How to Manage all your Contacts using Google Contacts

How to Manage your Phone Contacts using Google Contacts_01

How to Manage your Phone Contacts using Google Contacts

Google Contacts is modified version of Google Contact Manager which was already present in Gmail. Google Contacts is a service of Google to Store and manage your Phone contacts and it syncs your phone contact with Google Contacts in real time so that you have no need to worry about your to backup your contacts.Google contacts having many extraordinary features like finding and merging duplicate contacts and connecting Someone on Google Plus right from your Google Contacts.

It is very helpful in the cases you lost your phone or you want to switch from one device to another. it would be very horrible for someone  who lost phone and did not take the backup of contacts so to avoids such type of situation in future In this post, we will learn how to manage your Phone contacts using Google Contacts.

In Google Contacts you can store basic information like name, Phone No., Photo to whom you chat or mail. Google contact manager already store mail ID to whom you chat or mail even though single time as well. Google contact manager offers three category Family, Friends and Co-Worker to manage contact in a better way.

How to Manage all your Contacts using Google Contacts

if you have lots of contacts but Google contact wouldn’t confuse you because it offers search option within your contact list. Google contact would be very useful for you in the case you lose your diary or cell Phone, it would work for you as a contact back up.

Features of Google Contacts

  • Optional sorting of contacts into groups and arrangement by first or last name.
  • Contacts can be provided in a large number of categories with information.
  • Extensive search function.
  • Changes to contacts are automatically saved.
  • Ability to restore the entire database from a time within the last 30 days.
  • Easily find and merge duplicates.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for simplified handling.
  • Integration with other Google products.

Google Contacts can be utilised by the user specifically, using any of three CSV (Comma-separated values) file methods listed below:

1) Google CSV format (for importing into a Google account).

2) Outlook CSV format (for importing into Outlook or another application).

3) vCard format (for importing into Apple Address Book or another application).

Importing if Contacts from other services to Google Contacts

Interoperation Mode of Google Contacts

Google Contacts can be synchronized with mobile devices and operating systems (e.g., Android, Symbian, iOS, BlackBerry, Palm, Pocket PC, or Windows Phone) or with PC applications (e.g., Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird) via third-party software, and Google’s own Google Sync app.

In addition, any system that can sync via Microsoft’s ActiveSync can sync with Google Contacts. There is also support for mobile devices that support the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol and/or the SyncML standard. There is built-in support for Google Contacts in Google’s open-source mobile operating system Google Android. Google Contacts can be synchronised also by CardDAV.

One thing which alike most about Google Contacts is Find and Merge Duplicate Contacts, Most of the time we save same contacts multiple time and it is very hard to find and delete duplicate contacts but Google contacts do this task with a single click.

Merge of Duplicate Contacts


Google contacts is a centralized method to store all phone the case if you lost your phone it will help you to contact your loved one, friends and family best part is Google contact automatically sync your phone contact with Google contacts.

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