How to Create your own Music Playlist using YouTube

How to Create your own music playlist using YouTube

Creating a music playlist on YouTube offers several advantages for both organization and enjoyment. First and foremost, it allows you to curate a personalized collection of your favorite songs or specific genres, creating a cohesive and tailored listening experience. Playlists provide easy access to a set of songs without the need to manually search for each track, making it convenient for continuous, uninterrupted music playback.

Additionally, sharing your playlists with others allows you to showcase your musical taste, discover new artists, and connect with friends or followers over shared music interests. Organizing music into playlists also helps you categorize songs based on mood, activities, or events, contributing to a more structured and enjoyable listening experience on the YouTube platform.

YouTube is the Biggest Entertainment portal on Web. We use YouTube as a mode of entertainment in our Daily life. Offline Download,  YouTube TV Mode, Live Broadcasting are some of the cool features of YouTube. YouTube has become a great source of finding music on the Internet and with the ability to create playlists it can also be a great free way to listen to music.


Create your own music playlist

Creating your own music playlist on YouTube is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Sign in to Your YouTube Account: Ensure you are signed in to your YouTube account. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create it.
  2. Navigate to YouTube Music: Go to the YouTube Music website ( or use the YouTube mobile app.
  3. Find a Song to Add: Search for a song you want to add to your playlist. Once you find it, click on the three dots next to the video.
  4. Add to Playlist: From the menu that appears, select “Save to playlist.”
  5. Create a New Playlist: If you don’t have a playlist yet, you’ll be prompted to create one. Click on “Create a new playlist” and give it a name.
  6. Add More Songs: Continue searching for songs and adding them to your playlist using the same method. You can also add your own videos or songs from other YouTube creators.
  7. Manage Your Playlist: Once your playlist is created, you can go to your library and find it under “Playlists.” Here, you can edit the playlist details, change the order of songs, or remove/add tracks.
  8. Share Your Playlist: If you want to share your playlist with others, go to the playlist, click on “More” (three dots), and select “Share.” You can share the link or collaborate with others on the playlist.


A guide to your first music playlist


1.Search YouTube for any song or artist you enjoy. Here I am Going to Search Vidya Vox a Popular YouTuber.




2. Here either I can add this song to my existing playlist or I can create a New Playlist, Here I am going to create New Playlist as ” Vidya Vox Songs “, YouTube provides an option to Make your playlist Public or Private.


How to Create your own music playlist using YouTube 02


Once the playlist has been created while logged into your YouTube account open your playlists and then click Play all to start playing the playlist from the first video. If while playing you do not like the song being played click the Next button or press the End key to go to the next video in your playlist.



Listening to your music playlist on YouTube is incredibly easy and user-friendly. Once you’ve curated and organized your favorite songs into a playlist, all you need to do is sign in to your YouTube account. Navigate to YouTube Music on the web or through the mobile app, where you’ll find your personalized playlists conveniently stored in the library section. A simple click on your playlist instantly opens up a seamless, uninterrupted listening experience.

The intuitive interface allows you to shuffle the songs, skip tracks, or revisit specific favorites effortlessly. Whether you’re at home, on the go, or anywhere with internet access, enjoying your curated music collection on YouTube is just a click away, making it a hassle-free and enjoyable way to immerse yourself in the tunes you love.


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