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A business website has to run smoothly and reliably. After all, not only does it act as an advertisement for your business it also generates leads and conversions, making it the backbone of your online business.

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The best web hosting should provide you, the client, everything you need to make your website safe, flexible and of course provide with the best hosting possible.

In this article we will briefly discuss the 5 main criteria for choosing a hosting company. Keep reading until the very end as I will also discuss my reasoning for why “Hostens” might be the provider that you’re looking for.

5 main things to think about when choosing a hosting company

  • Location of the server – location matters not only in terms of speed, but for SEO related reasons as well. If you’re a US company whose main clientele comes from within the country, you’ll want to choose a provider who gives a hosting option in the US. Being closer to client physically means a faster loading speed as well as better rankings on search engines, since their bots will recognize the website for its speed.
  • Uptime (availability) – if you want to expect to grow as a business, you have to be available for potential visitors 24/7. At “Hostens” we offer an uptime of 99.95%, in other words – a website uptime of 8756 out of 8760 hours a year. No website owner wants its business to be unavailable for extended periods of time, so that is why we proudly offer server reliability of this scale.
  • Storage space – Storage space acts as a “cabinet” for your website files. That means emails, scripts, plugins and other important – all of it takes up a certain amount of space on the server. If your business relies heavily on media or file hosting, you most definitely have to look for a plan that offers you the storage space you need.
  • Backup possibilities – online security should not be the lasting that comes to mind when choosing a hosting provider. Every website has some type of sensitive data in its archives: passwords, credit card information, personal data, all fall into this category. In case of a breach or other misfortune, regular backups will ensure that your data is safe even if it was lost.
  • Bandwidth – if you’re a large business who gets large traffic on the regular, you might want to focus on investing in bandwidth. If your hosting plan prioritizes this, your website will be hosted on a server that can handle increased levels of data exchange. A company that provides high bandwidth will provide you with high quality hosting.

WEB Hosting in the US – what options do we offer for our customers?

Like I mentioned in the beginning, I want to recommend “Hostens” as a solution for your US-based businesses. In the sections below I’ll discuss the types of hosting that “Hostens” offers for their US-based clients which include:

  • Shared hosting plans
  • VPS hosting plans
  • Reseller hosting plans.

When discussing these hosting types, I’ll also mention their features and situations these types suit best.

First things first – US locations you can host in

At “Hostens”, US customers have the possibility to choose from two hosting locations:

  • Washington D.C.
  • San Francisco

Whether your on east or the west coast, you can choose the one that’s closer to your business and clientele.

Things you should know about: Shared hosting

Best for: small website that don’t receive large amounts of traffic and do not use much storage space.

Pros: The biggest pro of choosing a shared hosting service is it’s price. Since you’re sharing server resources with other websites it is by far the cheapest option for hosting. If don’t you need much of them and want all technical matters taken care of for you this is the option for you.

Cons: Since you share resources with others on a server, you are also in way, competing for them. That is why it may be frustrating at times, as your website’s speed may slow down and you don’t have much control about it.

What do “Hostens” shared hosting plans offer?

Starting at only 0.99$/month, “Hostens” shared hosting plans offer at least 15GB of disk space, 1TB of bandwidth, allows the hosting of 1 Website, 10 databases, 10 email accounts and provides Daily/Weekly backups of important server files.

This is definitely enough power for a small site in a small market.

See the full details of “Hostens” shared web hosting for yourself.

Things you should know about: VPS hosting

Best for: Those who want more control over their resources and more powerful hosting in general.

Pros: “VPS hosting” is much more advantageous for business owners since it means more dedicated resources for your website, more security and flexibility.

Cons: One of the cons is of course the higher prices which come with VPS. Also more maintenance and technical knowledge is needed on your part, in order to operate a VPS hosting service. That may prove challenging to some.

What do our VPS hosting plans offer?

Starting at only 2.99$/month “Hostens” VPS hosting plans offer at least 20GB of disk space, 2TB of bandwidth, 1024MB RAM memory and provides optional Daily/Weekly backups and cPanel options.

Considering that you’ll have more control over what your doing, and more power for your site in general, this is a worthwhile investment for those who have a larger number of traffic.

Read more about “Hostens” VPS hosting and its plans.

Things you should know about: Reseller hosting

Best for: Those who have expertise in the field and want resell hosting services to others.

Pros: Since your reselling a hosting service, you don’t have to bother with managing your own, and there’s another party that’s ultimately responsible for the quality of the service. If you want to profit this way and also receive a nice bonus for being a referral, you might want to consider this option.

Cons: The middleman might not always be an expert in hosting. If a client purchases a hosting service, most likely, they will only have contact with the reseller, not the company that’s providing it. As a reseller, you have to have at least some knowledge on how to manage the resources that you sell.

What do our Reseller hosting plans offer?

“Hostens” Reseller hosting plans offer at least 15GB of disk space, 1TB of bandwidth, 150 websites, 1500 databases, 1500 email accounts and provides optional Daily/Weekly backups.

This amount of space is enough to resell the service for quite a few small traffic websites.

More information about “Hostens” reseller hosting plans.

“Hostens” guarantees this for their clients:

  • Fast set up –  guarantees that your account and plan will be activated on short notice after payment is received.
  • Guaranteed uptime – promises a 99.95% uptime for your website. That means you’ll always be online.
  • Professional support – their 24/7 support team is here to help with any hosting related questions.
  • Easy customization – offers over 100 one-click plugins for your business website.

If you are interested in a competent hosting provider which offers a number of options for its clients, visit www.hostens.com and choose what best fits your needs.

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