10 Best Free Trial Web Hosting Services


Offering a Free Trial Web Hosting period is a popular practice by hosting companies that gives users a trial period to test out their services fully, without having to spend a penny.

In this article, I’ll present the Top 10 hosting providers who offer a free 30 day trial web hosting.

Keep in mind that this list is subjective, and certain companies or business people might have different opinions, since they prioritize different properties.

Since I’ll discuss each provider to an extent, this article won’t be a short read. Without further adieu, let’s get in to the top 10.

The best free trial web hosting providers for 2019:

  1. Hostens →
  2. BlueHost
  3. Cloudways
  4. InterServer
  5. FastComet
  6. Hostgator
  7. Flywheel
  8. WPEngine
  9. Hostinger
  10. A2Hosting →

Key web hosting features comparison

Price $ (mo.) SSL 24/7 Free Domain Free Trial
Hostens 0.99 Yes Yes Yes Yes
BlueHost 1 Yes Yes Yes No
Cloudways 1 No Yes Yes No
Interserver 0.50 No Yes No No
FastComet 1 No Yes Yes No
Hostgator 0.50 No Yes No No
Flywheel 1 Yes Yes No No
WPEngine 1 No Yes No No
Hostinger 1 No Yes No No
A2Hosting 0.92 Yes Yes No No

Here is what I look at when I am comparing web hosting provider: security, flexibility and reliability.
Those consist of free SSL, support 24/7 and if free domain is offered.

If I’m a business-website owner, I would choose one that can provide me with great up-time (so that I wouldn’t lose out on potential sales), data protection (nobody wants their information to get stolen) and easily manageable plans (If I’m expanding, the provider should be able to keep up).

1. Hostens – 30-days full money-back guarantee [My top choice!]

hostens free trial web hosting

You might surprised with this being my number one pick, but hear me out.

Even though a number of hosting providers on the lower positions might be more well known globally, this Lithuanian provider, in my opinion, is set to one-day establish itself as an industry giant globally.

Founded in 2003, it offers hosting services to more than 100 000 users globally, backed up by over 16 years of expertise in the industry.

Apart from the standard features available with other hosting providers on this list, I found out that there is some extra functionality worth mentioning  as well. What’s great that their Free Trial Web Hosting period allows you test out everything, completely risk-free.

Main features of “Hostens”

  • Supreme uptime metrics – I was honestly surprised when I noticed what the company can deliver in terms or server reliability. “Hostens” promises an incredible – “99.95%” annual uptime. That means that your website will be up 8756 out 8760 hours every year. So far I haven’t seen a provider that can promise that kind of presence online, maybe it’s just me.
  • Flexibility and growing opportunities – when your website will start to gain traction, you’ll notice your diskspace running low, and server slowing down. If extra resources is what you need, “Hostens” allows you to do so with a few simple clicks. That means your plan is always flexible and can be changed at any time.
  • Experience and reliable customer services – like I mentioned earlier “Hostens” seems to be a far more experienced than many other providers on this list. Since they offer a global 24/7/365 support, I’m sure they can help out even with the most complicated hosting questions.
  • Actually useful one-click installs – despite a number of a number of providers allowing one-click plugin installs for website owners, “Hostens” comes out on top in this aspect as well. First of all it gives an opportunity to install a basic CMS like WordPress, Joomla, CMSMadeSimple, etc. Also, various plugins to customize your website according to how you envision it as a business owner as well.
  • Cross-platform flexibility – since “Hostens” doesn’t tie their hosting focus towards a single CMS like WordPress, you can find plugins that enhance performance of other CMS users as well. This gives more flexibility to create your own perfect website.

Important BONUS feature:

  • Server locations for all – “Hostens” focuses on hosting services globally, and that’s why it offers a hosting location in every major part of the world. For example, if you own a business in Asia or work with clients from Asia, you’ll probably want to find a hosting spot in an Asian location. The same goes for Europe and the US.

Servers locations that “Hostens” let’s you choose from:

North America

Washington D.C (US)


Singapore (Republic of Singapore).


Vilnius (Lithuania)

Try out “Hostens” 30-day free hosting now >>>

2. BlueHost – full 30-day, free trial web hosting try-out with a refund

bluehost free trial web hosting

BlueHost is popular hosting provider known for its reliable servers, great customer support and security for its clients.

Most of the company’s focus, as it seems, is centered around WordPress-based client hosting, like most of the providers on this list.

