15 best SEO Agencies for hire

best seo agencies

The best SEO agencies help business owners grow their online entities into competitive juggernauts regardless of their business niche.

You may wonder, is it really worth it?

After all, creating a business nowadays is a relative piece of cake, especially if you’re familiar with the basics of programming.

But another question you might have is – „Is a plain website enough?“. The simple answer is no, it’s not.

In order for your website to be competitive and be able to not only rank well, but generate sales, it has to be carefully designed in accordance with certain criteria which cover every aspect which includes optimization for search engines.

Your online entity has to have a clean look, be well-programmed and provide people with content that’s worth engaging with. These are very serious factors, which exactly why you might need to hire a competent SEO agency to put your business over the edge.

What is SEO in the first place?

If it’s your first time learning about any of this, you may wonder – what is SEO to begin with?

To put it simply, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It defines a set of methods aimed at improving a website’s online visibility and increasing the amount of organic (free) traffic coming to it. If you want to be seen by potential clients and generate more sales as a results, SEO is the only viable option for you in order to compete with others.

According to a study published by the Search Engine Journal, around 93% of search results on the major search engines start with people clicking on the top 10 ranking links. That is why sometimes it is extremely difficult to compete for clicks and website visits, especially in a competitive business niche with many website already optimized for the higher ranks.

This is the type of practice helps businesses grow across the globe, meaning no matter where your online business is located or country it’s competing in, SEO can be the right answer for you.

Because of this, I’ve made this list of my top 15 SEO agencies that you should hire in 2022. The companies are the best of the best, as simple as that.

So, without further adieu, let’s get on to the list.

The best SEO agencies to hire:

Copywriting agency Years of experience
Blue Fountain Media 19+
Flightpath 26+
AVX Digital 19+
Mayple 3+
SureOAK 7+
Victorious 8+
SearchBloom 6+
TheSEOWorks 11+
Straight North 23+
Odyssey New Media 10+
Seotonic Web Solution 14+
Thatware 2+
SEM Nexus 3+
Search Berg 15+

1.EASYSEO – the best SEO agency in my opinion


Though they may be not be the most experienced firm on this list, they more than make up for it with their wonderful work ethic, collaboration effort with the client, but most importantly, they get real results.

Their business model is very simple – a well-developed strategy is the best way to achieve success, no matter the business field. Such philosophy can be applied to SEO as well. The company takes pride in their careful research and testing efforts, honest collaboration with the clients through out and their knowledge working with clients from Ukraine, Belarus, Germany and the US.

In terms agencies on the come up, EASYSEO is the one company to roll with if you’re looking for a competent SEO strategy for your business, that is why I highly recommend this company.

2. Blue Fountain Media

blue fountain media

Blue Fountain Media is another strong firm that’s definitely worth your time and attention.

The firm bases their efforts on the core factors of SEO – good code, valuable content and relevancy, all in an effort to make you more visible to your customers.

Simply mincing keywords won’t do any good for your website, but rather, will worsen its situation. SEO has to be a well-thought out process that grows your brand over time and Blue Fountain understands that completely.

Rankings are only a small part of the equation. Things like UX and content are also very powerful tools which make your site more attractive to visitors.


flightpath seo

Flightpath is another great SEO firm from the good ol’ US. Their biggest advantage is their experience, which is 26 years and counting in the field of Search Engine Optimization.

Developers, analysts, copywriters, strategists, you name it – their crew is nothing to mess with for the competition.

Just recently I’ve read a testimony on what they did for one of their clients looking to boost their business. Apparently, it was a restaurant looking to improve their website in order to better reflect their Hispanic cuisine and traditions that they offer.

Flightpath helped develop an online recipe catalog with the goal of boosting traffic as well providing people with worthwhile content on various foods of this kind. Along with that they’ve included a system for product descriptions, promotions, coupons and so on.

This increased not only the traffic, but sales and restaurant reservations as well. So, if you’re looking for a veteran SEO team to help grow your business, look no further than here.

4.AVX Digital

avx digital

AVX Digital is a perfect example of a firm that see’s the bigger picture of SEO.

Having good ranks is always nice, but that’s just a small part of the equation as you have to keep both the system and your website users in mind. With this universal approach, higher positions come naturally, and people can find you with ease.

When an SEO company knows all of this, you know you have a backing of true professionals.

Here’s another case study for you. The famous architecture firm Humphrey and Partners knew it was important to show up in their customer searches in large metropolitan areas in order to secure building and design opportunities for the future.

AVX Digital helped optimize their website pages for a specific city locations and optimized their business listings to increase local relevancy. A net of backlinks was also created to increase the overall domain authority of the architect website.

AVX Digital is a team that knows how it works, so definitely consider them for yourself.



Mayple takes pride in their marketing expertise across multiple business niches and ability to deliver results that are above the initial benchmark set, with everything being based on analytics and data.

All of this, in accordance with the client’s budget.

Why struggle to find the right personnel to boost your marketing experts when you can hire SEO experts that have already worked in your niche and knows what it takes to reach the top? Mayple is exactly the team one needs in order to blossom, especially if you’re trying to compete with a number of competitors.

I cannot recommend Mayple enough as the expertise of their team is unmatched. This would be my recommendation for larger business entities.

6.Sure OAK

Sure Oak

Sure OAK is another company whose approach is very basic – using their experience and knowledge of the SEO industry to help your business reach its maximum potential.

They offer both packaged-SEO services, meaning you get a full-plan from start to finish, or specialized services like building links or content optimization.

