How to Quickly Setup Custom Email Reminders using Email itself

How to Quickly Setup Custom Email Reminders using Email itself


In this Post, I will share essential tips to create e-mail remainder using e-mail itself using Followupthen. you can create any type of e-mail remainder using followupthen. FollowUpThen is a simple, flexible email address that can be with any email system on any device. Explore below how this simple email address can boost your productivity. The experiment above as you go!


How to Create FollowUpThen Account

If you’ve never used FollowUpThen, get started by scheduling your first task.You don’t need to create an account to get started. Just send an email to or any time interval. FollowupThen respond with an email to confirm your account.

How FollowUpThen Works

To start using FollowUpThen, just compose an email and include [any time] in the “Cc”, “Bcc” or “To” fields of your email. Each is a bit different:

When FollowUpThen Works

  • “This email is sitting in my inbox, but I don’t need it for 2 weeks!” (Forward it to, then archive the message).
  • “I have to have a response to this email!” (Forward it to, or bcc on the original message).
  • “I need to call someone while I’m in the car.” (Email with the phone number in the subject line).
  • Sales Person: “Hi Customer, I understand there’s not a need now. I’ll follow up in a few months.” (Bcc:
  • Project Manager: “Please do important task XYZ as soon as possible. I need to hear back asap!” (cc:

Silent Features of FollowUpThen

Clear Out Your Inbox

How many times have you looked at the same message sitting in your inbox that you kept there “just so you don’t forget”? Forward it to FollowUpThen instead – it will arrive back the moment you need it. Out of sight, out of mind. Inbox zero might actually be closer than you think.

Try These Examples

  • Snooze an email for 3 weeks
  • Remind yourself of an email tomorrow at 4 pm
  • Continue to check in on an important email

Meet Your Productive Future-Self

Become your own personal assistant and make your future-self look good. Schedule exactly the right information to appear at exactly the right time – contact info, links, boarding passes, etc. Use our tasks feature to ensure something gets done along with SMS alerts if it’s really important.

Try These Examples

  • Send boarding passes to your future self
  • An SMS reminder with conference call info
  • Assign yourself a “must-do” task

Get Responses To Your Emails

Emailing a forgetful recipient? Use our response detection feature to make sure your email doesn’t get lost. Think of it as “response insurance”. And what this really means is…. drum roll… you don’t have to keep the original email in your inbox as a reminder!

Try These Examples

  • Remind me if someone doesn’t reply in 3 days
  • Remind them if they don’t reply in 3 days
  • An SMS alert for a no-reply on an urgent email

Schedule Reminders For Others

Help others be more productive by scheduling automatic reminders for as many as 15 people at once. Delegate tasks using our tasks feature, or automatically follow up only if they don’t respond. Any time you put FollowUpThen in the “cc” field, those in the “to” field will be notified.

Try These Examples

  • Schedule a reminder for someone in 3 days
  • Automatically followup if they don’t reply
  • Schedule a group reminder

A Sales Person’s Best Friend

Your time is money. Placing one FollowUpThen email address in the ‘bcc’ field is all you need to schedule a followup reminder. It works from your phone, computer or tablet and with autocomplete, it takes just a few seconds.

Try These Examples

  • Follow up with a prospect in 3 months
  • Ensure your email gets response
  • Schedule an SMS call reminder

Your Inbox As A To-Do List

FollowUpThen can transform your inbox from a nagging list of “don’t forget” emails into a short series of action items that are relevant to that moment in time. A traditional to-do list is great for actions that can be done at any time. If your actions are time-dependent, use FollowUpThen to do the right task at the right time.

Try These Examples

  • Wish someone Happy Birthday
  • Forward personal emails to 7 pm
  • Buy that product during that sale



There are many ways to setup remainder one of them is Google Calendar if you use email a lot then setting up Email Remainder for important event is a Good Idea to keep your all future activity on time.

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