The best one dollar web hosting services of 2020

best $1 dollar web hosting

One dollar web hosting providers, are companies, whose focus is to provide quality services for those on a budget. A good hosting provider is key for any business website that wants to successfully establish itself online. Especially to those just starting up.

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I’m here to tell some good news.

Just because you can only afford to spend a restricted amount of money for hosting, doesn’t mean you should settle for a random firm that popped up on “Google” while you were searching. Trust me, good and cheap hosting – does exist!

After doing some research, I’ve collected my top 10 on one dollar web hosting companies. I’ll present them below, along with my top choice.

The best one dollar web hosting providers for 2019 are these:

  1. Hostens →
  2. GoDaddy
  3. IONOS
  4. HostBlast
  5. DollarHostClub
  6. 1Dollar-WebHosting
  7. SluHosting
  8. HostBig
  9. HostBudget
  10. HoboHost

Keep in mind that this list is subjective and is based on what I see as valuable from that particular provider, others might see certain things differently.

Key hosting features comparison

Price (mo.) Free SSL 24/7 Free Domain Free Trial
Hostens 0.99$ Yes Yes Yes Yes
GoDaddy 1$ Yes Yes Yes No
IONOS 1$ No Yes Yes No
HostBlast 0.50$ No Yes No No
DollarHostClub 1$ No Yes Yes No
1Dollar-WebHosting 0.50$ No Yes No No
SluHosting 1$ Yes Yes No No
HostBig 1$ No Yes No No
HostBudget 1$ No Yes No No
HoboHost 0.92$ Yes Yes No No

Of course these are just the main ones that I deem to be essential for any hosting provider. Let’s take a look at my top 10 in more detail:

1. Hostens – 0.99$/month one dollar web hosting plan [My top choice!]

hostens one dollar web hosting

Even though its a lesser known provider than others on this list, I believe that this Lithuanian provider will eventually become a force in the hosting industry.

Being founded in 2003, it currently hosts more than 100 000 clients worldwide from Europe, Asia and the US.

What does more than 16 years of industry experience translate to you may ask? Apart from standard features, some uniquely great server stability, helpful support and extra tools that might come helpful to any website owner.

And yes, the monthly price starts at only 0.99$!

Check it out >>> “Hostens” shared hosting plans.

Main features of Hostens web hosting

Great server stability

In terms of reliability, “Hostens” excels many, if not all of the others on this list. The company promises a remarkable 99.95% uptime annually for their clients.

To put it in perspective – that’s 8756 out of 8760 hours of uptime every year – quite amazing. So far I haven’t seen more providers being able to offers this, so, I would be willing to trust the company with my online presence.

Servers worldwide

Another important thing both in terms of better website performance, and even your website’s’ SEO is the server location.

Hostens offers hosting options for three of the largest regions around the world: Europe, Asia and the US.

Available hosting locations are as follows:

  • Asia – Singapore (Republic of Singapore).
  • North America – Washington D.C (US)
  • Europe – Vilnius (Lithuania)

One-click installs that are universal

Though these ready-to-go plugin installations aren’t new, what separates “Hostens” from the rest is that it offers more of those who are universally applicable.

You may start completely from scratch – simply by installing a stock CMS like Joomla or WordPress and move on from there.

What’s great is that unlike most providers, “Hostens” doesn’t entirely focus their efforts on just WordPress alone, meaning that most of these plugins are perfectly suitable for other CMS users as well.

Great environment to grow/flexible plan changes

As you expand, you might find your resources growing low, and you’ll need to change your plan. With “Hostens” – there won’t be a problem since they allow you to adjust at any time.

Industry knowledge and support

Being in the industry over 16 years, I’m assuming, gives you a lot of valuable experience that you can share with your clients. With this experience, comes a great support system as well.

Whenever you find yourself stuck, you contact their team even with challenging questions 24/7/365.

2. GoDaddy – 1$ for the first year, then – 7.49$/month.

godaddy one dollar web hosting

For those who know at least a bit about the hosting industry, GoDaddy, is certainly an industry giant.

