How Microsoft’s Bing is Different From Other Search Engine?

How Microsoft's Bing is Different From Other Search Engine

How Microsoft’s Bing is Different From Other Search Engine?

Microsoft and Yahoo tie up together to fight with monopoly market of Google in the field of Search Engine market , Microsoft brought up its own search engine known as Bing ( by replacing Live Search.

Bing having some extraordinary feature as compare to other search engine present on web which we will discuss in this post. As of November 2015, Bing is the second largest search engine in the US, with a query volume of 20.9%, behind Google on 63.9%.

Microsoft’s Bing is a search engine that provides users with relevant search results based on their queries. It uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze web content and rank search results according to their relevance to the user’s query.

Comparison Table:

Feature Bing Google Yahoo
Search Results  Rich, visual Text-heavy Text-heavy
User Interface Attractive Simple Simple
Privacy Policy Transparent Controversial Transparent
Customization Limited Extensive Limited
Market Share 5.5% 92.05% 1.6%
Advertising Lower CPC Higher CPC Higher CPC
Image Search Similar to Google Best in class Limited
Video Search Good Best in class Limited
Mobile Search Good Best in class Limited
Voice Search Good Best in class Limited

Bing offers rich visual search results and an attractive user interface. It has a transparent privacy policy but limited customization options. It has a lower market share and lower cost-per-click advertising compared to Google. Bing’s image search, video search, mobile search, and voice search are good but not as extensive as Google’s. Yahoo is also included in the comparison for reference.

Let’s see How Microsoft’s Bing is different from other search Engine on web.

1. When we check we see white background behind Google but Bing doesn’t shows white background .it shows reputation one image per day and according to country wise it also provides facility to see images of back days as well.

2. Bing offers better categories search than any other search Engine on web. suppose you are searching for ” Tom Cruise” it find it as a celebrity and show you interviews , Biography,Movie , images at the sidebar of the search result.

3. If you are looking to buy any electronic Gadget than Bing could be a best option for you of this, suppose you are looking to buy a Camera when you search Camera on Bing it will show you check of that camera published on different websites . you will also get info about rating, stores and prizes.

4.Biggest advantage of Bing over other search engine is it shows related info with search results . if you put mouse over search result it open a box at right side of search result which shows related information with that search results.

5. Searching video on Bing is very cool and easy, when you put mouse over picture of video . it start play that video when you remove mouse over picture of video it stop playing that video.

6.Bing also offers search results feed , you can subscribe feed of your search result and when any new link get add with your search result it will get updated on your feed

So Why Wait Try Bing

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