How to Highlight, Copy, Edit, and Translate Text from any Image on the Web

How to Highlight

How to Highlight, Copy, Edit, and Translate Text from any Image on the Web

There are many OCR scanner are available on the web to extract text from an image but I came to know about a Google Chrome Extension which lets you to Highlight, Copy, Edit, and Translate Text from any Image on the Web. Go for the link here

How to Translate Text from any Image on the Web

To highlight, copy, edit, and translate text from any image on the web, you can use an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the image on the web that contains the text you want to extract.
  2. Take a screenshot of the portion of the image containing the text. On Windows, you can use the Snipping Tool or the Print Screen button. On Mac, use Command + Shift + 4.
  3. Open an OCR tool website such as Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote, or FreeOCR.
  4. In the OCR tool, click or drag and drop the screenshot you took.
  5. The OCR tool will scan the image and extract the text. Highlight, copy, and edit the text as needed.
  6. To translate the text, you can use an online translation tool such as Google Translate or Microsoft Translator. Simply copy and paste the text into the translation tool and select the desired language.

Please note that OCR tools may not be 100% accurate and may make mistakes when extracting text. Additionally, some websites may have protections in place to prevent copying or extracting text from images.

How to Translate Text from any Image with Naptha

This chrome extension comes under Project Naptha Made by Antimatter15  the man behind Antimatter15  is Kevin Kwok.

Project Naptha automatically applies state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms on every image you see while browsing the web. The result is a seamless and intuitive experience, where you can highlight as well as copy and paste and even edit and translate the text formerly trapped within an image.

Words on the web exist in two forms: there’s the text of articles, emails, tweets, chats and blogs— which can be copied, searched, translated, edited and selected— and then there’s the text which is shackled to images, found in comics, document scans, photographs, posters, charts, diagrams, screenshots and memes. Interaction with this second type of text has always been a second-class experience, the only way to search or copy a sentence from an image would be to do as the ancient monks did, manually transcribing regions of interest.

You can watch as moving your cursor over a block of words changes it into the little I-beam. You can drag over a few lines and watch as a semitransparent blue box highlights the text, helping you keep track of where you are and what you’re reading. Hit Ctrl+C to copy the text, where you can paste it into a search bar, a Word document, an email or a chat window. Right-click and you can erase the words from an image, edit the words, or even translate it into a different language.

To Take the Live Demo Visit

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