Top 10 WordPress support service providers

top 10 wordpress support services

WordPress support services can help any business owner who needs immediate assistance with their website. Be it themes, plugins, updates, optimization for search engines, or others. There are plenty of ways that a support company can help you out on your WordPress website.

While you could figure everything out yourself, by the time you are done, you will most likely have spent hours if not days, making your website run properly again. Why not save some valuable time and leave it to professionals?

10 Best WordPress Help & Support Services

In my opinion, the best WordPress Support Services of 2019 are these:

  1. EASYSEO →
  2. ClickWP
  3. FixMyWP
  4. Maintainn
  5. Barrel Roll
  6. WPCurve
  7. Valet
  8. WPSiteCare
  9. WPMaintainer
  10. GoWP

Keep in mind that this list is subjective, so some of you might disagree with the points I make here in this article. Since there’s quite a few of these companies – I wanted to list those who provide the most important support features for business websites out there.

WordPress help prices & features comparison

Price (mo.) Core/Plugin updates Personalized support WordPress theme help SEO/Marketing help
EasySEO → 69$ Yes Yes Yes Yes
ClickWP 25$ Yes Yes Yes No
FixMyWP 50$ Yes Yes No No
Maintann 49$ Yes Yes No No
Barrel Roll 49$ Yes Yes Yes No
WPCurve 79$ Yes Yes Yes No
Valet 300$ Yes Yes No Yes
WPSiteCare 79$ Yes Yes No No
WPMaintainer 99$ Yes Yes No No
GoWP 25$ Yes Yes No No

Don’t worry, I’ve done the research, so this section will give detailed descriptions on each choice, and other information which will help you make your final decision.

Anyway, without further adieu, let’s get into my top 10 WordPress support services list.

1. EasySEO – a remarkable all-around service for a reasonable price

easyseo support services

I got this firm recommended to me through a close business associate after he told me how well these Europeans perform website management. I was skeptical at first, since it’s a small firm that practically nobody has heard about.

Well, let’s just say I’m glad I was so wrong.

Not only was I welcomed with open-arms, I was quickly given a detailed report on how they plan to collaborate with me:

  • They do an audit of my website
  • We discuss the main issues and how to approach them
  • We agree on the approach
  • They administer my administer for a period of time.

By no means is this a general WordPress service, they consider and include an SEO strategy for your website, and a marketing strategy as well. Similar to some other firms on this list, they offer multi-service packages for their clients.

Here’s the main info on EasySEO:

Costs: starting at $69 per month
Target Audience: Small and medium businesses

What their starter plan gets you:

  • Website core and plugin updates
  • Resource and database optimization
  • Personalized support
  • SEO strategy formation and execution
  • Marketing strategy implementation.

Additional thoughts:

Since there’s so many features, it would make quite a list to mention them all. Apart from the usual support services like website updates, database security and optimization you get a SEO and marketing strategy developed for you individually.

In other words, they do everything in their capabilities to help your website grow. If you’re looking for a real all-around service for website, EasySEO is my definite recommendation for websites in 2019.

Reach out to them and I’m sure you’ll see everything for yourself.

2. ClickWP – a pretty cheap option with great features

clickwp support services

These hard-working individuals are here to make your life easier by solving your WordPress problems.

The company focuses mostly on beginner website owners, bloggers and small businesses, though larger scale clients are very welcome as well. Choose these guys if you want a cost-efficient management of your website.

Here’s the main info on ClickWP:

Costs: from $25 to $60 per month
Target Audience: WordPress beginners, WordPress bloggers, small businesses

What their starter plan gets you:

  • Main tech support,
  • Daily backups,
  • Website and plugin updates when needed,
  • Increased security and monitoring,
  • Support for emails and themes.

Additional thoughts:

While they only offer support to cover the basic technicalities, it’s enough if you’re not looking for anything special. Some interesting extra features include: Google Analytics and Google Ads setups, verify a business page on Facebook and setup Facebook marketing.

3. FixMyWP – better suited for large businesses, but still effective for everyone

fixmywp support services

FixMyWP is another service that caught my attention as a good choice for your everyday WordPress tasks. Their layout is simple and direct, and you can see clearly what each plan gets you.

