WPX Hosting Review 2024: Hosting Plans and 50% Off Coupon

WPX Hosting

Are you looking to switch to a new web hosting in 2024? If so, read this in-depth review of WPX hosting to know about its hosting plans. WPX Hosting provides managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting services.

Its hosting services come with a diverse range of features and other freebies. For example, they offer free site optimization and site migration services with all hosting plans. Similarly, its pricing plans are quite affordable as well.


In this article, I will provide you with a general overview of WPX hosting, and then discuss its hosting plans and key features. You will also find an exclusive coupon code for a 50% discount on WPX hosting so keep reading!

WPX Hosting: An Overview

WPX Hosting has recently completed 10 years of being in the web hosting industry. During this time, it has won numerous awards and gained over 3,000 positive reviews on TrustPilot. These stats are proof of its commitment to providing the best hosting services.

Currently, you can purchase WordPress hosting and WooCommerce hosting from WPX. It offers multiple pricing plans for each hosting service. Moreover, customers can also register their favorite domains with WPX hosting.

The features of this hosting provider include stellar fast performance, brilliant uptime, and lots of freebies. The uptime percentage is a solid 99% for the WPX hosting services. Keep reading to learn more about the features and prices of the WPX hosting plans.

WPX Hosting Plans and Prices

WPX Hosting offers Managed services for WordPress and WooCommerce hosting services. Both of these services have four premium pricing plans. The annual subscriptions have special discount offers of up to 50% and 2 months free!

Exclusive WPX Hosting Coupon: The code “2P8R1JOT75A” will get you up to 80% off WPX Hosting monthly plans. Additionally, you can save up to 50% on other WPX plans with the code “WPRESSBLOG” in 2024.

Let me take you through all of these pricing plans.

WordPress Hosting Plans

WPX Hosting provides fully managed WordPress hosting services. You can choose to buy a monthly or an annual subscription based on your requirements. The basic features of each plan stay the same but their resources are increased as you go up the pricing ladder.

Here are the four pricing plans that you can choose from.

Business: The Business pricing plan comes with hosting for up to 5 websites, 15 GB of storage, and 200 GB of bandwidth. You will have to pay $20.83 a month to avail this plan. It also includes 1 CPU core and 1 GB of dedicated RAM.

Professional: The next plan includes 2 CPU cores, 1 GB RAM, and 30 GB of storage. You can host up to 15 websites on this plan with a 400 GB bandwidth limit. The monthly price for the Professional plan is only $41.58.

Elite: The Elite WPX hosting plan provides you with 1 GB of RAM, 3 CPU cores, and 60 GB of storage. It is priced at a monthly amount of $83.25. This plan provides unlimited bandwidth and hosting for a maximum of 35 websites.

Scale: This is the custom WPX hosting plan that you can customize according to your website’s requirements. To get a quote for your required resources, you will have to contact their support team.

WooCommerce Hosting Plans

The WPX WooCommerce hosting is designed for business website owners and similar agencies. There are three pre-made pricing plans with the fourth one as the custom option. All plans include up to 2 months free if you go for the annual subscription.

Here is a look at the WPX WooCommerce pricing plans.

Powerstore: The first pricing plan includes hosting for a single website, 20 GB storage, and a 300 GB bandwidth limit. You also get 4 GB RAM and 2 CPU cores with this plan. The monthly price is only $29.17 for this plan.

Superstore: The WPX Superstore WooCommerce hosting plan comes with 50 GB storage, 6 GB RAM, and unlimited bandwidth. It also includes 3 CPU cores and hosting for up to 3 websites. This plan is priced at $62.50 a month.

Hyperstore: You have to pay $125 every month for the Hyperstore pricing plan. For this price, you will get hosting for up to 5 websites, 8 GB RAM, 100 GB storage, and unlimited bandwidth. Up to 4 CPU cores are also provided with it!

Scale: The customs WooCommerce hosting plan does not have a pre-determined set of resources. You will need to contact their sales team to get a quote for your plan and required services.

Key Features of WPX Hosting

The WPX Hosting services have some awesome features that I want to tell you about. The following are some of the features that have impressed me the most.

Multiple Data Centers

WPX Hosting has 3 data centers on three different continents. This covers the whole globe strategically and visitors from anywhere in the world can access WPX-hosted websites smoothly.


WPX Hosting offers lots of free features. You get free site migration with all plans. Similarly, they offer free website optimization which helps make your website faster and rank it higher.

Customer Support

WPX has hired tens of WordPress experts that make up its customer support team. They are available 24/7 with free advice and help for all WPX customers. You can ask them for help regarding installation or migration at any time. Additionally, they will help you solve any issues that you may face with your hosting plan.


WPX is an experienced hosting provider with over 10 years of service-experience in the industry. It offers Managed hosting services for WordPress and WooCommerce websites. Its hosting plans are optimized for these platforms and come with the necessary features to operate and perform well.

Its hosting plans are evenly structured and reasonably priced. WPX hosting provides three premium plans and a custom option for each of its services. I reviewed all of those plans in this article with updated data from 2024.

The exclusive WPX hosting coupon codes are also provided in this article to save you up to 50% instantly. I hope you will be able to make a better decision after reading my latest WPX hosting review!

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