How to Get more Media Placements for Backlinks through HARO


Today I offer you an easy-to-implement strategy that has helped us increase HARO placements by around 37%.
We don’t focus too much on HARO, and while I do have my qualms with it (high link rot, heavy on nofollow links, or worse, no link and just a brand mention) it does have its place in SEO.

For those who don’t know what HARO is

HARO stands for “Help a Reporter Out.” It is a platform that connects journalists and reporters with sources and experts for their stories. Journalists can submit queries on HARO seeking quotes, opinions, or information for their articles, and sources can respond with their expertise and insights. IN exchange you often get a backlink, or at the very least a mention.

HARO Strategy

And now on to the strategy that will amplify your results…

  1. For each client that we run HARO campaigns for, we set up a section on their site (linked to from the footer) for an ‘Expert Panel’ or ‘Advisory Board’ or similar wording.
  2. On this page we explain that as an innovator in XYZ, we have hired an expert advisory board of industry thought leaders and specialized professionals to advise on strategy, R&D, product development, etc.
  3. From the Expert Panel page we link to the profile pages of our ‘experts’.
  4. Each profile page is like a Resume 2.0, including a profile pic, links to the expert’s social profiles (LinkedIn and Twitter), professional designations, awards, accolades, education, licensures, etc. (anything that makes them stand out in their field of expertise).
  5. Hiring Experts – we use Reddit groups, FB groups, our personal and professional network, and job boards. The pitch is something like, ‘we are looking for professionals and thought leaders in XYZ to provide commentary or quotes that will be published in major media publications such as X, Y, Z’.
  6. Payment – you’d be surprised how many experts are willing to do this for free since we pitch it to them as an opportunity for them to also earn exposure, establish authority, etc. But we do pay some upwards of $50-$100 an answer.
  7. When you receive an opportunity through HARO as usual, you provide them with quotes from your ‘experts’ and you LINK THE REPORTER TO THEIR PROFILE so that they can ‘vet’ the credibility <<< THIS IS KEY OR IT WON’T WORK NEARLY AS WELL.

The only real challenge with this method is getting ‘quotes’ and responses back fast enough. Setting up proper expectations with your experts is key. I let them know we have several experts on staff and its a ‘first come first served’ type deal.

For some industries, we have even pre-written catalogs of quotes on the ‘hot topics’ and then have those prepared for our ‘experts’ to vet, sign off on, or modify.

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