Essential Tips on Buying online in a safe and Secure way

How to do Safe Online Shopping How to do Safe Online Shopping-: In Today’s Information technology era shopping is just a click away , In a country like India where we can see a new revolution in online shopping by considering the growth chart of  shopping giant like Flipkart , Snapdeal and Amazon in India.

If we look at growth chart of information technology and growth chart of cyber Fraud both increased simultaneously in past few years , Now cyber criminals are more advanced they are using latest information technology technique to hack password so while enjoying the convenient of online shopping we have to very cautious about our hard earned money by taking the safety precaution while shopping online.

Major online Shopping Portal of India

Shopping portal in India Tips For Safe Online Shopping

1.Always use reputed and well-established online retailers. Never use an unknown or lesser known retailer in order to get a better deal.

2. Go directly to the seller’s site rather than clicking on a coupon or discount link that you got from an unknown source. there is no any problem if you click on the discount link on a website until and unless you should trust on that site.

3. Whenever possible use your credit card for shopping than using a debit card because the credit card is not linked to your saving account and hardly any credit card having a facility for money transfer.

4.Never enter your card information on a page that is not secured, that checks whether the site protocol is https or not.


 5 .Protect your PC from viruses by using a good antivirus program and update  the program regularly.6.Do not use a shared computer for online shopping such as internet cafe If  you are shopping from Cyber cafe make an essential setting in the browser I recommend to use a modern browser ( Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox) and use the browser incognito mode.

Incognito mode

6.Do check the seller’s privacy policy statement before buying.

7. Never share your social identity or any security numbers, date of birth etc with any online retailers.

 8.Do check retailer’s refund, shipping, exchange policies before finalizing payment.

9.Last but not the least: Do check your bank statements on a regular basis and if you find any mismatch report the same to your bank immediately.


Conclusion-: We all use online shopping in our daily life , it got possible due to tremendous growth in information technology, there is no any downside of online shopping if you shop online with proper precaution. In this post i have figure out all possible methods to do safe online shopping.

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