How To Hide Certain Images on Android Phone

If you want to hide certain images on your Android phone, here are a few methods you can use:

  • Use a file-hiding app: There are many file-hiding apps available on the Google Play Store that allow you to hide images and other files behind a password or PIN. Some popular options include KeepSafe, Gallery Vault, and Vaulty. These apps create a hidden folder in your phone’s storage where you can move the images you want to hide.
  • Use a third-party gallery app: Some third-party gallery apps like Piktures and QuickPic allow you to hide certain images from your main gallery view. You can move the images you want to hide to a hidden folder within the app, which won’t be visible in your phone’s default gallery app.
  • Create a hidden folder: You can create a hidden folder on your phone’s storage and move the images you want to hide to this folder. To create a hidden folder, you can add a period (.) at the beginning of the folder name. This will make the folder hidden from the main view of your file manager app. However, this method is not very secure as someone could still find the folder by enabling “show hidden files” in the file manager settings.

These methods can help you hide images on your Android phone, they are not foolproof and may not provide complete security. It’s always best to be cautious about what images you store on your phone and use a secure method of storage if necessary. Keep on reading to learn how to hide images with file manager.


We will learn how to hide certain images appearing on your Phone Photo Gallary Especially Whatsapp images where we share personal images to someone and we would not want to someone see those images even our family member or close friends.

How to Hide certain Images on Android Phone Using File Manager

  1. First Download any File Manager you will get lots of file manager once you search on Google Play Store.
  2. Suppose you want to Hide WhatsApp Images Go To File Manager → Device → WhatsApp → Media →WhatsApp Images
  3. Now Rename the Folder WhatsApp Images → WhatsApp Images ( Put Dot before the Folder Name)

Now Check Your Phone Gallery your WhatsApp Images will not be Visible the above procedure may be different depends on file manager you are using.

Most of us share their mobile phone with their loved one , on android device image gallery shows all photos stored on your device, In this post i have explained how to hide certain images on android device especially images of instant messaging app like WhatsApp once you did that you can set app lock and share your mobile phone with your loved one.

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