10 best VPS hosting free trial options

VPS hosting free trial

A VPS hosting free trial, I think, is a great way to test out different providers and their VPS options.

If you’re familiar with hosting at least a little bit, you already know that Virtual Private Servers are stronger options for website hosting than a “Shared Hosting” one.

In this article I want to discuss my Top 10 choices for a VPS hosting plan.

Keep in mind that this list is entirely subjective and different people might have different rankings, however I still strongly recommend choosing one of them.

This won’t be a short text, so without further adieu let’s discuss each provider below.

Best VPS hosting free trial providers:

  1. Hostens →
  2. VPSServer
  3. Cloudsigma
  4. ClubVPS
  5. VPSWala
  6. Exclusive
  7. Accuwebhosting
  8. AlaVPS
  9. Neuprime
  10. A2Hosting → Anytime money back guaranteed

Comparison of prices after the trial

Provider Price $ (mo.)
Hostens hosting 2.99
VPSServer 4.99
Cloudsigma 9.11
ClubVPS 9.00
VPSWala 0
Exclusive 0.50
Accuwebhosting 14.97
AlaVPS 0
Neuprime 9.94
A2Hosting 4.57

1. Hostens – VPS hosting free trial for 30-days

web hosting trial hostens


Though they’re not an industry heavyweight (yet) I chose them because I think they have the potential to become one of the most respected providers in the industry.

This company started its journey back in 2003 and currently hosts more than 100 000 clients globally.

Now I know their trial is technically free but by using their promotional code 90%OFF, you can try out their hosting options for 0.20 – 0.60$ for the month.

Main features of “Hostens”

  • Uptime metrics that rival the “giants” – Hostens guarantees a supreme uptime ration of 99.95%, even when preparing for this article and testing different hosts I haven’t seen anyone being able to guarantee an uptime like this.
  • Easily upgradeable – with just a few simple clicks the provider allows you to upgrade your plan from the trial and then to more advanced hosting options down the road. When your website gains traction you’ll need more resources and your disposal, so you won’t have issues upgrading at all.
  • Awesome customer service – I think when talking about their customer service – experience is a big factor. I mentioned earlier that they have over 16 years of industry knowledge (more than of the providers out there), so their 24/7 support system will help even with the most complex questions.

Server locations available:

North America – Washington D.C (US)

Asia – Singapore (Republic of Singapore).

Europe – Vilnius (Lithuania)

Go to “Hostens” 30-day trial

My experience:

I’ll keep it short. If you want a reliable and experienced provider go with hostens for your VPS option. Their support team works great and quickly helps out with any issue that might arise.

While during my 30 days there I enjoyed a reliable and well-working hosting service for my test blog. Interestingly, no matter how much media I posted, I didn’t experience any slow-downs or other issues that would raise some issues in the long run.

In my opinion, they’re the best, so check them out.

2. VPSServer – 7 day vps hosting free trial for 4 different plans

VPSServerVPSServer is a company which focuses on providing hosting for small businesses. Despite being in the industry for just a couple of years it’s proven capable of providing quality services for up and coming businesses around the world.

Though they only give out a 7-day trial I think it’s enough to decide whether you like what you’re getting from this provider. VPSServer offers users to choose the trial for 4 different plans which have price range from 4.99$ to 19.99$ per month.

Depending on how much resources you need and whether you can afford the plan later on, you can test out one of these plans. To me, the plans seem pretty well-developed with balanced resources across the board, and new technologies being implemented.

Main features of “VPSServer”

  • Top-notch support – there’s plenty of reviews out there from people that really praise the support system of this provider. Though I only contacted them a few times I can say confidently that they’re very good at their job. I needed some help setting up the hosting for my blog and they responded within minutes notice.
  • Great performance – one thing which also stood out to me is their performance. No issues with speed, nor even a glimpse of a website going down. Since, they really take pride in their uptime metrics I can see that their focus is really on providing the best uptime possible.
  • Modern backup system – Finally, VPSServer has a really well-developed back up system allows users to upload the data of their VPS to the cloud. In case of an unlikely case that your website will be down, you’ll have the ability to restore a previous version of the site within seconds.

My experience:

Even though the test period was kind-of short, just 7 days, I really enjoyed my experience with VPSServer. Since I didn’t need much resources I settled for their cheapest 4.99$ plan. Regardless it was more than enough for my hosting needs.

For the sake of testing it out (and legitimately getting lost one time) I contacted their support to help me set everything up. Not only did they clearly showed me what to do, they even suggested trying out a few templates for my VPS server, which I appreciated as well.

