Perfmatters vs WP Rocket: Which Is Best In 2024?


Do you want to optimize your website for the best performance but don’t know which tools to use? I’m here to help you out. Perfmatters and WP Rocket are two of the leading website optimizing tools in 2024.

Both tools provide services to improve your website’s Core Web Vitals. However, they have major differences in how they optimize your website.

In this Perfmatters vs WP Rocket comparison, I will provide a detailed breakdown of both their features. You will learn about the prices and performance of each tool.

So stick with me till the end of this article to know which of these tools is the best option to optimize your website in 2024!

Perfmatters vs WP Rocket: An Overview

Perfmatters is a popular plugin created to speed up customers’ websites effectively. It works by removing unused code from their website and streamlining its functionality. The tool is designed to have zero negative impact on your website.

By optimizing your website and removing unnecessary code, Perfmatters also helps improve the Core Web Vitals of your website. In simpler words, Perfmatters combines many optimization methods to speed up your website.

WP Rocket is a similar plugin that is designed specifically to help clear caching on your website. Its broad application includes optimization and speeding up your website. This WordPress plugin includes many features that will help optimize your website.

It also results in the improvement of your website’s Core Web Vitals. Overall, this tool significantly boosts your website’s loading time and page speed. It is seen as an all-in-one optimization solution by experts.

Both Perfmatters and WP Rocket help in optimizing your website. The first one has a broader range of applications with a more complex dashboard. WP Rocket, in contrast, has a simpler user interface.

There are many things that these two optimization plugins have in common. Some of their features and functionality differ from each other. Keep reading to learn more about their features and pricing.

Perfmatters Key Features

The Perfmatters WordPress plugin comes with plenty of useful features to improve your website. Not only does it help make your website faster, but it also optimizes it for search engine rankings.

Let me provide a general overview of the key features of Perfmatters first, then I will talk about WP Rocket’s features and compare both.

Database Optimization

The first feature of Perfmatters is the optimization of your database. Perfmatters searches for old and unused data on your website’s database. Then delete the data that you haven’t used in a long time and won’t need in the future.

Optimization of your website both speeds up your website and makes it look neat. Keeping your website up-to-date and optimized puts a good impression on the search engines as well.

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading is the delay in the loading of images, videos, and other media on your website. Perfmatters helps you with this and reduces your website’s loading time. On average, they have been able to reduce customers’ site loading time by 33%.

Getting rid of lazy loading improves the end-user experience significantly. Moreover, it is good for your website and its ranking in the search engines.

Allows You to Add Code

Perfmatters enables you to add code manually to the different items on your website. For instance, you can add custom code to headers, footers, and menus with this plugin. Why would you need to add code? To improve their appearance or functionality.

Having a tidy-looking menu and other clean-looking items on your website leaves a great impression on the visitors.

Easy to Use

Perfmatters is extremely easy to use. The plugin provides you with a simple interface of quick-toggle options. Using this feature, you can manage almost anything related to code and Core Web Vitals of your website on one page.

The quick toggle menu allows you to enable or disable emojis, embeds, and dashi coins among other stuff. All of this can be done with a single click of a button.

WP Rocket Key Features

WP Rocket is not far behind when it comes to offering the latest features for website optimization. Whether you want to remove unused code or make changes to the cookies and other stuff, this plugin will enable you to do all of it.

Here is a look at some of its features.

Manage Cache

You can manage the cache and other things related to cache on your website using this plugin. Whether it is removing cache or creating page cache, WP Rocket will help you do it. This feature stands out from the others due to its exclusiveness.

Other competitors only offer CSS removal and simple site optimization features. WP Rocket helps you do that AND manage the cache.

Speed Optimization

WP Rocket makes your website faster by removing or creating a cache, compressing images and videos, and compressing GZIP. The lightweight nature of the plugin also does not affect the speed of your website.

After the plugin does its thing, users have reported a 30% faster website speed on average. This shows how effective WP Rocket is in improving the speed of any website that it works on.


The integrations allowed by WP Rocket include over 116 different options. Such a wide range of custom integration options increases the functionality of the plugin. You can choose to integrate your favorite platforms and products with it to optimize your website more broadly.

Simple Interface

WP Rocket is famous for its diverse use cases but has an extremely simple user interface. Anyone with limited tech knowledge can easily navigate it to perform required tasks. And the simplicity of the dashboard does not compromise on functionality at all.

Features Comparison

Now that I have discussed some features of both these plugins, let me share with you a comparison table that looks at the features of these two optimization plugins.

Feature WP Rocket Perfmatters
Page Caching Yes No
Minification (CSS and JS) Yes Limited (CSS only)
Lazy Loading Yes Yes
Database Optimization Yes Yes
CDN Integration Yes Yes
Control over WordPress Heartbeat API Yes Yes
WebP Compatibility Yes No

Perfmatters vs WP Rocket: Pricing Comparison

Done with the features, now let’s discuss the pricing plans of both these plugins. I will first tell you about Perfmatters pricing, then the plans for WP Rocket. Lastly, I will compare the two pricing schedules. So let’s dive right into it.

Perfmatters Pricing Plans

Perfmatters offers three flexible pricing plans. These plans include all of its features but varying license types. The prices are quite reasonable when you look at the market. But the best thing about this is the discounts available.

By using this exclusive Perfmatters coupon, you get a huge 20% discount instantly. Use the code ‘GRABHOSTS’ to avail of this discount. Now let me tell you about the three available plans.

Personal: This plan allows the use of the plugin on a single website only. It will cost you $24.95 annually.

Business: The next plan comes with a license applicable on up to 3 websites. You have to pay $54.95 a year for this license.

Unlimited: Lastly, you can get the Perfmatters license for unlimited websites for $124.95 annually.

WP Rocket Pricing Plans

WP Rocket also has three pricing plans with the same structure as Perfmatters. However, there is a significant difference in the prices. It seems justified as WP Rocket covers more functions of optimization on your website.

Here is a look at the WP Rocket pricing plans.

Single: The first plan allows you to use this WordPress plugin on a single website. You have to pay $59 annually to get this plan.

Plus: The Plus plan comes with a 3-site license and 1-year updates and support. WP Rocket will charge you $119 a year for this plan.

Infinite: The last pricing plan allows the use of the plugin on unlimited websites. You have to pay a hefty price of $299 every year for this plan.


Now let’s compare the pricing plans provided by WP Rocket and Perfmatters. On the surface, it seems that Perfmatters has the edge with its cheaper prices. However, WP Rocket, despite its higher prices, provides a few extra features. Look at the following comparison table for a simple summary.

Number of Sites Perfmatters WP Rocket
Single (1) $24.95 annually $59 annually
3 Sites $54.95 annually $119 annually
Unlimited $124.95 annually $299 annually

Final Thoughts

In this article, I discussed Perfmatters and WP Rocket in detail. I first looked at the features of both these WordPress plugins and then discussed the pricing plans of each one.


In functionality, WP Rocket seems to be slightly ahead with its rich feature collection. But when it comes to the pricing, Perfmatters stands out as the better choice. In the end, the two plugins are designed to serve varying purposes.


We cannot describe one as clearly better than the other. Each one has its benefits and drawbacks. Anyone who wants to sort out the unused CSS and minor optimization of their website should use Perfmatters. Those who want cache management can purchase WP Rocket.


I hope you will be able to make the right choice after reading this comparison article.

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