Despite the ever-changing Google Search algorithm, its safe to say that Sure OAK’s approach will be able to comfortably adapt because the company always learns and improves, able to stay one-step ahead of everybody else to help businesses grow.

If you’re looking for an expert team that has lots of experience and a proven strategy, look no further than Sure OAK.



With such a name it’s easy to mistake them for a law-firm or something, but in fact, their focus is SEO.

Based in San Francisco and open in 2012, the firm is indeed „victorious“ when it comes getting great return for their client with the help of local search optimization, content development, link building and other methods.

One testimony reveals that they’ve recently worked on planning out an SEO strategy for a non-profit organization. To do this, they’ve successfully refined the site’s back end, optimized it for search engines, all while keeping in mind user experience. This was finished of with improvements made to blog content with the help of keyword research and new meta descriptions.

Having the knowledge and patience to work with any clients, Victorious is a rare example of professionalism executed to perfection.


searchbloom Founded in Utah, back in 2014, this team provides a cutting-edge approach to marketing for various businesses accross the world.

Specializing in PPC, and SEO on all-levels from local to global, the company can ensure that clients increase their business revenue.

Recently. the did a case for a vaping shop with the goal of improving its positions on organic results.

They immediately developed a strategy for this which included backlink, on-site SEO and bigger outreach. Because of this, the shop’s traffic nearly doubled due to the changes.

If you want a team that knows what it’s doing and can provide you with the technical support that is necessary, look no further than SearchBloom.



This London-based team is fairly large, having around 35 people working on all aspects of SEO including branding, link building, online marketing, PPC advertising and web design.

They’re both certified by Bing and Google as partner experts of their products.

I’ve read recently about the job they did for a US based pharmaceutical company which included Google AdWords and SEO campaigns for the business. One of the fixes they did was making the website mobile-friendly and also, improving their blog by optimizing it for specific search terms.

The company, as a results, experienced a 50 percent year-on-year turnover. With such an amazing achievement, it’s fair to say that the guys what they are doing.

Based on this, I know the team can help your business as well.

10.Straight North

StraightNorth Straight North is another veteran with a proven track record on optimizing business websites for SEO and overall success.

The team is savvy and experienced, knowing how to generate quality leads and better profits in the end.

Founded in 2008, Straight North has gained the trust in many by implementing creative, transparent and successful SEO strategies thatdramatically increase ROI. They specialize in specific SEO niche like: SEO models for enterprises, Lead generation-based SEO, Local SEO, SEO consultations and E-commerce SEO.

They also work with things like PPC marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing an Web Design.

It’s rare that you see a firm that can cover so much ground with their services and on a such competent level. If you’re prepared for some major overhauls for your marketing strategy – definitely go with Straight North.

11.Odyssey New Media

odyssey new mediaOdyssey New Media is a Birmingham, UK based company with more than a decade of experience under their belt.

PPC marketing, social media marketing, web design and of course, SEO – are the main focus of theirs, with its main clients coming from medium-sized companies.

With a team of 50 experts, the company has no problem developing and implementing strategies for business, medical, consumer product companies and many more types of businesses. Moreover, they offer their services for a relatively cheap price.

Even though Odyssey New Media is not the biggest company, they’re certainly one of the most experienced ones on the list. It’s safe to think their one of the best.

12.Seotonic Web Solution

seotonicSeotronic Web Solutions, I can guarantee, is the least famous group of SEO experts on this list.

However, you should definitely consider them if you are a small business. Based in Bhopal, India with headquarters in Los Angeles as well, the company has accumulated more than 15 years of expertise in the SEO industry.

Their team comprises of 55 people which includes SEO strategists, copywriters, analysts, programmers and so on. So, it’s safe to say that they have all grounds covered.

Recently, I’ve read a testimonial on what they did for a printing company. Their approach to boosting the client’s content helped boost their website positions, as well as provide more traffic for their website.



Thatware is another not so well-known company from Howrah, India.

Founded in 2018, the company has just around 2 years of experience to their name.

Considering the fact that their team is also very tiny, just around 8 people, you might think they don’t have it takes.

Well, that’s not true, by serving mostly small businesses, they’ve managed to carve out a unique niche. Their clients now include business service, e-commerce, and health care-oriented websites.

I’ve taken a look at a case that they did for a company that provides language courses for non-natives to learn English. The small team managed to boost the site with the help of on-site and off-site optimization approaches. In just a few months, they’ve successfully reach the first page of organic search results on Google.

14.SEM Nexus

sem nexus

SEM Nexus is another small company which does SEO, but with a slightly different approach. Their main focus is everything that has to do with mobiles. This includes apps, marketing and anything in-between.

I really their approach to mobile oriented marketing and it seems that their determined to help your website and its applications grow in all ways possible. Even if you have a wonderful product, you may not get the immediate response from consumers that you deserve.

If you’re a small business looking for experts on mobile-oriented SEO, consider SEM Nexus.

15.Search Berg


Search Berg is a US company that has been regarded as one of the best SEO companies for a long time now.

With years of experience to their name, they became appreciated by clients because of their all-rounded approach to website optimization.

They take on every client they can from small businesses to large corporate entities and help them get results by implementing their successful approach based on years of working in different business niches.

Here you wont find any hidden fees or long contacts, just a team of experts working towards a common goal.

No matter what you’re goal is be it app downloads, conversions, traffic or leads – Search Berg is the choice for you.


All in all

I’ve given my take on what I consider to the be the 15 best SEO companies out there currently. Each of these companies can offer you a solution towards achieving your online business goals and help it bloom amongst the competition.

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