Here’s the main info on FixMyWP:

Costs: starting at $50 per month
Target Audience: Businesses of all sizes with a focus on larger ones.

What their starter plan gets you:

  • WordPress updates,
  • Plugin updates,
  • Spam cleaning,
  • Database optimization
  • 24/7 email support

Additional thoughts:

As I’ve understood, their focus remains heavy on larger businesses, though all clients are welcome to collaborate. FixMyWP is pretty much a typical WordPress support service with standard features for their clients.

I really liked the way they detail the features of their plans on the website and the tone that they use to communicate with their clients. FixMyWP is definitely worth your attention.

4.Maintainn – a relatively cheap option with many features

maintann wordpress support

Maintann is definitely one of the cheapest options on this lists. For an inexpensive price, you get quite a lot of great features for a maintenance service.

Moreover, if you have any questions or a specific problem, you can write to them directly through a convenient contact form.

Here’s the main info on Maintann:

Costs: starting at $49 per month
Target Audience: Universal, for all businesses

What their starter plan gets you:

  • Migration of content and data,
  • Website customization,
  • Data and website backups,
  • System updates,
  • Personalized support (when during business hours).

Additional thoughts:

Maintainn certainly has a good looking portfolio on their website. Mainly because you can see the list of clients they’ve worked with in full detail. It looks like they don’t have anything to hide. They have a specialized field for clients that showcase their experience as support providers. Amazingly, they even worked with Microsoft.

If you want professional and reliable services for a relatively cheap price, then Maintann is definitely for you. With big names as their proud clients and over 10000 support tickets resolves, you will definitely be in safe hands.

5.Barrel Roll – a more expensive choice for larger businesses and stores online

barrel roll support services

While they are a significantly more expensive provider than many on this list, Barrel Roll is prepared to help out medium and large business owners, while giving most attention to online stores.

Here’s the main info on Barrel Roll:

Costs: from $49- to $299 per month

Target audience: medium to large businesses, major focus on online stores

What their starter plan gets you:

  • Everyday backups
  • Theme, plugin and general WordPress update
  • Full website monitoring 24/7
  • 404 error fixing
  • SEO and general consultation for website

Additional thoughts:

A pretty high price for their support services might come off as repulsive, but professionals don’t usually sell low.

With Barrell Roll you get a quick responding team of WordPress experts who not only have their work speaking for themselves, but accept every new client with open arms.

If you are an owner of an e-shop, don’t hesitate and write to them, I’m sure you’ll get a quick response.

6.WP Curve – a safe choice for those who don’t need anything special

wpcurve support services

This company seems a pretty safe choice for me since their regular clientele exceeds more than 1000 businesses worldwide.

Their popularity could mainly be appointed to the quality of their support staff, which is around 45000 members. Pretty crazy, right?

I have no doubt that they can deal with any business in terms of size, niche or situation complexity. Also, they’re very clear with what they can do for you whenever you choose their support plan.

Here’s the main info on WP Curve:

Costs: from $79 per month

What their starter plan gets you:

  • Unlimited number of small fixes
  • 24/7 support
  • Theme, plugin and general website updates

Additional thoughts:

They may seem like they don’t offer much for the price that they’re asking, but that’s not true. The key is their “small fixes” feature.

Just think about it: from minor tweaks to your website’s CSS, to bug fixing and addressing any general website malfunctions.

You can rest assured knowing that you website ends up in one of the most popular WordPress support company’s hands and all areas of your site will be coverred within a 24 hour span.

7.Valet – enterprise level prices for large businesses

wp valet support services

Founded in 2016, this WP support service company offers services for both WordPress and other CMS clients.

The price that they offer may scare a lot of people off, and for good reason. The starting plan goes for $300, while going up to as far as $5000 per month.

They are open about the fact new bloggers or small businesses are better of looking for cheaper options, since not many startups can afford having such expensive support.

Here’s the main info on Valet:

Costs: starting at $300 per month

Target audience: large/enterprise-level businesses

What their starter plan gets you:

  • Updates for the core and plugins
  • Security monitoring
  • Migrations
  • Uptime reports
  • Design and marketing solutions from Valet’s team

Additional thoughts:

If you can afford it, Valet can be more than just a regular WordPress support service. Their focus is to help your website and business in general, grow.

