know who have Unfriend you on Facebook

Know who have unfriend you on facebook

There is no doubt about it Facebook is the world’s largest and most popular social networking website  and today people are spending more time on Facebook than any other website on the internet.

Who deleated you on Facebook

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Facebook having lots of feature like who have seen your profile , who commented,Friend Suggestion and much more  but Facebook doesn’t provide much more information about who have blocked you or who have unfriended you on Facebook.

Today there are many apps available with the help of those apps we can know who have unfriend us on Facebook ,Name of this app is ” who Deleted Me” to download this app from Google play store click here I Phone and Windows user can check this app on their respective store.

Just install this application and this app will send you a notification when someone unfriends you or block you!
You can customise how to see your friends list and also decide which notifications you want to receive!
It’s easy and simple!

Your friend list exists only on your mobile device – so your friends’ data will never be shared.
This application can’t show you who deletes you before it’s installed.

Conclusion-:Facebook provides lots of friend suggeatio on your facebook dashboard but not provides any info who have unfriend you .If anybody unfriend you it is upto their choice but if you want to knoew who have unfriend you this App help you a lot to know who have unfriend you 
on Facebook.

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