020 since many customers want their products to be crafted according to their wishes. As brands prioritize the satisfaction of their customers rather than anything else, personalization marketing is gaining much more importance. For instance, if a person approaches your chatbot, try to know what he is expecting from you.

To know that, frame questions, quizzes, and surveys to your chatbots that it can shoot-out to the approached customer. Ensure that the questions you have framed will help you to predict your customers accurately. This will help you to send personalized messages and personalized advertisements to him. Add the specifications of the product to the personalized ads that align with the preference of the customer. This will help you to achieve a higher conversion rate at ease. Many brands have converted the prospects into customers by delivering a personalized experience.

Incorporate Bots With Messaging Platforms:  

Make your boats as part of the messaging platforms and reap maximum benefit. Making your company bot as part of a messaging platform will avail of enormous benefits to you. Because people spend more time on messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Messenger has 1.3 billion users across the world and is expected to rise to 2.4 billion users by 2021.

Moreover, recent surveys have revealed that people open messaging applications nine times a day, whereas when it comes to standard applications, they open it only five times a day. As the usage of standard applications has begun to decline, it has become essential for brands to make their transition to chatbots.

Moreover, chatbots are always mobile-friendly. 65% of customers have expressed that they have used chatbots. Thus, integrating chatbots with Facebook Messenger that has over 1.3 billion users will maximize your brand awareness alongside helping you to achieve a higher conversion rate. Many people have also expressed that chatbots have given them a new shopping experience, which they find to be more engaging.

The real-time reply and the conversational tone of chatbots, which sounds similar to that of humans, have given an increased comfort level to customers. Moreover, people find chatbots to be time-effective due to the instantaneous reply and more relevant suggestions.

With social selling expected to surge further in the coming years, brands could have most of their business through chatbots. Thus, many brands are looking to equip the performance of chatbots. As the chatbots can handle any number of customers and are available round the clock, integrate your bots into Facebook Messenger, which eventually uplift your sales.

Chatbots Are Cost-effective: 

Many brands have expressed that chatbots have cut down their costs in many aspects. If you employ a chatbot, it can perform many human tasks more efficiently and at a rapid pace. Moreover, chatbots have bridged the gap between marketing and sales. As chatbots are well equipped in delivering valuable insights about a customer, there won’t be any necessity to hire a marketing analyst.

The accurate and timely delivery of data by chatbots will help you to make the decision about a prospect more easily. Many customers have expressed that the interaction with chatbots feels similar to that of a salesperson. As more researches are being done to equip the chatbots, they are expected to have more meaningful communication with the customers in the coming years. Thus, employing a chatbot will cut down your cost and increase your profit ration at the same time.

Final Thoughts: 

Chatbots will play an indispensable role in the field of digital marketing due to the multiple roles they take. Notable, chatbots are evolving into a selling platform for brands providing a holistic shopping experience to the consumers. As brands are striving to have a conversation with their prospect, the advent of chatbots has facilitated it. Thus, chatbots have transformed the digital marketing landscape.


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