From what I’ve seen and experienced, the provider’s main focus is centered around great customer support, protection and flexible resources.

Even if their one dollar web hosting plan lasts only a year, this provider is still worth looking into, mainly because of the awesome features their offering.

Since there’s a number of them, I’ll waste no time and describe them below.

Main features of GoDaddy

Free domain and SSL certificate

Whenever you sign up for a plan, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for a free domain. You can select the one you like from the domain section of the provider’s website.

There’s many options to choose from starting with traditional .net or .com domains, finishing with unique ones like .solutions and so on. Anything that fits your needs..

1-click WordPress installs

Like many other hosting providers in this list, GoDaddy allows to install a number of extra plugins to improve site performance.

You can start completely from scratch and installing just a CMS. After that, a number of plugins will take your site to the next level.

Support and backups

Customer service is one of the key features of GoDaddy. After all they proudly present their customer support as award-winning, so you can’t miss based on this.

No matter what hosting questions you have, simple or complex ones, their team is ready to help you help you out in transferring or setting up your website on the spot.

3. 1&1 IONOS Hosting – 1$ for the first year. Then – 8$/month

ionos one dollar web hosting

Another provider that’s probably less known around the world. I was impressed by their unique approach to hosting services, as they prioritize security over other aspects in their plans.

What’s also great is that during your first month, you can test out their services no matter the size of your website.

Small companies might find their “Business” plan just enough, while developers will be much more interested with their “Expert” plan. Just like GoDaddy, their one dollar web hosting plan lasts only a year, however it’s still plenty of time to test everything out.

The provider’s plans allow you to host from a single up to 50 websites at a time, so this is a great choice for those looking for a highly secure and flexible hosting option.

Main features of IONOS

Top-notch security and backups

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, IONOS heavily prioritizes security plans. You can expect not only regular backups, but also many versions of the backup files. So in case of accident, you can safely restore any lost files.

Also, the provider gives their clients managed security services. That means extra steps for your website security and immediate address of any problems regarding to that.

Free domains

Like most hosting providers, IONOS also offers a free domain for your website. No matter whether you’re just starting up and new a new domain for your site, or want to move in from another host, you shouldn’t experience any flaws dealing with domain-related issues.

24/7 Support worldwide

Another strength of this provider is their support team. I assume they do a very good job in selecting their staff, since from what I’ve heard, they help solve any issues very quick.

This is definitely worth noting for those who are interested in a competitive support services from their provider.

4. HostBlast – ultra cheap hosting prices – from just 0.50$

hostblast one dollar web hosting

Hostblast might be another firm that’s virtually unknown in the industry, though without a doubt, worth mentioning.

One of their clear advantages over others are their hosting prices. Amazingly, their cheapest plan starts from just 0.50$ per month.

This is only for shared hosting plans, of course, since VPS and other forms of hosting services go from 15 to 50$ per month. Still, even for a very cheap-paying user,  the provider has some interesting features to offer.

Their one dollar web hosting plan – “Gold”, really surprised me, since it removes many of the restrictions found in their cheaper 0.50$ plan.

I’ll discuss these features in the section below.

Main features of HostBlast

Unique spectrum of plugins

For as cheap as it is Hostblast offers some unique plugins for installing into your website.

Not only does it offer a free Website Builder, an SSL plugin as well cPanel capabilities, it seems they think about your search engines as well. They offer a chunk of free SEO tools that offer guidelines for optimizing your site for Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

24/7 support

Yet another provider who advertises their support system. I have no doubts that its working quite well, since it seems to be develop in good detail. In this case, I have not tried it myself, so I can only speculate.

However, since they not only provide a contact email, but give out free video tutorial and grant access to their online bases, they seem to be competent. Oh and, there’s also a ticket system for your questions as well.

Space and bandwidth capabilities

Another amazing feature from this host is that you get an unlimited amount of disk space and bandwidth for your website. That is, if you choose their “Gold” hosting plan, which goes for our target price of 1$. What also great is that you gain access to an unlimited amount of MySQL databases or Email accounts as well. So, this is plenty for those who have even a larger website.