I would recommend VPSServer to those who appreciate strong uptime, a great support system and those who don’t want to spend much.

3. CloudSigma – 7-days with zero hassle


While they may not be the strongest one on this list in terms of resources, I would strongly argue that CloudSigma is easily the most well-rounded option on here.

The provider focuses on security, reliability and performance.

Even though their test period is short (just 7 days) I think it’s plenty of time to test out the services. What’s more, no cards required, so no hidden fees or similar stuff..

One of the features that I found to be really neat is the fact you don’t get assigned a hosting plan for you, instead – you get to build it yourself.

This means that you only get to pay for features that you want and boost it in aspects that you need the most – storage space, processor strength, bandwidth, choose your preferred OS and so on.

Main features of “CloudSigma”

  • Well-roundedness – Like I’ve said earlier, CloudSigma’s plans are really well-developed in terms all-around functionality. They don’t forget any major aspect that might be important to website owners – security, performance and reliability.
  • Customizable plans – CloudSigma is one of the few providers on this list that gives the user to build out their “dream” hosting plan and testing it out for 7 days. Depending on what you will need and could afford later on, I would recommend starting small and seeing how well your website manages with limited resources.
  • Encrypted databases – while CloudSigma is built all-around, I would argue that their security is their most important feature. They used advanced encryptions on their database which means more safety for your sensitive information.

My experience:

Even though the my experience with them was so short, I did find their services quite enjoyable – easy setup, a plan designed entirely by me and emphasis on security.

As I launched my blog I noticed no big issues with page loading or it slowing down as I started posted more media on to it.

I would recommend testing this provider for those who want a well-rounded hosting option for their site.

4. ClubVPS – 30 days for enterprise-level VPS hosting


ClubVPS is a company whose main focus seems to be big companies who need a lot of resources – bandwidth, storage, great CPUs and so on.

What’s unique about this provider is that it also doesn’t have any predetermined plans and instead allows to design it yourself. Customizable factors include: server type, RAM, Storage, OS, vCPU, Bandwidth and a few others.

This is wonderful because it allows you to pay for exactly for you want and leaves you in control at all times.

One Dollar Web Hosting services – cheap options this year→

Main features of “ClubVPS”

  • DIY Hosting Plan – Like I’ve mentioned above, ClubVPS gives you a fully customizable plan for your hosting purposes. This gives you the opportunity to test out the maximum of their services. Their maximum plan, while would cost around 1000$/mo could give an owner an insane amount of resources. I think a smaller plan (something you can afford later on) is a great starting point to see for yourself.
  • Simple hosting – ClubVPS is another provider that makes it very easy for website owners to manage their website space. Setting everything up is also quite easy, as your business grows, so will your hosting plan with a few clicks.
  • 24/7/365 support – this is of course standard for any hosting provider out there, but ClubVPS also provides support at any time of the day. One thing that’s unique is that they have an international phone line for every region so you can call their center directly instead of waiting for an answer for your query online.

My experience:

While I didn’t test out their maximum ability servers, a free Virtual Private Server from ClubVPS is definitely worth a shot in my opinion. I’ve customized it in the way that RAM and processor stood out the most since I wanted to test out how their performance would do.

I definitely was not disappointed with their servers as my website was looking speedy and worked very well. The customer support even reached out a couple of times themselves and helped me look for things and set everything up.

If performance is your highest priority – definitely check out ClubVPS as not many other can offer what they can.

5. VPSWala – a free Virtual Private Server with decent strength


VPSWala is one of the few on this list that offer a full free virtual server from the start.

I can say confidently that even though their costless variant is a bit limited when compared to the paid plans from the provider, it’s still worth consideration as a starting point for hosting.

Their main self-marketing areas include reliability and speed of their servers, which they claim to be fit for sites ranking from simple school blogs to large business sites.

Main features of “VPSWala”

  • Extreme performance – Their strong performing servers are a result of the latest hardware and open-source software utilized to perfection. I never had any issues with speed and page loading times.
  • Instant launch and uptime – VPSWala and its team will get you up and running in no time, so you won’t have to worry about that at all. What’s more their reliability aspect promises great uptime, so you’ll be in good hands in terms of reliability as well.
  • Developer-Friendly Tools – Templates, scripts, apps you name it. With Wala you get everything you might need as a developer to update and maintain your website. What’s more, you can install them with a single click.

