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best copywriting agencies

Copywriting is an important part of any brand’s success these days. Apart from things like SEO and page ranks, there’s Public Relations or things like customer engagement are just a few things that a good piece can help a business out with.

However, it should be said that becoming a good writer that can write effectively for any niche or purpose requires years of experience to achieve. That is why the best copywriting agencies and individuals are so sought after.

In this article, I’ve decided to list my top choices for the best copywriting agencies out there currently. I couldn’t find a simple, yet descriptive guide on the topic, so I decided to give it a go myself.

Of course, I’ve tested all of these firms beforehand, so I’ll be speaking from experience.

Anyway, here are my choices.

The best copywriting agencies currently are these:

Copywriting agency Years of experience
EasySEO 9+
Write Right 4+
Stratton Craig 33+
Copify 11+
The Writers For Hire, Inc. 19+
The Creative Copywriter 10+
ProEdit 28+
Writing Assistance, Inc 29+
RightlyWritten 6+
MarketSmiths 10+

I’ll give more insight on them below.

1.EasySEO [my clear top choice]

easyseo copywriting agency Even though it’s one of the newest copywriting firms on this list, I was honestly surprised with their efficient and effective copies. I’ve ordered a couple of texts for my own website as well some of my clients and they delivered just the things I’ve asked for.

Though the main focus of this 9 year old agency seems to be SEO and other digital marketing services, I have no doubt that they realize the importance of well-produced and effective content for businesses.

Here you can order copywriting content by such types as:

  • Technical writing
  • Advertisements
  • Non-technical writing
  • Social media posts
  • SEO-aimed writing and others.

So far I aven’t been disappointed by them a single time and I will continue to use their services for the upcoming future. If you are looking for a quick, effective and cheap way to get new content on your site, go with these copywriters.

2.Write Right

write right agency

This agency from India is merely 4 years old, but nevertheless, remains a great choice for anyone looking to boost their rankings and consumer base with the help of good marketing content.

Their aim seems to be to find the best web-related solution for a business website including content, copies and marketing campaigns. I’ve used them a couple of times, and have no major issues to report.

Since finding a good agency to write content for your website, blog or copywrite is difficult in general, you won’t miss it when going with this firm. They’re good.

3.Stratton Craig

stratton craig agency logo

One of the most famous copywriting agencies in the world, period. Founded way back in 1987, it’s without a doubt, one of the most experienced agencies working in marketing today.

Their aim is to create the best competitive advantage for their clients as a result of their unorthodox approach to copywriting, quality of services and experience. With this in mind, they promise to deliver content of the highest professional standard, regardless of topic or aim.

From my experience, I was really impressed with the way they compose and deliver their texts, and their promise of professionalism and quality is true to the maximum. However, all of this comes at a high price, as they are also one of the most expensive copywriting agencies out there.

So, keep that in mind if you want to go with them.


copify agency

Another leading copywriting agency in the world is Copify, with their vast experience in many fields and readiness to deliver everything their clients might want.

Most of the team is composed of people who have spent a number of years working for the company, meaning they all know the ins-and-outs of how to deliver the highest quality copywriting material.

More interesting facts:

  • Largest team of copywriters in the world
  • They select the professional best suited for your job
  • Fast delivery of orders (most delivered within 48 hrs)

As far I’ve used them, no disappointments whatsoever. However, yet again the prices are steep. But if you’re looking for a world-standard copywriting agency, I suppose it is really worth it.

5.The Creative Copywriter

the creative copywriter agency

The Creative Copywriter, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated copywriting firms out there. Since they are smaller, and don’t have the massive experience to back it up like some of the others, they are far less known.

Nevertheless, they are very SEO-oriented, ready to help firms reach their intended audiences with compelling and effective copies.

Their aim is to help make the voice of your business more unique, powerful and persuasive than that of your direct competition. Not only that, they are prepared to give you their advice on how to market your businesses better.

To my mind, they really can and do deliver what they promise, so you can easily choose them if you are looking for a simple solution to your copywriting needs.

6.The Writers For Hire

the writers for hire agency

The Writers For Hire is another copywriting firm you should be aware of if you are looking to hire real professionals that know their stuff. Instead of being just one copywriter, they are a team of experienced writing as one strong unit.

They promise a unique approach and voice to their writing, which will result in an advantage amongst your competition.

Having more than 19 years of experience in professional and marketing-aimed writing, I hired them for a couple of small tasks to do for my client website.

I was very impressed with their spot on understanding of the message I was trying to convey and fast delivery of the texts, all of which will keep them in my mind the next time I’m looking to hire someone for writing.

I definitely recommend them.


proedit agency

Proedit is another example of a copywriting company that has plenty of experience under its belt, in fact, more than 29 years. Their expertise lies in very simple and cost-effective writing in the styles of technical, instruction and business writing.

What gives their firm an advantage is the fact that the team is not only composed of mere copywriters but has editors, trainers, recruiters, formatters and so on. Basically, everyone that’s needed to ensure that you receive the highest quality end-product.

While their aim is to help businesses of all-sizes, they seem to be oriented at smaller ones the most. Nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed the copies they’ve delivered for me.

8.Writing Assistance, Inc.

writing assitance inc agency

Writing Assistance is another firm that’s far less known than others, but despite this, they have almost 29 years of experience in writing copies aimed at various business goals and niches.

They promise to deliver the highest quality services in these copywriting niches:

  • Technical writing
  • Medical writing
  • Science writing
  • Instructional writing

As you can see, their main field of expertise are formal texts, which I too agree is their strong point. I hired the firm about a few months ago to write me a short description on some technical specification of a product and I was very impressed.

If you are looking for strong writers specializing in the formal voice, definitely go with them.


rightlywritten agency

Rightwritten might be less experienced than most on this list, but they still deliver a good service, you can count on that. They aim their services at business of scale, helping you build your brand completely from scratch.

They offer all-around copywriting services with simple purchasing and fast delivery. You are much better off with them, than a freelance writer, since they know very well what a particular business needs and how to make their voice heard.

If you need a simple, all-around service, look no further than RightlyWritten.


marketsmiths agency

Another leader in the copywriting field, Marketsmiths are a very good solution for those looking to increase their ROI dramatically, with the help of competent copies for their business.

They promise a consistent quality, seamless and versatile approach for content, as result of their competent team of copywriters.

I have hired them on numerous occasions previously, and despite quite a steep price, they delivered astonishing texts which helped me boost my rankings dramatically.

If you are looking for an experienced, versatile team and are willing to pay for your copies a decent price, without a doubt, go with them.

How to choose the best copywriting agency for yourself?

The best way in my opinion is to carefully look at what each firm has to offer. Some specialize in certain fields of marketing or formal writing, others offer a more all-around approach which can benefit a variety of businesses.

You can also write to them with your ideas for a copy and see what they can offer to you. Sometimes it’s ok to hire a less experienced marketing agency if you need just a simple copy for social media post, but for those who are willing to invest long term, the more experienced firm will do the trick.

It’s best to just carefully evaluate all the factors involved, and see what works best for YOUR business entity.

All in all,

I’ve discussed my top 10 choices for copywriting firms. Indeed, if you are looking to boost your business in a positive way, definitely go with one of these firms as they all offer something unique for those looking for copywriting services.

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