5. DollarHostClub – 1$ a month for the rest of your life

dollarhostclub one dollar web hosting

Another one dollar host that’s worth mentioning in this list. DollarHostClub in my opinion is a perfect provider for those just starting up.

New websites and businesses indeed seem to be their target audience. For a stable 1$/month you’ll get all the features you may need in the beginning. What’s great is that there are no time period restrictions for their one dollar web hosting plan, unlike with others on this list.

That means if you choose to pay a dollar a month, that’s what you’ll be paying for as long as your partner with this provider.

As you expand later, the provider also gives you an option to easily upgrade your plan, like others on this list as well.

Their “Ultimate” plan costs only 5$ and allows you to use the platform without any restrictions at all.

Main features of DollarHostClub

Unlimited Storage and Transfers

You won’t be limited with the amount of data that you can work with. That means hosting and transfering files even with a simple shared hosting plan should be without any major issues.

Even if you are a small or a larger website, this is one feature to keep in mind when looking for an appropriate provider.

Free Software

Another feature worth mentioning is some of the useful free software you may install to your website. Apart from standard, base CMSes like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and PrestaShop the provider gives options for some additional tools as well.

Platforms like Roundcube, phpMyAdmin contribute to improving the site’s functionality and management, while an SEO panel helps to optimize it better for search engines

Great extra features

The site promises over 320 free additional apps available for install, apart from the ones I’ve mentioned earlier.

Some extra features following this are an unlimited amount of free SSL certificates and an Antivirus platform provides with more security options than many other hosting providers.

6. 1Dollar-WebHosting – services ranging from 0.50$ to 3$


1Dollar-WebHosting offers hosting plans that go for as low as 0.50$.

In my opinion it’s a decent choice, especially for those who do not have a very active website and produce a lot of content.

If you think of your website as more of a business-card for your clients, this provider is more than enough.

Another interesting thing on the same note, is that this host focuses heavily on helping clients integrate convenient email management systems. So if you use your website more as a communication tool, this provider certainly fits the mold.

Main features 1Dollar-WebHosting

Large amount of disk space and bandwidth

While the provider does not feature an unlimited amount of resources for their one dollar web hosting plan, it certainly is enough for a small website that does not feature many data and traffic on the regular.

Cheaper variants, plans for 0.5$ and 0.75$ are far inferior and suffer from heavier traffic and disk space restrictions. So, the “Silver” 1$ is an optimal choice.

Frequent back ups and options for emails

Another great emphasis by this provider is on site security. They offer daily backups of your site and all of its data, plus an antivirus scan guarantees no additional errors occur.

Alongside this, there is an emphasis on emails and their security. Not only there plenty of plugins available to make your email management easier, there’s also some to increase their security.

Considering this, and the regular backups, your data should be safe on the servers of this provider.

Database and site management tools

Another important asset to stress is the management tools available for your site.

Apart from email apps as I’ve mentioned before, there are also opportunities to create multiple MySQL databases and FTP accounts for better administration of your site and resources.

7. SluHosting – 1$/month, locked and stable price

sluhosting one dollar web hosting

SluHosting is another provider offering their services for 1$, however, their one dollar web hosting  plan is their weakest, so you can expect some heavy restricted resources.

Yet again, this best fits those who do not rely too much on a lot of content updates and use their website more for presentation purposes.

Their features are pretty standard, which can be found in many other providers as well those on this list. Still, I found some noteworthy ones, especially related to website security, plugins and email management.

Main features SluHosting:

CMS-ready plugins

Sluhosting provides users with the ability to install plugins that they wish to their websites.

These apps are CMS-ready, which means they can be very simply integrated in a particular CMS, be it Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and so. This gives a lot of opportunities for customizing a website according to your needs.

24/7/365 Technical Support

A support option regularly is mandatory for any hosting provider. It pretty much is an industry standard at this point since even the cheapest hosting options promise this.

This is the same with SluHost as the provider offers a constant monitor as well as help for your website.

Free SSL certificate

Extra security is always useful and it comes completely for free when applying for a plan from this host.

