How To Safe Your Inbox From Spam Mail

How To Safe Your Inbox From Spam Mail

How To Safe Your Inbox From Spam Mail 2

How To Safe Your Inbox From Spam Mail

How To Safe Your Inbox From Spam Mail-: I think there is no any need to tell you about spam mail. the simple meaning of Spam mail is the Unwanted mail that comes to your Inbox. these Spam mail consume a huge amount of electricity, storage space and time which is more valuable than anything, with the help of some small tips and precaution you can avoid spam mail easily.

How To Safe Your Inbox From Spam Mail

1. It is found that the user responsible itself for its 95% of all junk e-mail because of disclosing his/ her e-mail address. Do not disclose your original e-mail address to any newsletter subscription, get frees stuff like the website. today spammer is too much advance, there are many robots and scripts that automatically scan a website for an e-mail address.

2. Avoid chatting on Yahoo, AOL like chatting services with your personal e-mail ID because in chat room spammers and spam bots are actively searching for an e-mail address. where e-mail address can be correctly guessed by adding the to the username of a chat room visitor.

3. Most of all e-mail service provider provides spam blocking tool, if you get any unwanted mail in your inbox select that mail and report it as spam mail. If you are using MS-Outlook install Spam filter Plug-in such as Spamaid. list useless incoming e-mail to those in your address book and have all others put into a ” Junk ” folder which you can clear regularly.

4. Make one personal E-mail account and never disclose it to anyone, also make a different account for different purpose like one account for friends, one for official work, one for family etc. if you use a lot write down which is which so you don’t forget.

5. If you are a Gmail user then Gmail’s ” Achieving ” feature could be very useful for you to fight with Spam mail. Achieving feature of Gmail allows you to mark an E-mail message, as ” not important enough to keep in Inbox, but not unimportant enough to delete” you can keep the copy of those e-mail in achieving not in your inbox, that way you can keep a clean inbox without losing your data.

6. Gmail’s label feature helps you to manage your inbox in a better way. creation of label in Gmail I have already explained in my previous article ( Info About New Version of Gmail Label ) . suppose you are getting much mail from your office, create a label and name is ” official mail” and assign that official mail to that label after that your all your official mail will come to that label only. this way you can create a different label like for friends , family etc.

Conclusion-: Spam mail are a big headache for all email user , Spam mail not only consume our mail space but also our valuable time it is impossible to stop Spam mail completely but but we can reduce it up to a certain level.

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