How to Use Google Chrome Extension In Opera Browser

How to Use Google Chrome Extension In Opera Browsers


A Google Chrome extension is a powerful add-on that extends the functionality of the Chrome browser, enhancing users’ online experiences. These small software modules, easily downloadable from the Chrome Web Store, offer a wide range of features, from productivity tools and ad blockers to customization options and security enhancements.

Whether streamlining tasks, improving browsing speed, or adding specialized functionalities, Chrome extensions cater to diverse needs, allowing users to tailor their browser to suit their preferences. With a vast library of extensions available, Google Chrome becomes more than just a browser; it transforms into a personalized, efficient, and versatile tool for navigating the digital landscape.

Opera browser extensions

An Opera browser extension is a valuable addition that amplifies the capabilities of the Opera browser, enriching users’ online interactions. These extensions, easily accessible through the Opera add-ons store, offer a spectrum of features ranging from ad blockers and security tools to productivity enhancers and personalized themes.

By seamlessly integrating with the Opera browser, these extensions empower users to tailor their browsing experience to their unique preferences and needs. Whether it’s improving efficiency, bolstering security, or adding innovative functionalities, Opera extensions contribute to making the browsing journey more customizable, efficient, and enjoyable for users.

While using the opera browser I saw that I was missing some extensions which were not available at Opera store. For Example OneTab  which I use with my Chrome Browser. Later I checked if it’s possible to take chrome extensions and move them to Opera browser. After goggling it I found an answer and it is a yes it is possible to use Google Chrome Extension in Opera Browser it is possible due to Web Kit Based Engine because of this Opera Extension can also be installed in Google Chrome.


How to Use Google Chrome Extension In Opera Browser

To move your chrome extensions to opera browser you will need to follow these three simple steps.


First Add Download Chrome Extension Addon to Your Opera Browser.



Once you installed Download Chrome Extension go to the Chrome Web Store in your opera browser here you will install OneTab which is most powerful tab management tool currently not available for Opera.



Once you click on add to opera you wouldn’t get browser compatibility issue and you will be redirected to extension page of Opera where you have just press Magic Button Install and it’s all Done.


With the help of above method, you can enjoy best of opera Unlimited VPN, Opera Turbo with the best Extension of Google Chrome.


Incorporating Opera extensions into your browsing experience proves to be a judicious choice. These extensions, found in the Opera add-ons store, not only elevate the functionality of the browser but also allow for a personalized and efficient online journey. Whether enhancing security measures, boosting productivity, or simply adding creative flair with customizable themes, Opera extensions provide a diverse range of tools to cater to individual preferences.

Embracing these extensions transforms the Opera browser into a tailored and dynamic tool, offering users a seamless and enjoyable online experience that aligns with their unique needs.

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