Benefits of embedding Facebook feed on your business website

30% of the world population uses Facebook. With such a large number of users, Facebook indeed has a capability to make any news, service, product and any type of content go viral in minutes and even seconds. This is a reason why Facebook or any other social media platform has turned out to be the best marketing strategy for business and brands.

With the very increasing popularity of Facebook, it can be used as a medium to increase business sales and productivity. Facebook Feed is the key! User-Generated Content and Facebook Feed combined can work wonders for your business if used rightly and smartly.
Create a Facebook page, gain followers, enrich Facebook feed, use hashtags, throw User Generated Content campaigns. That’s it! After doing all this, your Facebook Feed is ready to be on your business website. To embed Facebook feed on your website a successful marketing strategy, follow these basic steps to create exposure and to provide leverage to your embedded social wall.

If you are already at this stage where your Facebook feed is all set to be embedded on your business website, here is why you should not wait longer to do so.

Benefits of embedding Facebook Feed

No doubt, embedding Facebook Feed on your business website is a profitable affair with no losses whatsoever. Here are some of the direct benefits associated with it:

· Boost website engagement

Facebook Feed can make anyone stop and stare for a while. Facebook feed enriched with UGC can be the most attractive and relatable feed to embed on the business website. UGC is capable of gaining the attention of website visitors and being engaged with it for hours.

UGC Facebook feed is relatable and provides a personal touch to the content. Such content when displayed on the website makes visitors act more confidently about the desired product.

· Creates a social buzz

A social buzz or social proof is often termed as a social phenomenon that can make content go viral and is capable of influencing the decisions and behaviour of others by making them follow the same.

Social proof in simpler words is a proof created by online users of a product by posting their pictures with the real product. Such proof is enough to create a buzz among the other users and they believe that the product is worth buying. This product evidence is when displayed on the website creates a much greater stir among the web visitors and helps the business to grow its sales.

· Capable of building trust

Embedded Facebook Feed on business websites frees customers from the quality of the product. Trust is like a building block on which any relationship is based be it personal or business. Social proof is one of the important factors of building this trust among website visitors.

Social proof makes it easier for website visitors to put trust on the products of the business and compel them to take a shot by purchasing the product.

· Improves website’s ranking

Embedding Facebook feed can actually help in improving the website’s search engine ranking. How is this done? As Facebook Feed drives more traffic to the website and lets the audience stay longer than usual on the website, this ultimately benefits the business even if the final action of the visitor doesn’t result in sales.

As visitors can engage, interact and navigate through the website better, the dwelling rate increases, thereby reducing the bounce rates. When visitors willing choose to stay on the website for a longer duration, there are greater chances of conversions too. Summing all this up, the business website makes it higher in the search engine rankings, further driving more audience to it.

· Economical and affordable

Embedding Facebook Feed on the business website requires no special knowledge or any extra allocation of budget. If you follow the few requirements mentioned above before embedding your Facebook feed on the website, it will reap long-lasting benefits without spending an extra dime.

Even embedding Facebook Feed requires no hiring of developers as this can be done through tools, plugins and widgets with some even providing free service. Moreover, the ROI is so high that it can cover the minimal money you spend on buying the subscription of any tool.

· Strengthens the user Brand relationship

Linking social presence with digital presence promotes smooth communication between brand and user. It removes all the communication barriers, and everything is placed before the user like an open book. It helps in building transparency as users can interact with the brand better with the help of hashtags, usernames and handles.

This eliminates the blackout and hesitation that customers have in the past as to who they are buying the product from and who they can contact if the product doesn’t turn out to be good.
So, these were some of the benefits of embedding Facebook feed on your business website you should start getting your hands on.

Author Bio:
I’m Alice Herman and I’m a digital marketer and technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, and digital marketing trends.

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