Since they offer a number of features for their clients, I’ll waste no time and describe them below.

Main features of “BlueHost”

  • Free domain and SSL certificate – what’s unique about BlueHost is that it not only helps you set up an SSL certificate, but also gives a free domain. If you are starting a website completely from scratch, this might be a feature that interests you.
  • 1-click WordPress installs – like others on this list, BlueHost allows to install a number of apps within your Website starting from the basic CMS up to small plugins that enhance performance even more.
  • Reputation and Support – Bluehost offers a 24/7 support for its clients throughout the world. Since its a company that’s been in the hosting business for a while, it’s same to assume that customer support is one of the keys to their success.
  • Management and backup tool – Bluehost has a custom management tool that helps with domain transfers, purchases, and administration overall
  • Easy upgrades – By the time your website grows in traffic on the web, you’ll need more disk space and bandwidth in order for the site to stay performing at a high-level. Bluehost makes that upgrade easy and allows to change your plan with a few button clicks.

If you are looking for first month free hosting, then hop onboard check Bluehost free trial.

3. Cloudways – 3-day Free Trial Web Hosting period

cloudways free trial web hosting

Cloudways is yet another WordPress-focused hosting provider on this list.

Even tough their price is a bit expensive for starters, it separates itself with some unique features. And yes, the free trial web hosting period for the platform is just 3 days.

Their whole service is entirely cloud-based, so you can expect a secure and superior performance for hosting your WordPress or Woo Commerce website. To top it all off, you can test out their services for free as well.

Another unique feature found on Cloudways is their three-step migration tool. If you want to move your site from your old host to this one, all you have to do is follow three simple steps and you’re done.

If your website is based on WordPress, then check this free trial WordPress hosting provider.

Main features of “Cloudways”

  • Free Let’s Encypt SSL Certificates – SSL certificates are mandatory if you want your website to be protected and have secure connections from around the web.
    Let’s Encrypt, on the same page, is a public organization that focuses on making the web more secure and helping websites install these same certificates.Cloudways can help you set these up on your hosting account.
  • 24/7/365 Support – like many providers on this list, Cloudways allows support, available at all times. Pretty a much an industry standard, it is still worth mentioning.
  • Managed Backups Storage – another great thing with this hosting provider is that it not only performs regular backups of your website, but manages how their stored as well. That means you’ll see a number of your website backups and their management history.
  • Managed Security – Cloudways also provides managed security services for their clients. That means they take extra steps to ensure your website security if you host with them.
  • Real Time Server Performance Monitoring – apart from a 24/7 support service, they monitor the severs they assign to you. In this case you can rest assured, that whenever there’s an issue.

4. Interserver – a $ 0.01 payment for the first 30 days

interserver free trial web hosting

While not offering a direct free trial web hosting period, this provider lets you try-out a 30-day starter membership for just $ 0.01. After that, there’s a $5/month regular hosting price.

InterServer also offers a free trial hosting cPanel, for easier management of you hosting resources.

Keep in mind that, just like the other hosting providers on this list, it gives to the opportunity to easily upgrade your plan if your business website expands.

That means you can easily switch your hosting plan from a shared to a VPS, from cloud to dedicated hosting and so on.

Web Hosting in the US – Tips for choosing a provider for US websites →

Main features of “Interserver”

  • 99% Uptime Guarantee – I’ve mentioned this already, however, I’ll emphasize again. As a business owner you should seek for stability for you website, with uptime being one of the most important factors.
  • Unlimited Storage and Transfers – You won’t be limited with the amount of data that you can work with. That means hosting and transfering files.
  • Price Lock Guarantee – this hosting provider ensure that what you pay is what you pay for. There won’t be any unexpected fees at the checkout.
  • 24/7 Support – reliable support is always an awesome extra feature for a hosting provider. 24/7 support, in my opinion, is not really a feature, and more of an industry standard at this point
  • SSD Servers – SSDs are superior options to regular servers with higher speed and storage capabilities, however, the pricing on such type of hosting is usually significantly higher. If you want the extra power, Interserver definitely offers that opportunity.

Make sure you check website hosting free trial with Interserver.

5. FastComet – 14-day free trial web hosting period

fastcomet free trial web hosting

FastComet is another provider I deem important to consider if you are a WordPress-based website owner.

Without the need to link you account with an active credit card, the provider offers a 14-day completely free web hosting free trial  and for all of their services.

That means that you have 2 full weeks for consideration before purchasing a paid subscription.

