MilesWeb Review – High and Reliable Dedicated Hosting at Low Cost

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If you have a strong website or application, you must look for a hosting service that will satisfy all of your needs. There are numerous web hosting companies to choose from, but picking the right one might be difficult.

MilesWeb is one of the high-quality dedicated servers hosting companies, offering the ideal combination of speed and cost. MilesWeb is a very well web hosting provider that offers bare metal server hosting.

They have all of the advanced resources that business resource-intensive sites require, and they do so at a reasonable price.

In this article, I’ll provide you with an evaluation of their dedicated hosting. It will assist you in making the best selection possible before enrolling in the plan.

Let’s study further about dedicated server hosting before we get started.

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What Is a Dedicated Server Hosting and How does It Works?

Dedicated hosting is the only dynamic web hosting solution in which your website is hosted on a system that is solely for your use. As a result, there will be no pooling of server resources, ensuring your website’s security and performance. You also have the freedom to customize the software and hardware requirements with dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting is a great choice if you wish to handle a significant volume of daily traffic on your website. It’s also great if you want complete control over your server, as well as increased security and performance for your website.

When you choose dedicated server hosting, you see that your website performance has improved. MilesWeb provides high-performance dedicated hosting at a low price.

MilesWeb’s Dedicated Server Plans Specifications

MilesWeb offers fifteen dedicated server hosting options, ranging in price from $6,999 to $46,999 per month.

You can see its dedicated server plans in the above image and choose the one that best suits the needs of your heavy website/application.

How Can I Begin Using MilesWeb’s Dedicated Hosting?

It’s easy to start with MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting. MilesWeb’s dedicated server hosting packages are tailored to the services and resources available. From the offered options, you may select dedicated hosting plans.


Host Unlimited Number of Websites.

You will not be limited in the number of websites you can host. They allow you to convert all of your sites from reseller hosting, shared hosting, and Linux VPS hosting to a dedicated server.

Root SSH Access

Every Linux dedicated server hosting plan from MilesWeb includes SSH root access. It gives you complete power and independence over your server, allowing you to run any web apps that you want on it.

Fast-paced Performance

There will be no sharing of server resources if you choose dedicated server hosting for your website. Because the resources aren’t shared, if one website’s traffic increases, it won’t harm yours. You’ll also receive the fastest possible speed and pace.

There are no Setup or Contract Fee

MilesWeb charges absolutely no fee for setting up your server. You have complete control over the server and can discontinue it at any time. They will not accept any penalty charges as a result of this.

Construct for Maximum Security

You get the highest level of protection for your websites when you choose dedicated hosting. The security is due to the dedicated server’s physically separated environment. Your website/application will not expose to threats and attacks if you use a dedicated server.


With a custom environment, you have the option to execute apps on your server. There’s no need to be concerned about running large web applications as they work smoothly and hassle-free.

Service Level Agreement (99.99%)

In the web hosting sector, an uptime guarantee is essential. Not every hosting provider offers that. But, MilesWeb has one of the best uptime guarantees in the market, at 99.99%. MilesWeb’s in-house support team will ensure that your website is constantly available on the internet and that your visitors enjoy a positive browsing experience.

Mumbai’s Data Center

MilesWeb has a data center in Mumbai. That is a popular location for users. It’s great for businesses with a strong presence on the Indian sub-continent. They provide super bare metal dedicated servers for dedicated server hosting.


For your high-traffic website, MilesWeb provides top-level dedicated server hosting. MilesWeb leads the pack in terms of cost, feature-rich offerings, and customer service. So. get started with one of MilesWeb’s dedicated server plans and take your company to the next level.

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