How to Extract Useful data from long Articles to save your Reading Time

We all come to a situation when we find an interesting and lengthy article over the internet. Most of the time due to time shortage, we find our-self unable to read those article. there is plenty of application are available over the internet and on mobile, where can save those article and read in our free time.

Tips on reading articles

To quickly read an article without sacrificing comprehension, try these tips:

  1. Scan Headings and Subheadings: Look at the main headings and subheadings to get an overview of the article’s structure and key points.
  2. Read the Introduction and Conclusion: Focus on the introduction and conclusion to grasp the main ideas and arguments presented in the article.
  3. Skim Paragraphs: Read the first and last sentences of each paragraph. This often contains the main idea or summary.
  4. Highlight Keywords: Identify and highlight keywords or phrases that seem important. This can help you quickly recognize and comprehend key concepts.
  5. Focus on Key Sentences: Pay attention to topic sentences and sentences that convey the author’s main points. These sentences often encapsulate the core ideas.
  6. Use Bullet Points or Lists: If the article includes lists or bullet points, read these to quickly capture key information.
  7. Utilize TLDR Tools: If available, consider using TLDR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) tools or browser extensions to get quick summaries of articles.
  8. Take Notes: Jot down quick notes or annotations as you read. This can help reinforce your understanding and serve as a quick reference.
  9. Practice Active Reading: Engage with the material actively by asking questions and making connections. This can improve comprehension even in a short reading time.
  10. Prioritize Information: Identify the most relevant sections based on your purpose for reading. If you’re looking for specific information, focus on the sections that are likely to contain it.

Remember, the key is to balance speed with comprehension. Experiment with these tips to find a strategy that works best for you.


Why should you use extensions

Chrome extensions are incredibly useful for enhancing your browsing experience by adding functionality and customization to the Google Chrome browser. These small software programs can range from productivity tools to entertainment features, providing users with a tailored and efficient online experience.

Whether it’s ad blockers for a cleaner interface, password managers for enhanced security, or productivity extensions to streamline tasks, Chrome extensions empower users to personalize their browser according to their specific needs. The flexibility and variety of available extensions make Chrome a versatile platform, allowing individuals to optimize their workflow, save time, and tailor their online environment to suit their preferences.

New chrome extension TLDR

How to  Extract Useful data from long Articles to save your Reading Time

In the vast sea of content available, time often becomes a limiting factor for thorough reading. Frequently, we encounter lengthy articles of interest, yet the prospect of sifting through them for pertinent information seems daunting. TLDR This serves as a straightforward solution during such moments, enabling you to minimize the time spent on unproductive content and allocate more focus to meaningful tasks. extension

Skim it Google Web store 1 chrome extension was an extension used to create a summary of long articles. This means you would not waste time while reading the article. It has no language barrier to extract data from long articles. Skim.It used machine learning technology to extract data from a long article, the way it extracts data is really awesome.


Utilizing Google extensions is a wise choice for enhancing your browsing experience and overall online efficiency. These extensions offer a diverse array of functionalities, from productivity tools to personalized enhancements, allowing users to tailor their Chrome browser to their specific needs.

The convenience of streamlined tasks, improved security through specialized tools, and the ability to customize the browsing environment make Google extensions invaluable. By incorporating these extensions, users can transform their online interactions, saving time, boosting productivity, and enjoying a more tailored and efficient web experience.

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