What is Desktop Deployment Technician

desktop deployment dechnician

The essential responsibility of a Desktop Deployment Technician is to send frameworks to end clients in
an association. The technician may take on extra jobs concentrating on utilizing innovation. These may
incorporate VPN deployment, corporate intranet arrangement, and software establishment. In specific
associations, the technician might be relied upon to be liable for link plant the executives, consistently
backing up the framework, and actualizing catastrophe recuperation plans, varying.

The Desktop Deployment Technician will work as a team with the activities, PC Lab, and Helpdesk assets
to investigate any specialized issues. They need to manage client, and post-deployment matters and
handle any mistakes identified with the movement procedure. The deployment technician will introduce
the mentioned applications and fringe on the client machine.

Desktop Deployment Technician Responsibilities

The technician needs to monitor all issues identified with patches, highlights, deployment, and
authorizations. The Desktop Deployment Technician must aid Data Migration. They need to recognize
and resolve deployment-related problems and keep up the precision of sent machines. The professional
needs to picture/re-picture new and existing desktops and PCs.

The Windows Deployment Technician should deal with image records and inventories. They ought to
have an inside and out comprehension of imaging, sending machines, and examining. The professional
needs to utilize the dynamic catalog to direct records, profiles, and approaches. The technician should
help with sending workstations and PCs. They need to make the structure settings on Windows

The technician needs to manage data and change framework profiles. They ought to keep up a database
of the advancing endeavors. The professionals need to examine any specialized issues that may come up
related to framework errands and end-customer support. They should speak with the end customers to
recognize zones where the development methodology can be distinguished or balanced.

The Desktop Deployment Technician should arrange with the new workers to comprehend the limits
and confinements of tackling the framework.

What Does A Desktop Deployment Technician Do

Computer support specialists give assistance and guidance to individuals and associations utilizing
computer software or hardware. Some computer network support specialists, support data innovation
(IT) representatives the association. Others, called computer client support specialists, help non-IT
clients who are having computer issues.

Duties of Desktop Deployment Technician

  • Test and assess existing network frameworks
  • Perform standard upkeep to guarantee that networks work accurately
  • Investigate neighborhood (LANs), extensive region networks (WANs), and Internet frameworks.

Computer network support specialists, likewise called specialized support specialists, typically work
in their association's IT office. They assist IT with staffing break down, investigate, and assess
computer network issues. They assume a significant job in the standard upkeep of their association's
networks, for example, performing document reinforcements on the network. Maintenance can be
performed day by day, week by week, or month to month and is essential to an association's fiasco
recuperation endeavors. Taking care of an IT issue instantly is significant because associations rely
upon their network frameworks. Network support specialists may help the association's computer
clients through telephone, email, or in-person visits. They often work under network and computer
frameworks managers, who handle progressively complex undertakings.

Instructions to Become A Desktop Deployment Technician

On account of the full scope of abilities utilized in various computer support employments, there are
numerous ways into the occupation. A four-year college education requires some computer support
propositions, however, a partner's degree or postsecondary classes might be sufficient for other people.


Education prerequisites for computer support specialists differ. Client support authority requires some
computer information; however, not a postsecondary degree. Candidates who have taken some
computer-related classes are often qualified. For computer network support specialists, numerous
businesses acknowledge candidates with a partner's degree, albeit some favor candidates to have a
four-year college education.

Enormous software organizations that offer help to business clients who purchase their items or
administrations often require a four-year college education. Increasingly specialized places are probably
going to need a degree in a field, for example, a computer science building, or data science, however for
other people, the candidate's area of concentration is less significant.

To stay aware of changes in innovation, numerous computer support specialists proceed with their
education all through their professions.


Certification programs are, for the most part, offered by sellers or from merchant unbiased certification
suppliers. Certification approves the information on and best practices required by computer support
specialists. Organizations may need their computer support specialists to hold certifications in the items
the organizations use.


Numerous computer support specialists advance to other data innovation positions, for example,
network and computer frameworks heads and software engineers. Some become chiefs in the computer
support administration division. A few associations give ways to support specialists to move into
different pieces of the association, for example, deals. For more data, see the profiles on network and
computer frameworks directors and software engineers.