Bad Habits That Can Drain Your Focus at Workplace

Bad Habits That Can Drain Your Focus at Workplace

Bad Habits That Can Drain Your Focus at Workplace-: Habit plays very important role to shape our future. more the good habits mean more successful person you will become. It is very hard to quit Bad habit and adopt Good habit but continuous good effort will definitely help you to quit and adopt bad habit. ”Bad Habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but Hard to get out ”. In this post i am going to talk about some bad habits that can drain your focus at work place.

Some of the Bad Habit that can Drain your focus at Workplace are as Follow. 

 Not Following proper Sleeping Pattern. 

Not Following Proper Sleeping Pattern

Sleep is the best medicine to relax our mind and body. our body burn more calories when we sleep in proper sleeping pattern. Improper sleep or Less sleep may increase your weight. Less sleep result headache that result drain your focus on work. 

Follow the following steps to develop a sleep routine-:

  1. If possible, wake up at the same time each day.
  2. Go to bed around the same time every day, but not more than 8 hours before you expect to start your day.
  3. Avoid beverages with caffeine in the evening.
  4. Avoid eating heavy meals at least 2 hours before going to sleep.

Unnecessarily Trying to Chase a Particular Person of the Opposite Sex. 

Unnecessarily Trying to Chase a Particular Person of the Opposite

This is most common at work place it is also known as Office Affair . Most of people fall in love or have affection to a colleague at wotk place . after chasing or impressing  particular person for long time later on most of us relize that opposite sex person not giving attention even after all effort.

chasing someone or impressing some at your workplace could put you in trouble because at workplace you colleague and manager observe you they may tease you because this type of things could not be hidden at workplace. Most important thing is the opposite sex person to whom anyone chasing may take advantage for their professional benefits. Try to be a professional as much as you can at your workplace without bothering about opposite sex person. Do not compromise with your work ethics or Professional just because someone is beautiful or handsome. try to say No because No is not a dirty word in professional world.

 Checking Up Social Media Constantly at Workplace-:

Checking Up Social Media Constantly at Workplace.

Social media is a great way to connect with our friends,family and relative. Social media website are designed in such a way that people should engage more and more and get addicted. use of so much Social media at work place may slow down your work efficiency and will drain your focus toward work.

Use Social media at work place like a break , Use Social Media with a small break that will also help you to refresh your mind. only respond urgent and important messages on social media while working. and  If you want to use social media at your work place leave your desk take a coffee and spend some time on social media then come to your desk and start working on your task without looking at your smartphone. 

Smoking To Relax when Disappointed with your work-:

Smoking To Relax when Disappointed with your work

 This is the most common at work place people used to smoke when get tired from work or get disappointed at work place just because of customer is not happy and send acceleration mail to your manager. In professional world it is very hard to satisfy neither your customer nor your organization.  Off course smoking provides relaxation but it could be a tool to handle the work pressure at work place which is not a good choice to handle the work pressure. your health,friends and family is more important than your organization and customer satisfaction, do not punish yourself with smoking just because of someone did not recognized your hard work or someone is not happy.

Customer Dissatisfaction

Smoking at work place may drain your focus at work place because after certain time you will relize you need a break to focus on work. To relax at work place you can opt out some other method to relax like watch some funny videos, you can browse your golden moment photos on your smart phone, you can talk to someone to whom you share everything and most of us have those one two to person in our life. talking to them will provide more satisfaction than smoking. 

 Eating Junk Food on Daily Basis-:

Eating Junk Food on Daily Basis

 Eating junk food on daily basis at your workplace may lead you to obesity. Junk food are not good for heath , Junk food just fill our stomach and increase our weight. Most of us eat junk food at work place due to heavy work load, late night working etc. if you are eating junk food at your workplace due to less time and urgent delivery to customer then approach to your manager because organization are for to make the profit and customer is like God for them. Never compromise with your health because neither organization nor customer going to pay for your health loss. if you have no option then start searching for a new job because there is no point to work at work place that exhaust you.  At the end most important which matter most to your friends , family and relative is your health not money which you earn, off course money is very important but never forget Health can make more money.

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