My experience:

In terms of performance this provider is definitely legit. Compared to when I was with other providers on this list, my blog newer loaded as fast as did when I was a member of the VPSWala family.

The other major feature that caught my attention was the tools provider give the developers. There are many apps, templates and even a simple one-click installer integrated. This makes website maintenance a complete breeze.

I would definitely recommend this provider for those who prioritize speed and want to have plenty of tools for further site development.

6. Exclusive – a risk-free cloud hosting VPS option


Exclusive is one of the few ones on this list that offers an entirely cloud-based hosting option. Such servers are easier to maintain, and as a result the general public gets better services.

What I liked about this provider is its dedication to security and what seemed to me atleast really great speeds overall during my test period.

Apart from that you also get a free domain name, the ability to choose between 150 themes for your website, as well as neat 1-click installs for any additional software you may require.

Main features of “Exclusive”

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee – despite being a platform designed for all kinds of websites from the smallest blog to large online stores, “Exclusive” retains the ability to provide all of them great uptime. Their cloud platform uses some of the latest hardware and software to maintain, which is why I think they can confidently offer every client a 99.9% uptime rate.
  • 24/7/365 customer support – though not an exclusive feat, “Exclusive” also offer support services that are available at any time of day. They follow a policy of responding within 20 minutes of a client’s query. Personally, I had responses within 5-10 minutes, so I think the system works well in terms of responding to people.
  • Useful management tools – apart from security, another thing in which “Exclusive” is great is making it easier for clients to users their platform.

Their recently updated control panel simplifies the website management process to a few clicks of a button from a desktop or mobile device.

Additionally you can extra some extra apps for your website as well.

My experience:

“Exclusive” surprised me with how much they let you have even as you engage in a VPS hosting free trial period. Basically, you test out their Virtual Private Server to its fullest extent.

Though my test blog-website was simple, the provider seems confident is handling bigger websites that are media-rich and experience significant amounts of traffic. While I can only speak for myself, I definitely enjoyed my time being one of their clients.

If you’re looking for a provider that has a great support system and helps you manage your site more easily.

7. Accuwebhosting – a standard VPS hosting free trial


This provider specifically focuses on Windows VPS hosting, and as a result offers users to test out this specific form of hosting. I formed an opinion about Accuweb as being a provider that prioritizes security above everything.

Since they have some technically strong servers, offer spacious storage and prioritize security in every way possible. I think they really are provider worth consideration. After the it ends, the cheapest price for their services is 14.97$/mo. Is it worth it? I’ll discuss their features below.

Main features of Accuwebhosting

  • Top-notch security – at Accuweb – it’s all about security for their clients. Numerous Firewalls, DDoS protection, SSL and other latest software of your choice will be installed at your request. This includes not only security, but other tools for better configuration and maintenance. What’s more it’ll all be done for you, without the hassle of setting everything up yourself.
  • Regular backups – this is something that every provider should give to their clients. AccuWeb promises weekly backups of your website to the cloud, this ensures that your data remains secure in case of a breach or other issues.
  • Reliability  – AccuWeb offers hosting on reliable and secure dual Xeon E5 & E7 series servers. As far as I’m concerned, having strong hardware is also essential for any website hosting provider.

My experience:

Well, the question still remains, would it be worthwhile for you spending around 15 bucks a month on hosting when there are cheaper alternatives out there?

In my opinion it is, though I would recommend Accuwebhosting for more established business out there.

Their support is great and security is tight, just what you would expect from a provider that’s been working with various companies.

If you own a website that may work with more sensitive data – Accuwebhosting is definitely a provider to consider.

8. AlaVPS – an entirely free VPS server for you


AlaVPS is one the few hosting on this list providers that provides an entirely free VPS server for your hosting use. Their costless VPS plan is very good for testing out the services of this provider.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about setting everything up after you decide to go with them, as they tranfer your domain and do all the technical stuff themselves for free. All you have to do is watch how everything is being handled and form an opinion whether it’s worth going with the provider further with their paid plan.

Main features of “AlaVPS”

  • Pretty strong servers – I was really surprised at what I would be getting with the VPS plan in terms of the technical parameters of the VPS. With 1GB of RAM, a 100GB SSD cloud storage and weekly backups there’s plenty of heftiness for small to medium website.
  • DDoS Protection – security should be a priority for any hosting provider out there. AlaVPS doesn’t forget that and includes DDoS protection against any security breach. You can be assured that your website’s protection will be up to standard online.
  • 24/7/365 Support – pretty much a standard at this point, AlaVPS, offers 24/7 support services for any of their hosting plans. While I’m not sure if there’s any prioritization from their support staff based on what plan you have (a free or paid one) my experience with them was pleasant and they helped me out quite well.