Though a certificate may seem as an insignificant change within a website, the standards for website security are becoming more strict by the day. If you want your data to stay safe, as well as compete with other businesses on search engines – a change is a must.

8. HostBig – a 12$/year (1$/month equivalent) hosting plan

hostbig one dollar web hosting

HostBig is another provider that might be less known for the general audience.

You might be discouraged by their kind of old-school website design at first, but reading a few responses from their customers would suggest you otherwise.

I can assume that their main strengths lies in their strong servers, since their plans offer some neat flexibility in terms of bandwidth and disk space. So, it’s a feature for both small and bigger websites.

Their cheapest plan costs 12$ (approx. 1$/month), so you’re buying a years worth of one dollar web hosting for your website in this case.

Some additional features relate emails and app installation possibilities in general. I’ll get into them below.

Main features HostBig

Limitless space and bandwidth

With HostBig you get limitless space and bandwidth capabilities by simply purchasing their one dollar web hosting plan. Extra resources are always awesome. No restrictions at all? Even better.

Email platforms

Like others on this this, this provider prioritizes Email communications and establishing their proper management systems on websites.

If your website is your main channel for reaching out and reacting to what your clients say – you’ll definitely want prioritize this factor.

Many free builders and managers

Another great feature is the applications. Not only are they free to install, they’re designed to help you set up your website in general.

For example a builder or manager tool may help you optimize certain parts of the website like: content, design and additional aspects.

9. HostBudget – 1$/month – a true budget option

hostbudget one dollar web hosting

Just like the firm’s title says, Hostbudget is a platform for those who are on a budget. Simple as that. The providers plans range from a budget one of 0.75$, up to 4.99$ business plan per month.

Their one dollar web hosting plan is pretty much their most optimal choice, since its gives enough resources to handle up to a medium sized website, while still maintaining a cheap price.

Main features of HostBudget

99.9% uptime guarantee

Reliability is key for any client looking for a decent hosting provider.

While not many hosts can offer such a large uptime, HostBudget is definitely one to consider, especially for those who rely entirely on internet sales (online shops for example).

24/7 professional support

Another feature of this provider is their 24/7 support for their clients. Even if you choose their cheapest, you can be assured that the providers’ staff will help you out.

Useful programming modules

Having a hosting provider that not only offers apps, but programming modules is another advantage to be taken of. HostBudget offers MySQL, PHPMyAdmin and PHP modules for installation.

This is great considering, you can integrate them into your site on the spot.

10. Hobohost – 11$ a year (approx. 0.92$/month)

hobohost one dollar web hosting

Hobohost is a company with a sense of humor it seems, as their plans are named after what a true hobo might experience.

Despite this lighthearted marketing approach, they’re still a decent provider whose features should be considered.

Their plans range in price from 0.92$ up to 5$. So, In my opinion, they’re a provider best suited for companies that have a small traffic and limited budget websites, though the 5$ plan unlocks resource that could be enough for larger ones as well.

I’ll discuss their one dollar web hosting plan – “Floor package” which equates to roughly 0.92$/month and its features below.

Main features of HoboHost

Decent disk space and bandwidth

While not offering an unlimited amount of resources, HoboHost is still a perfect fit for smaller, business-card type websites, offering a respectable 3GB of disk space and 20GB of bandwidth for their cheapest plan.

Extra domains

Not every provider allows to host multiple domains under one account.

Fortunately for those interested in this feature, HoboHost allows to host up to 10 website domains under “one wing”. If you manage to properly assign your resources, you may establish a few decently operating websites.

Free SSL certificate

Like many others on this list, HoboHost offers a free SSL certificate for each of their plans.

Even if you’re buying the cheapest one you can be assured that your site’s data has extra security and is suitable for higher search engine rankings.

The top 10 in summary

While many of these providers offer pretty much standard features, found in many company catalogs, there’s definitely some noteworthy ones, especially considering the one dollar web hosting price.

If you’re on a tight budget, definitely consider these 10 that I’ve described in this text. I guarantee that you’ll find a company what best fits your business needs.

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