A list of KickassTorrents proxies to access the website in 2020

proxies of kickasstorrents

If you know or have heard about KickassTorrents, you deserve an internet veteran’s medal.

Back when file-sharing was more “liberal” let’s say, the website provided a centralized space to download your favorite movies, TV shows and video games in the form of torrents.

In fact, the website became the largest database for torrents for a while in 2014, even eclipsing the infamous ThePirateBay.

As a result of its growth in popularity and more drastic measures against piracy from law enforcement, the site went down in 2016, and along with many of its proxies seemingly became part of internet history.

But as we all know, you can’t keep people away from a source that provides them with free stuff. So, a clone website emerged, which, even though was blocked by many internet providers as well, survived through various proxies.

In this article I want to talk about some of these proxies that work to this day, in 2020.

Even though they’re not the original website, the clone is still legitimate, since it was created by a group of moderators from the original KAT site. Best of all, it still provides users with the same vast catalog of torrents and functionality.

So, without further adieu, let’s dive into it.

List of working KickassTorrents proxies working in 2020

Here’s my list of KickassTorrents proxies, I’ll change the status of the availability of each proxy from time to time.

Kickass Proxy/Mirror Status
https://katcr.co Available
https://kat.sitescrack.pw/ Available
http://kickasstorrents.video/ Available
https://kat.gameking.pw/ Available
https://kat.proxybit.loan/ Available
https://kat.torrentfeed.pw/ Available
https://kickass.unblockme.eu/ Available
https://kickass.unlockproject.co/ Available
https://kickass.unblockme.eu/ Available
https://kickass-cd.pbproxy.red/ Available


Important: before you sail the high seas…

sailing the high seas You should keep in mind that most of the content on KAT is pirated and as a result is protected in some form of copyright.

This means that you risk breaking the law when downloading your favorite games, movies or TV shows.

Even though these proxies allow you to access KickassTorrents from different locations around the world, such protection isn’t enough for your downloads, at least in my opinion. So, it’s best try to keep your identity as hidden as possible from other parties.

Here are some safer ways to access KickassTorrents proxies

Tor browser

Tor is an alternative browser to your typical ones of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera. It focuses on complete security and thus, allows users to keep their browsing completely anonymous from trackers and third parties.

It’s completely free, so one option is to use it instead of you typical browser for accessing KAT.


Another option is to simply use a VPN. It’s a type of software that varies your browsing location from time to time and gives you security and anonymity on the internet. Many people (including me) use this for torrenting stuff.

Not sure which one to use? Here’s my list of VPNs that come with a free trial. Be sure to check it out and test some of them, I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Want to try different options for torrents? Here’s a list of different providers than KickassTorrents


thepiratebay This is it. The king of all torrent websites. Even though Kickass managed to briefly take its crown around 2014, it quickly took it back and to this day, remains the most popular torrent website on the internet.

Numerous lawsuits, media attention and take downs by authorities, it still managed to reemerge on different domains and proxies.

Users here have many options for downloading their favorite torrents here and with fast speeds as well. Apart from movies, TV shows and video games, there’s even options for software downloads, even more obscure ones.



Another torrent website which is great for downloading torrents is called RARBG. While it doesn’t share the same infamy level as KAT or TPB, it’s still a website where you need to be careful when downloading stuff from it.

I’d argue that RARBG’s main attraction comes from its movie catalogues. Here you can find basically anything you want from timeless classics to the newest hollywood blockbusters. Additionally, you can sort by genre and rating, so you don’t need to worry about what choose from.

Definitely, consider RARBG.



Torlock is another great option to use, another than KAT. Its main appeal comes from very easy navigation and its vast torrent database, which allows users to download anything they prefer with a few clicks of a button.

Also, there’s practically, no chances of downloading anything dangerous, in other words a fake torrent. You see, Torlock has a system through which users can report malicious torrents. What’s the benefits of doing so? Well, you get paid. A dollar for every fake in fact.

So, not only do you get access to free downloads, there’s an option to get paid for keeping the site as safe as possible for users.



Another great option for movie lovers is YTS.AM/YTS.AG. In fact, the website focuses entirely on them, providing many filtering and search options and an easy-to-navigate menu for users.

All you need to know here is that you get access to whatever movies and TV shows you want with a few clicks of a button. The torrents here are also known to be quite fast with downloads as many people are willing to seed.

Since the user community is so active, you’ll have no problems streaming or downloading anything you please.



