How to Extract Useful data from long Articles to save your Reading Time

How to Extract Useful data from long articles to save your Reading Time-: We all come to a situation when we find an interesting and lengthy article over the internet. Most of the time due to time shortage, we find our-self unable to read those article. there is plenty of application are available over the internet and on mobile, where can save those article and read in our free time.

Skim it Google Web store 1

Recently I came to know about chrome Extension which creates a summary of the long article so you have no need to waste your time to read those long article, it has no language barrier to extract data from long articles. Skim.It using machine learning technology to extract data from a long article, the way it extracts data is really awesome.

Conclusion-: is a good chrome extension for those who read a lot over the internet, the downside is, it is a freemium type of Chrome extension, provide good reading experience.