Writing For WordPress. 5 steps that improved my content significantly

WordPress writing tips

If you’re a business owner or just a simple webmaster, you probably now that content is the most important factor when it comes to attracting people to your site. It has to be simple, yet interesting enough to catch one’s attention and make them act.

However, most people (including me) are not born good writers, especially niche content writers that can apply their knowledge into producing great articles for any topic.

Today I want to share a few tips that I found useful when I began practicing my writing. WordPress writing is easy and fun, so if you follow them consistently, I guarantee you’ll take your articles to the next level in no time.

Be relevant

Whether you cover a single broad theme on your site or focus on a variety of topics, you got to go in-depth with your articles. That means covering every important aspect that may be interesting to your site visitors.

One simple tip to interest readers is to stay relevant, and that means knowing what’s the latest happening in a certain niche and knowing it well.

Let’s say you’re a driving school.

Writing a well-researched article on the most recent changes in road traffic regulations and laws would certainly be an interesting one. You could write about the topic from the perspective of young drivers, drivers who have lost their license before and so on.

Really, it’s up to you to decide on the angle. Most importantly – think relevant and be relevant.

Answer questions

Again, on a similar note. Answering a question is a great way to make your content more relevant to people. Do a quick research on Google and look what kind of answers people are looking for.

Let’s take the same example.

If you were an instructor, you could probably think of some relevant questions from learners without doing any internet research, and could tell just from experience. This applies for any other niche as well.

When I was personally getting my license, I really struggled with driving a stick. So, in this case an article could be “10 tips for driving a manual transmission car for beginners” and so on.

This is the mind frame you have to have if you want to be interesting to your readers. So take your time researching your audience and help them find answers.

Know your audience

My next tip would also apply to relevancy. Knowing your target audience is key in any business niche, and I can tell from experience you DO NOT want to ignore them in any way.

Back when I was just getting into digital business and SEO I used to make a lot of mistakes when preparing for articles, without truly knowing what and who I am writing for. Usually, customer needs are much more simple than you could imagine and answering them in a quick and simple way is almost always the best way to go.

Of course, I by no means suggest that you should abandon investigating the problems of your audience in depth.

Quite the opposite.

Do your research, just don’t overthink it too much when it comes to delivering your company message to consumers and try to keep it simple.

Make it interesting

Continuing on the same angle, one of the keys to appeal to your audience is to present the content that they’re looking for in a way that’s easy to understand.

A route you could go is adding additional media in your articles. A relevant video or picture collection is not only a cosmetic for making your presentation better, it can also act as a tool get your message better across.

It’s also worth to point out that more media adds to your content relevance in terms of SEO. Good SEO means better rankings for your article and more potential people seeing your article.
Make it flawless

So, you’ve done all the necessary research and composed your awesome text. The last thing you need to do?

Make it flawless

I mean this in the sense of proof-reading, fact-checking and eliminating any silly mistakes that might ruin your appeal to clients. If you can’t even spell your words correctly, are you really worth a person’s time?
This tip may seem obvious to most, but many forget to double-check their texts to make it a really good read.

If you don’t care about your texts, well, that pretty much means you don’t have about your clients.

To sum it up

Content is king when it comes to SEO and digital marketing. Consider these 5 simple WordPress writing tips for your next big article. While they are easy to follow, they’re also very important in order to take your texts to the next level.

So, good luck, and see you in the next one!

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