5 Interesting facts about WordPress and its influence

wordpress interesting facts

WordPress is – without a doubt – the most popular and relevant CMS around the world. It’s functionality and flexibility options are greatly appreciated by business-owners around the world interested in a neat and well-performing WordPress website.

In this article, however, I want to look at the system from a different perspective and look at some interesting facts about it, in order to better illustrate its influence.

Here’s my take on 5 noteworthy facts.

WordPress is older than you think. In fact, it’s been around way before the age of social media.

WordPress 1.0.1 Miles

An interface example of WordPress 1.0.1 – Miles.

The first WordPress version was launched in 2003 making it older than giants like Facebook and Twitter. This a very interesting fact since it means WP has powered up sites even before the emergence of social networks.

This makes the system more than 16 years old and further proves its reliability for site owners over the years.

WordPress is responsible for the functionality of 27% of all websites.

WordPress popularity

WP is more influential than you think.

Another fact that’s pretty crazy if you put it in perspective. Around ¼ of everything on the internet is WP-based. This includes shops, blogs, news and so on. Nothing less than wild.

The thing is, other system don’t even come close in popularity as WordPress maintains its relevance. This is further illustrated by the next fact.

According to data, 76,4% of the CMS market is dominated by WordPress. That’s ¾ of the industry.

WordPress market share

The CMS market has little competition for WP.

Even though CMS Made Simple, Joomla, Prestashop and similar CMSes are respectful in their own right, WP pretty much dominates the industry without competition. The reasons for this, vary, and could be defined from different perspectives.

One of the reasons might be its reliability, others praise it’s simple an user-ready use and helpful communities. In other words, it’s just good.

WordPress is related to… Jazz?

WordPress and Jazz

WP loves Jazz and you should too.

Why, yes it is! Even though the connection is minor and more symbolic, it still exists. So far, all of WordPress releases were named after a certain famous Jazz musician. For example the first WP version 1.0 was named after Miles Davis, the legendary master trumpeteer, while version 4.6 was a tribute to Pepper Adams.

The next time you listen to some Jazz remember, the artist probably has a WP version named after him! Pretty neat.

WordPress is not owned by anyone

WordPress is purely community ran

WordPress is a community that everyone should be a part of.

Simple as that. The WordPress brand is owned by the WordPress Foundation, a collective found by the WP’s co-founder Matt Mullenweg. The foundation itself is run by the community – that means me and you! That’s right, anyone can contribute to making the system a better place.

Part of why WP does not have a CEO or a parent company is because it was created with a purpose of leaving it open-source, that means free of use for anyone willing to give website development a shot.

Summing it up

WordPress is not only a great platform for developers, it also has some background trivia for those interested. In order to keep WordPress growing, its best that all of contribute in some way and boost the world of digital business even further!