Differences between SEO and PPC | Which is better for your business?


If you are new to digital marketing, you have many new terms coming your way. While everyone tries their best to remember all the details, sometimes it may seem hard to remember all the abbreviations of different terms and what they stand for.

For instance, PPC and SEO are two different terms, and they mean two different things. PPC means Pay Per Click, and SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimisation. But what are the in-depth meanings of these terms? What are their applications? We have tried to answer all of these questions in the following article.

When you are digitally marketing for your new business, it may be hard to understand which part you should invest in and what is best for your business.

We have focused our attention on describing both of these terms in detail in the following article. Here is a brief difference between PPC and SEO.

Difference Between PPC And SEO

If you are doing search engine marketing, PPC and SEO are important. However, the main difference between PPC and search engine optimization is– that search engine optimization is gaining organic traffic to your business website through the optimization of search engines.

PPC is a way of getting your ad on the first page by paying a maximum amount of cost per click.  It is a way of paid search advertising.

As you understand both of these marketing tools, you will understand their difference.

SEO or Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a way of getting organic traffic for free. You don’t have to pay for your page’s Google SERP ranking when you have SEO experts working on your business website.

There are three elements of SEO; on-page SEO, off-page, and technical SEO. Off page and on-page SEO are different. In all forms of SEO, the experts go through various optimization practices to earn the most needed traffic for your business. Here are some aspects of SEO –

Advertising On Social Media

SEO workers can promote their content on social media channels for more traffic to the business page.

Varying Length and format of the social media content

They can put out content of varying lengths and formats. Diversity in the Length and format of the content is one way of making the continent more irresistible and interesting for your content. You can track your SEO performance later to see if this works.

Making attractive headlines

Headlines are more important for attracting the audience, and they can attract more traffic to your business site. So if you make SEO-optimized and interesting headlines, your content will bring more traffic.

On-Page SEO

By focusing on On-page SEO, a website’s traffic can get the boost it needs. Through internal links and SEO-optimized meta-description, one can attract increased traffic to their website. Similarly, your technical SEO and web design affects SEO efforts that you make for search engine ranking.

Guest Blogging

Building links through guest blogging is an important way of increasing traffic to your business website. But, you need to ensure to avoid spammy guest blogging tactics at all times.

Targeting Long-tail keywords

If you want your website to rank in the SERP, you need to target long-tailed keywords in your niche. By doing so, many websites have sustained their website in the long term and also earned the traffic they were looking for.

PPC or Pay Per Click

Using pay-per-click ads is a way of displaying ads for which you have to pay. You have to pay only when someone clicks on your ads. It is a way to advertise on search engine platforms like Google and Microsoft and social media pages like Facebook and Instagram.

PPC Ads Increase SEO Ranking and Web Traffic, it is an important aspect of marketing digitally.

The position of your ads using PPC is based on how much money you pay on each click. For an improved PPC campaign, a business can follow the below steps–

Boost their brand awareness

With increased brand awareness, the potential of PPC and click-through rates will increase on your website. Boosting your brand awareness is among the Best Practices of PPC.

Increase your site’s rank

Through increased SERP ranking of your site, you can show your ads in a higher position. You can use SEO effectively to increase your site’s ranking in the SERP and use your ranking to leverage your PPC campaign.

Target a specific audience

With a specific audience goal in mind, you can use PPC most effectively for your marketing purposes. The key intention for using PPC campaigns is to increase the conversion rate. When you target your audience based on demographic and locations, you can expect more traffic to your business site.

Is PPC better than SEO?

No, PPC and SEO are two different ways of marketing your business. You utilize both for better results of the ranking and ROI in all of your paid ad campaigns on social media and search engines.

The key difference between the two of these terms is–that SEO is not a paid attempt to gain a higher SERP ranking, while you need to pay for each of the clicks your target audiences make on your PPC ads. Both are immensely useful for digital marketing if you can utilize them properly.

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