My experience:

While I haven’t tried many providers that don’t offer direct trials, but rather give an entirely free server for you, I got to say that I have no complaints for AlaVPS.

For the test period where I used them as a host I didn’t encounter any problems that would’ve come off as “red flags” from a provider. The support team seemed nice and helpful and there was plenty of resources for my blog platform.

I would recommend this provider for starting business owners that don’t have a large website and want to try out a VPS hosting free trial. It’s a pretty low-risk move and great for starters.

9. Neuprime – Instant Cloud VPS with 10 days for free

Neuprime VPS

Neuprime is another option worth trying out for those that are looking at long term VPS options for their website.

I formed an opinion that Neu really focuses on keeping things very simple for the user: easy configuration options, fast setup and constant support.

Their cheapest VPS hosting services come at approximately 10.01 dollars a month, with a free testing period of 10 days for every user to test out their services. However, one can re-adjust it the way they like it. I’ll talk about this feature a bit more below.

Main features of “Neuprime”

  • “100% User Control” – this feature is unique to Neuprime only. Before signing up for a trial period you can adjust your VPS hosting free trial plan the way you want it – CPU Power, Memory Amount, SSD size and payment terms. This gives flexibility and more control to the user.
  • Windows or Linux OS – you have the option to choose between a Linux or Windows powered VPS. This is great for user-friendliness, as you can just go with the OS that you or your developer is more accustomed to. Even legacy options are available for those involved with older software.
  • 10 Days to test out – “Neuprime” gives you the option to cancel your membership within 10 days with a full refund. If you don’t like what you’re getting with this, you can quit at any time without any costs.

My experience:

I would definitely recommend this for those who look for 100% dedication and assistance from their provider.

What do I mean by that?

Well, if you’re not much of a tech person (like me) you would want a company that your paying money to be able to assist you at any step of the way. Be it setting up your VPS, managing it upgrading and so on.

I think that Neuprime’s main strength comes from their dedication to their clients and the ability to provide a 24/7/365 support service.

If you’re looking for an option where the user is at the front, this is definitely the option.

10. A2Hosting – a 30-day fully refundable VPS hosting free trial period

a2 web hosting

A2Hosting is one of the few hosting providers that prioritizes speed over everything else, so it’s definitely a good choice for those who need a hosting plan that can handle large amounts of traffic.

This unique feature is found in the company’s – “Turbo Servers” or boosted VPS servers which increase page loading speeds up to 20 times when compared to other standard VPS servers.

Even though the company doesn’t offer a direct VPS trial, it gives every user an opportunity to get their money back within 30 days of signing-up for a hosting plan. In my opinion, that’s plenty of time to test out each individual aspect of the platform.

Get your A2 hosting trial here →

“A2Hosting” features:

  • “Turbo Servers” – A2 offers what they call “Boosted” or “Turbo” servers for their clients. This VPS option offers more than 20 times the speeds of a typical Windows server for the client and great SSD storage as well. This is achieved by limiting the amount of people on one VPS server.
  • “Perpetual Security” – another priority of A2 is the security of their clients. You get daily security updates for your kernel, without the need to reboot the site. That means it won’t interfere with your uptime at all.
  • Industry-led reliability – the company is considered to be one of the leaders of the hosting industry, so reliability and uptime won’t be an issue with this host. They offer a 99.9% guarantee in the latter regard.

My experience:

Even though I’ve tried many providers before, I can confidently say that this is the best VPS provider out there currently.Why?

It’s quite simple. A2Hosting is already a force to be reckoned with within the hosting industry as it is one of the biggest hosting companies on an international level.

It’s built its reputation and trust from customers by putting the quality of their service at the highest priority instead of marketing tricks. Their work speaks for themselves and people come to them naturally.

Though it is a more expensive VPS option I would highly recommend choosing A2Hosting, but try them out for 30 days and see for yourself of course, if this is what you’re looking for.

If you are looking for cloud-based hosting, click the link.

All in all

I’ve talked about my top 10 vps hosting free trial providers out there. Each of these on this list are worth your time and consideration.

Depending on what you need, you can choose the one that fits you best or test out a number of them until you find the right one. One thing is sure though, these providers will be the most popular among those who give an option to test out their VPS servers.

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