How to Convert Text into MP3 File

How to Convert Text into MP3 File

How to Convert Text into MP3 File-: Dear friends I have got one website with the help of this website you can convert your text into MP3. it also provides an option to convert your text into MP3 in the voice of Man or in the voice of women whichever you like. supports Italiano, Hindi, Português, Català languages for text conversion into MP3.

You can also share URL of your converted MP3 on your blog or website as well you can upload on your website or blog. text to MP3 conversion on is very easy just select your language and paste your content into the given box and get your MP3 within few seconds.

How to Convert Text into MP3 File

Converting text into an MP3 file can be useful in many situations, such as creating audiobooks or converting written content for people with visual impairments. Here are some steps to follow to convert text into an MP3 file:

  1. Choose a text-to-speech (TTS) software:
    There are several TTS software options available online, such as NaturalReader, TextAloud, and Balabolka. You can choose the software that suits your needs the best.
  2. Install the TTS software:
    Once you have chosen a TTS software, you need to download and install it on your computer.
  3. Open the TTS software:
    Open the TTS software on your computer and paste the text you want to convert into the software.
  4. Select the language and voice:
    Most TTS software allows you to choose from a variety of voices and languages. Select the language and voice that you prefer.
  5. Adjust the settings:
    Some TTS software allows you to adjust the speed and pitch of the voice. You can adjust these settings according to your preference.
  6. Save the MP3 file:
    Once you have adjusted the settings, you can save the MP3 file by clicking on the “Save” or “Export” button in the TTS software. Choose a location on your computer to save the file and give it a name.
  7. Check the MP3 file:
    Once the MP3 file has been saved, you can check it to make sure that the quality is satisfactory and that the voice and language are correct.

Converting text into an MP3 file can be a simple process, and with the help of TTS software, it can be done quickly and efficiently.

How to Convert Text into MP3 File with vozMe

Add text-to-speech to your browser

vozMe lets you add a speech synthesis bookmarklet to your browser.

  • Install the bookmarklet

Male voice: vozMe | Female voice: vozMe

  • Select any text as you browse, click the vozMe button in your browser and you will hear the text.

Add speech to your website Wordpress plugin

  1. Download or vozme.tar.gz .
  2. Extract the compressed file. You’ll get a folder named vozme.
  3. Upload the folder vozme to /wp-content/plugins/.
  4. Get into WordPress administration tool > Plugins and click the “Activate” link within the vozMe plugin.
  5. Access “Options > vozMe” and select your favourite options.

The tool is available as:

1.iGoogle gadget, Facebook widget and a browser bookmark for normal users.
2.A WordPress plugin and generic blogger template for bloggers.
3.A Joomla plugin for websites on Joomla platform.
4.Various other combinations of website resources for webmasters there is no any need for registration for this service on


Vozme is a Good tool to convert Text into MP3, it is very useful to listen to something which you do not want to read if you know any other website to convert text into MP3 leave the comment in the comment section of the Post.

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