How to Increase your PC RAM With Pendrive

How to Increase your PC RAM With Pendrive


RAM are important part of our system enough RAM on system provide us great experience for browsing and gaming but if you are using any application or Game which require more RAM then it irritate  us and we start thinking to increase RAM to boost the performance of our system, but upgrading the RAM the sometimes not possible for us due to financial problem like me , I want to share a tip by which you will be able to increase your RAM by using a Pendrive.

Here I am sharing a trick about how can you use your pen drive as a virtual RAM.

How does it work?

In this method your pen drive is not going to convert into a real ram it will just work as a virtual memory. It is not comparable to DDR3 RAM of your system but it increases the performance of your system marginally.

How to use your pen drive as RAM?

There are two ways by which you can use your pen drive as virtual ram of your computer.

Method 1

  • Insert your pen drive.
  • Then go to my computer & right click on pen drive.
  • Go to properties & open the ReadyBoost tab.

Increase RAM unsing Pendrive

  • Then click use this device & reduce the size approximately 300-400MB.
  • Then click apply button & all done.
  • If you want to revert your pen drive to normal then follow same process & in redyboost tab click to don’t use this device.

Method 2

  • Insert your pen drive to the USB port.
  • Then go to the My Computer then right Click and go to Properties.
  • Then you will find advance system setting on the left sidebar of your windows. Click on it.

System Properties

  • A new tab will open then there are options for performance, user profile & startup & recovery settings.
  • Go to performance option then you will find an option of advanced on the top bar. Now click on it.

Advance System Setting

  • The click on the change option which is under virtual memory. After clicking change option a new tab for virtual setting will open.Performance Option
  • Then uncheck the box for automatically manage paging file size for all drives.Manage Paging Size
  • Then in custom size write initial size & same size in maximum size.

Restart your system for effect.


If you are using a 8GB pen drive then add 10-20 MB less than currently available size for safety of your device


Always safely remove your pen drive,direct removal may lead to damage to your system.

Alternative methods to increase your PC’s RAM:

  • Purchase and install additional RAM modules: This is the most common method to increase your PC’s RAM. You can purchase additional RAM modules that match the specifications of your computer and install them into the available memory slots.
  • Use a ReadyBoost compatible USB flash drive: If your computer supports ReadyBoost, you can use a USB flash drive as an additional source of memory. ReadyBoost uses the flash drive’s storage space as a cache to improve system performance.
  • Increase virtual memory: Virtual memory is a space on your hard drive that is used as temporary memory when your RAM is full. You can increase the size of your virtual memory to compensate for the lack of RAM. However, increasing virtual memory can slow down your computer’s performance.

These methods can increase your PC’s memory, they have their limitations. Adding more RAM can only increase your computer’s performance up to a certain point, after which other hardware upgrades or optimization methods may be necessary to further improve performance.


In this article i have explained how Windows OS support to increase the PC RAM using Pendrive, but If Ready Boost is not Working then you have sufficient RAM , this feature of Windows only support to those system who having very less RAM.Do not forgot that RAM is not only the Factor to increase  the performance of the system.

I hope you like my Article about How To Increase your PC RAM by using a Pendrive If you like it, do me favor by sharing it with your friends.

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