Apart from the key features I’ve mentioned above, they can help you grow your website through A/B testing, speed and conversion rate optimization, social media marketing, SEO and PPC campaigns.

In general I think, this provider is for those who want to maximize their website growth ASAP with the help of WordPress developers. That is of course, if you can afford doing so.

8.WP Site Care – experience that speaks for itself

wpsitecare support services

WP Site Care is another provider that’s worth your attention. Being one of the older firms in the industry, I’m sure they have the necessary experience to take on even the most difficult website cases. And the best part? For a relatively small price of $79 per month.

Here’s the main info on WP Site Care:

Costs: starting at $79 per month

Target audience: all businesses

WP Site Care is also one of the older players in this business. Founded in 2012, they have been considered as one of the few leaders in the WordPress maintenance service niche. Their experience I think implies that their one of the most trustworthy companies out there.

What their starter plan gets you:

  • Real-time back ups for website
  • Cloud storage for all website data
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Regular updates for WordPress and your plugins

Additional thoughts:

From what I have learned, WP Site Care has two main selling points: response time and guarantees for updates. Despite it being a large company with many clients, the average response time for each support ticket is around an hour or less, quite impressive.

Getting back to the website updates, WP Site Care provides a guarantee on every update they do for your website, including site core and plugins. If something breaks down, WP Site Care will immediately work on it and fix it.

For a standard price of $79 you get pretty much everything that’s important. If you want some additional services for your website including web development and eCommerce monitoring, you may choose their Professional plan for $299 per month.

9.WP Maintainer – experience matched with security and other features

wpmaintainer support services

WP Maintainer is a WordPress support service founded in 2012. What really impressed me is that every client here is treated as absolute equals. They have only one monthly plan (for 99$) and with it you get access to their full range of services.

What’s unique for this company is their one of the few ones on this list that emphasize the importance of having a great hosting provider for their clients.

Many support companies either don’t care or don’t prioritize this at all. For this, they offer free migration for every new client, to a WP Maintainer-preferred host.

Here’s the main info on WP Maintainer:

Costs: $99 per month

Target audience: businesses of any scale

What their starter plan gets you:

  • 24/7 website support via email
  • Website backups and database optimization
  • Updates for WordPress and its plugins
  • Spam and other junk Clean-ups

Additional thoughts:

Apart from these 4 main types of routine maintenance tasks, you also monthly malware and security monitoring.

If any issues occur to the website’s core or plugins after updating, the team will spend one hour fixing the problem. Any additional time spent could be bought for $99 an hour.

It’s great to see a company that knows their and their client priorities as well as WP maintainer. That’s why every owner should considering teaming up with them.

10. GoWP – a cheap option suitable for business of all sizes

GoWP support services

GoWP is a great option for those looking for either one-time services or regular WordPress website monitoring.

Their White label WordPress support services are included in every plan, so you can rest assured knowing that you will get the most essential support for your website I’d even argue that such diversity in plan prices allows clients to find what best fits their needs better.

Here’s the main info on GoWP:

Costs: from $25 to $ 149 per month for small and medium-scaled businesses

Target audience: business of any scale

What their starter plan gets you:

  • 24/7 website support via e-mail
  • Website backups and database optimization
  • Updates for WordPress and its plugins
  • Spam cleaning

Additional thoughts:

One thing that really surprised me from GoWP is their response time to a query I made, they were very polite and willing to help me choose the plan most suiter for me.

Turns out that with all of their plans, you get an unlimited number of small tasks for your website.

The best part?

Those fixes don’t even take 40 minutes to be completed. Even more complex tasks are usually solved within 2-4 hours.

In terms of other cool stuff, regular backups for you are made as well. If you want to restore something, just write to support. Site security is also taken into consideration, as your plan covers monitoring and problem tackling.

Lastly, they even have a plan for complex and high-speed sites. That is where their most experienced programming team comes in.

To summarize

In this article I gave my take on what I think are the best WordPress Support Services of 2019. I’m sure that after careful consideration and doing a little bit of your own research, you will find the one that’s best for your business.

While each firm has a unique approach to providing WordPress Support Services to their customers, those who can provide more and are capable to meet individual needs are the ones that remain in the long run.

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