Main features of “FastComet”

  • Free WordPress Transfers – like many other providers on this list, FastComet allows you to migrate your website from your old hosting provider to theirs without any additional fees.
  • 24/7 WordPress Support – since their focus is WordPress, they allow 24/7 support for WordPress website owners.
  • cPanel Control Panel – this feature allows you to easily and conveniently manage your online resources without the requirement of extensive knowledge about hosting. If you want to have a dedicated server designed entirely for you, this is the feature that you want to focus on.
  • SSD-only Cloud Hosting – the provider gives you an option to host on one of their SSD-based cloud hosting servers. Not only does it provide you with a large amount of disk space, but increased speed as well.
  • Daily and Weekly WordPress Backups – regular backups should be a priority for anyone that’s looking at different hosting provider options. Good thing is that FastComet offers backing up your files daily, as well as, weekly.

Ar you looking for free 60 day trial web hosting? Pay attention and read further.

6. Hostgator – symbolic price of $ 0.01 for the first month

hostgator free trial web hosting

Hostgator is a popular choice among those users who are interested and cheap and reliable shared hosting plans.

Though its does not offer a direct free web hosting trial period for your plan, but it allows to try out its services for just $ 0.01 per month. Though it is a symbolic price, it’s pretty much a month of free hosting.

Hostgator offers 3 main shared hosting plans – Hatchling, Baby and Business.

Don’t lets some of these cutesy nicknames for plans distract you from the fact that they are actually offers for your hosting needs. The most popular among the public it seems is the “baby” plan.

Main features of “Hostgator”

  • 1-Click plugin installation – just like many others, Hostgator provides user with ability to install plugins that they wish to their websites. This includes managements systems, user support interfaces, marketing tools and so on.
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support – a support option regularly regarding any hosting question you might need answered
  • Unmetered Disk Space and Bandwidth – in other words, unlimited amount disk place and bandwidth for any of their plans. What’s great is that, Hostgator does not limit your website with predetermined data plans and gives you freedom to expand your business at the rate you can afford.
  • Unlimited Email Accounts – another benefit for those interested in hosting a website with a focus on online registration is the fact that Hostgator allows you to create an unlimited amount of email accounts.
  • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee – finally, a unique thing about this provider is that it allows an extended free trial web hosting period compared to many providers on this list. Sometimes a month might be to little time to recognize whether or not the provider suits your needs. That’s why this opportunity is beneficial is this sense.

Try hostgator free trial with a 45 days money back guarantee.

7. Flywheel – a 30 day free trial website hosting period with a coupon

flywheel free trial web hosting

Flywheel hosting is another insanely good hosting provider that suits businesses of all industries.

Its main clientele comes from freelancers and professional agencies who have clients.

Being yet another WordPress-oriented hosting provider, it makes the creation and management of WordPress sites efficient like never before.

What’s unique about this company is that it offers what they call “White Label Hosting”. This service acts as a form of reseller hosting where one company resells the hosting services of the other.

In this case though, you would not explicitly resell Flywheel’s hosting, but instead let them handle your clientele. What’s also awesome is that it everything happens under your brand name, as Flywheel works completely from in the background.

Important note: use the code “FLYFREE” to unlock your free trial web hosting period for this provider.

Main features of “Flywheel”

  • Cloud Hosting Platform – just recently, the company launched its own Cloud Hosting platform which heavily utilizes Google’s Clouds. It features some strong bandwidth and lots of space for both small and large websites.
  • Fully Optimized for WordPress – naturally, if the hoster focuses on WordPress, their first priority will be to optimize their services for WordPress.
  • Timely Backups – though not specified, Flywheel does regular backups of your website. Considering that they offer Cloud Hosting options too, backup creation is even more easy
  • Free SSL Certificate – A free SSL certificate guarantees that your website meets the standard security requirements of an online site. From this you can expect more visitors as well increased SEO positions.
  • 30 day free hosting – Pretty much a standard for most hosting providers – Flywheel also offers a free trial web hosting period of 30 days, with a money back guarantee.

8. WPEngine – 60-days risk-free usage period

wpengine free trial web hosting

WPEngine is another platform on this list which prioritizes providing quality hosting services for WordPress users.

Considering the obvious popularity of this CMS among website owners, it’s not surprising that so many companies sell this as a separate service.

Without a doubt, WPEngine is the most expensive provider on this list starting at $35/month. Since it gives you the most if you are a WordPress website owner, it’s understandable.