This provider certainly lives up to its simple name. What you get is, well, torrent downloads. If you want a place to download or stream content securely and fastly, then it’s definitely for you.

Here, you get a massive database of all the usual stuff – movies, TV shows, games and so on. What might surprise some – the vastness of ebooks content. So, if you’re writing a paper or want something to read, you can download it from here.

A rating system helps sort out the lowest quality torrents from the good ones, so there’s absolutely no risk of downloading anything even mildly dangerous.

Be sure to check out TorrentDownloads.



As it says in its name, ETTV specializes in providing users with magnet links for various TV shows, podcasts, concerts and so on. In other words, anything that appears on television.

Moreover, the majority of content here is in very high quality and laid out very nicely, so you won’t have to navigate through layers of annoying menus and ads just to get to download the latest Jimmy Fallon episode.

If you don’t watch TV on the regular, but are still interesting in catching up with the latest programmes on you tablet or computer, this is definitely the option for you.



This one isn’t a torrent site by itself, but instead an index, which gives you a certain torrent and various mirrors of it from different torrent providers, for example KAT, TPB and so on.

The original website was simply called Torrentz. However, it was since taken down due to DMCA complaints and thus, this clone emerged.

If you are REALLY searching for something – be it music, movies, shows or games and want to explore different available download options, then Torrentz2 is definitely for you. I’m sure it’ll meet your needs and you won’t have to struggle to find what you want anymore.

Torrent Galaxy


Another great option for torrents is called Torrent Galaxy. What I enjoy and assume many others do as well, is it’s very simple design as a directory and a large database for various torrents of course.

While it isn’t very popular to date, I’m sure it will be, since the available downloads are plentiful, the speeds are great and there’s a very active community of torrent posters which operate on the website.

Be mindful, however, that the site has quite a few ads on its main menu, many of them which are NSFW. So, definitely use an adblock or download from it when there are no eyes on you to see what you are doing.


nyaa This torrent website is perhaps most famous for its vast amount of anime content available for download. Despite its lack of mainstream popularity, the website is renowned for its HD movies and huge catalogue of shows by those who are enthusiasts of such Japanese content.

If you too are looking for something to download and watch on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, definitely check out NYAA.si. You’ll definitely find everything you want from Visual Novels, Mangas, Movies and TV shows.

It’s a very niche torrent site, still, I highly recommend it for fans of Japanese media.


EZTV If you think I confused ETTV and plan on talking about it a second time, you’re wrong. EZTV is a completely different platform.

Well, at least sort of.

In fact, ETTV has accused the website for stealing its design and some of the content and distributing it themselves. I don’t want to get into the drama too much, but, basically EZ was accused of cloning ET.

A torrent website complaining about another torrent website stealing their stolen content? Yup, that’s exactly the case and quite hilarious if you ask me.

While you won’t find everything you’re looking for, EZTV still has some unique downloads that are high quality for you to enjoy. That’s what makes the site attractive in my opinion.

The one downside I think is their servers, which occasionally go down.



Another website that’s quite infamous, well at least WAS infamous back in its heyday. Despite its drop in popularity, it’s still one of the better options to download high quality torrents for users out there.

While not having the largest catalogue out of all, the torrents here are guaranteed to be of great quality since they have to be manually approved in order to get placed on the website.

Still, the selection of entertainment downloads is enough, for me at least. Simply make search and see for yourself.



YourBittorent is perhaps most famous for being one of the first torrents sites to really catch on the internet and which to this day, generates a respectable amount of traffic.

The key selling point of it is definitely its stripped-down and simple menu, which you can use to search the sites catalog to find the downloads you are looking for. In a way, it’s a site for torrenting “rookies” as it is so simple to use.

Personally, I really enjoyed their movie catalog, which I think is really vast.


7tor The single site on this list that’s not of English origin and instead is Russian. Interestingly enough, most of the traffic to it comes from India and Pakistan. So, there’s that.

The catalogue is pretty big, especially for finding obscure torrents that are not available with other providers. It has a major flaw, however, as it’s frequently down, perhaps due to lackluster servers.

Nevertheless, it’s a viable option when it’s operating in full-swing

Be sure to look out for my article on alternatives to Kickass torrents, where I will explore some options more in-depth.

All in all,

I’ve talked about KickassTorrents and its proxies. While the original site may be down, it’s legitimate clone is still operational and available to reach via different proxies. Just be safe and careful with your downloads.

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