How to Get Google Digital Garage Certification (Free Resource)?

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Google is one of the most prominent platforms that every marketer loves. No marketer in the world has not used the Google platform for advertising. The smart marketer is the one who uses all the types of advertisement provided by the Google in such a blended form that they can maximize the results of their campaign.

Due to the Google platform, the digital marketing field is booming, and it has become the first choice of students worldwide to learn digital marketing and help out businesses thrive online. To help these young marketers and shape their minds towards digital marketing, Google has taken the initiative. They have launched a course, especially for these young marketers entering the field. The name f the course is Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

Let us discuss how you can register yourself for the course and what you will get inside the course.

Registering for the Digital Garage course

The Digital Garage is the platform launched by Google to teach a student numerous courses. One of the courses out of them is Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. It is the most basic course regarding digital marketing that you will find worldwide; now you must be thinking that if Google is proving this course, then there will be some changes that you have to pay. To relieve you of this tension, we want to inform you that the course is available for all the marketers free of cost.
The process of registration for this course is straightforward and is mentioned below:

  • You must have an email registered in advance if you want to ease registering for the course.
  • The first step you need to take is to search for the digital garage platform on Google and enter the platform.
  • After entering, you have to register yourself on the platform first. You can directly connect it with your Gmail and get started.
  • After registering, you will see that there is a list of courses in front of you. You must apply the filter of courses with certification.
  • After applying this filter, the first courses that will pop-up are the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.
  • You have to click on that course and get yourself enrolled in it.

Now you are successfully enrolled in the course. There will be a total number of 26 modules that you have to complete under this course. Every module has video lectures, and after every lecture, you will be given a set of problems to solve. It will tell you that you have learned something from the video.
After the completion of 26 modules, there is a final test that you have to take. You can take the test anytime and from anywhere; there are no restrictions applied to you. On successfully passing the test, you will be given a certificate through your email and the platform itself. It is to certify that now you have learned the basics of digital marketing and have created a marketer’s mindset. The certificate will be applicable for one year, and after that, the test will be retaken.

The total duration of this course is 40 hours. What you will learn from this course is mentioned below:-

  • You will be provided an overview of what are the benefits of digital marketing and why a business should adopt this way of marketing
  • You will learn the different types of advertisements you can use with the Google platform’s help.
  • The basics of strategy formation will also be taught to the marketer, which they can use in their future campaigns.
  • You will learn how you have to set up a campaign and make changes in that.


How to get Google Digital Garage Certification Answers?

After completing the course, the students gain confidence that they can perform digital marketing tasks. Also, they have learned the overview, but people still feel under-confident when it comes to taking the exam. They think that Google is preparing for the exam, and it must be something difficult.

Due to this fear, many marketers fail the exam.To save them from failing the exam and practice well for the exam, we provide the latest questions that were asked bundled along with the Google Digital Garage Certification AnswersIt will help you to practice well before actually giving the exam. As such, the questions are asked in Google’s question paper, and the field experts provide the solutions. So, we hope that you will score well after practicing for the exam.

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is the golden chance that every new marketer must grab to get an overview of the digital marketing field. So, without any further delay, go to the platform mentioned above and get yourself registered. The certificate you achieve will help to uplift the level of portfolio you have made. You must also practice well before giving the exam if you want to score well in your exam.

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