One thing surprised me a bit is the fact that this company does not offer a typical free trial web hosting period. Instead, you get what is called a 60-day risk-free usage period, with a money back guarantee of course. Additionally, if you any of the provider’s annual plans, you get 2 extra months of free hosting.

Main features of “WPEngine”

  • Access to StudioPress Themes – while this could be considered just an extra. StudioPress allows you to customize your website with some very unique themes or create your own on the spot. WPEngine, it seems, is collaborating closely with this theme developer, so you’ll have free access to a platform to revolutionize your site’s cosmetic side.
  • Automatic migration – another feature that’s standard to many hosting providers is allowing the users to migrate to their platform completely for free. That is the case here as well.
  • Automatic backups – while WPEngine does not specify how often it does back ups for its users it promises automatic ones on the regular. In case of security breach or other technical error, a full site backup is crucial to not lose important data.
  • Free CDN & SSL Certificate – extra security is always good when it comes to your website and WPEngine goes the extra mile by offering a free CDN and SSL certificate for websites. This guarantees that your website meets the latest security trends for online businesses.
  • 24/7/365 Support – another feature of this provider is that it offers global 24/7/365 support for their clients. No matter the plan you choose, you’ll always have the ability to rely on customer support to come to your aid.

9. Hostinger – 30 days of trial with a full-refund

hostinger free trial web hosting

Hostinger is yet another fantastic hosting provider to consider.

I would argue that this hosting provider strongly prioritizes disk space and bandwidth for their clients, as well as WordPress support and offer hosting plans for as low as 3.49$/month.

Shared hosting plans for WordPress even go as low as 2.15$/month.

What’s also is great is that the company offers a free trial for 30 days to test the full capabilities of the platform. If you’re left unsatisfied you can just opt-out anytime, and get back a full refund.

Main features of “Hostinger”

  • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth – like a mentioned above, this provider seems to prioritize server space for users more than anything. At a relatively cheap price you can host as many domains, email accounts and plugins as you want.
  • 99% Uptime – its rare for a provider to be this confident in their uptime, but it seems that hostinger indeed is. A 99% uptime is certainly a thing to brag about, since everyone loves reliability.
  • 1-Click Script Installer – much like the previous provider, this one offers the ability to install a variety of plugins for your website.
  • WordPress-Optimized Hosting – I also mentioned above that this company clearly prioritizes one CMS, which is, WordPress. If you’re a user of this platform, keep this provider in mind.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee – a full refund of your spendings within 30 days of purchase. If you don’t like the services, you shouldn’t worry as you won’t spend a penny during your free trial web hosting period.

10. A2Hosting – a 30-day, full refund free trial web hosting period

a2hosting free trial web hosting

A2Hosting is a very good provider for those who prioritize speed over everything else on their website. Their strong SSDs and what they call “Turbo Servers” allow 20x faster page loads then those on average.

Get your A2 hosting trial here →

Having top-notch servers for your clients, in my opinion, should be at the top of your priority list if you’re a hosting provider and that’s exactly what this company does.

Main features of “A2Hosting”

  • “Turbo” speed and well-developed software – A2 has what it calls a “Turbo Server” with speeds up to 20 times an average hosting. By limiting the amount of users allowed per server as well their resources, the “Turbo” plan excels in speed and stability.
  • 24/7 monitors and top-notch security – Another unique thing about this provider is its focus of client security. Their “Perpetual Security” package allows users to receive updates for their kernel daily. There is no need to reboot the website. What’s more, they also offer an option to use “HackerScan” their custom-made software to identify security issues with the client’s website.
  • Apps for eCommerce and marketing – All accounts created on A2hosting, allow a free cPanel and auto-installer for popular Web Apps. This includes everything from Content Management Systems like “Joomla!” or “Wordpress”, as well platforms for eCommerce like “WooCommerce” or “Prestashop” and many other one click installations to make a website more appealing to users.
  • Domains, Databases, and Developer Perks – Apart from offering a free site transfers from another hosting provider as well as unlimited storage, A2 also offers unlimited domains, email accounts and databases to be created on an account.

Summarizing the top 10

I’ve reviewed a bunch of  hosting providers and ranked them, based on what I deem to be valuable for a large audience.

If you are looking for one dollar website hosting click here →

Different people will have different experiences from these providers and the Free Trial Web Hosting periods, so their rankings might differ.

If you want a reliable and trustworthy provider, definitely check out these 10 as, in my opinion, their rule in 2020.

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