Uber Clone: Strategies to Compete and Win the Ride-hailing Business

Uber Clone: Strategies to Compete and Win the Ride-hailing Business


The taxi app market has become competitive, especially because businessmen have realized
that people will never stop booking rides online. A lot of entrepreneurs ask whether the
audience will accept their on-demand taxi booking apps or not before they step into the market.

However, if you ask the leaders, they’ll advise businesses to focus on their marketing and other
essential strategies to ensure success. But is it possible to compete and win the ride-hailing
market? The answer is yes! With simple yet effective strategies, your online taxi business can
win against mature competitors like Uber.

Moreover, if you think that as a new venture, you may not survive, well, using the provided
strategies, you can easily win the competition!

Let’s explore.

Effective marketing strategies to make your Uber Clone

More and more people are now supporting small businesses, as per a report by Salesforce.
Therefore, your local ride-hailing app may attract a local audience and help you gain more

To make your Uber-like taxi app unique for your local market, here’s what you can do:

● Integrate local languages and currencies.

● Incorporate the payment and SMS gateways that are most popular in your region.
● Include features that would fulfill your local audience’s needs.

To figure out what your audience needs, you need to closely study them, choose the essential
features, and select the right monetization methods.

Invest in creating digital experiences

If you want to capture the young shopper population, you need to create unique digital
experiences. What is the digital experience? Well, it’s the user’s interaction with the business
using a smartphone, laptop, or any other digital technology.

In short, as an online taxi booking business owner, you need to ensure that your users can
seamlessly engage with
you through the app.

To provide a great digital experience, you need to make sure that your Uber Clone app is:

Innovative: your users can use the application to easily book and schedule taxi rides.
Dynamic: the platform includes various videos, images, animations, and other digital
elements to make your app stand out.
Intuitive: your app must provide a natural feel to your users and help them easily fulfill
their needs.
Scalable: your app must be capable of matching the user’s requirements and traffic
without affecting its core functions.
Adaptable: the app should be able to adapt to the latest and upcoming trends with

Offer loyalty benefits to your customers

To retain your customers, you need to consider working with effective marketing strategies. One
of the best ways to retain your customers is to provide them with loyalty benefits.

By offering loyalty programs on your taxi application, you can easily keep your customers active
on the platform. Moreover, through them, you can acquire more customers. For instance, on
your ride-hailing application, you can provide the riders with per-mile coins.

Users can redeem these coins and use them to book and pay for taxi rides.

Provide referral programs

Referral programs are one of the most basic yet very efficient programs for app-based
businesses. Here, existing users can use their invite code and refer it to their friends and family.

Using the invite code, new members can register on the application and start booking the
services. Every time a new user registers on the app using the code and books their first taxi
service, the existing user will get monetary benefits.

Referral programs are often treated as an organic way of acquiring new customers.

To gain more attention from your local customers, besides adopting these strategies, you can
also consider integrating customer-specific features.

Here are some examples of customer-centric features you can incorporate in your Uber Clone

Multiple payment modes

By integrating multiple online and offline payment methods, you can let your users easily book
their taxi rides. You can add an option for payments via credit/debit cards and in-app wallets so
that your users don’t have to worry about carrying cash everywhere.

Taxis for female riders:

Offer special cabs or the facility to choose female drivers on your application. Such a feature will
attract female riders by assuring them safer taxi rides.

Taxis with a child seat option:

Here, any rider traveling with a toddler can opt for the child seat option when booking the taxi.
This option will make traveling more feasible for parents.
Taxis with handicap accessibility:
Offering handicap accessibility in your taxis will attract specially-abled people, enabling them to
commute from one place to another easily.

Apart from these unique features, you can also capture the local market by offering rider and
driver-specific facilities:


● Affordable surge pricing
● A shorter waiting time
● Multiple options for taxi types
● Better quality of taxis


● Lower fee charges for initial periods
● Insurance
● Reward programs
● Monthly/annual bonuses


How to Measure You’ve Won the Competition?

Implementing the strategies and integrating the features in your Uber Clone app is okay, but
what’s next? How can you measure that you’ve won the competition in the local market?

Here’s how you can measure your success and get to know that all your strategies worked well!

Market Position Market Share


Market Position Market Share
Monopoly >75%
Duopoly >75%
Market Leader >41%
Unstable Market >26%
Open Market >26%


An easy way to determine your success is to measure your market share. Refer to the table
above to see where your business stands.

For instance, if you have fully captured 75% or more of the market you’re operating in, you own
the monopoly! And if you want to become the market leader, you must own at least 41%. And if
you have no competitors, then you’re in the open market.

Wrapping Up

Ride-hailing market is full of competitors. Apart from Uber, there are other big names as well,
such as Ola, Lyft, DiDi, inDriver, etc., who have well-captured the global market. However,
there’s still some space for small businesses in the local market.

Therefore, it is recommended to start small and then take your taxi business on a global scale.
Launch an Uber clone app in your city first, and once you gain success or start recognizing
your user’s needs, go big!

Follow the strategies explained in the blog to gain maximum profits from your online taxi
booking business.

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