How to Send Online Faxes for Free to Anywhere in the United States and Canada

How to Send Online Faxes for Free to Anywhere in the United States and Canada

How to Send an Online Fax for Free in United States

Due to advancement in the Information Technology Sending a Fax is not required a FAX machine I want to share information about FaxZero which lets you send a fax to any fax machine in the United States (including Puerto Rico) or Canada for free. You don’t need a fax machine yourself, but you do need a valid e-mail address. The service also lets you send faxes to many other countries — international faxing isn’t free but is inexpensive. Go to

How to Send an Online Fax for Free in United States

Sending an online fax for free in the United States is a quick and easy process. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Choose an online fax service: There are many online fax services available that offer free plans. Some popular options include FaxZero, GotFreeFax, and MyFax.
  2. Register for an account: Once you’ve chosen a service, create a free account by providing your name, email address, and other necessary information.
  3. Compose your fax: Open a new fax and enter the recipient’s fax number, along with any cover letter or message you want to send.
  4. Attach any necessary documents: You can attach files directly from your computer or from cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox.
  5. Review and send: Double-check all of the information to make sure it’s correct, then hit send. Your fax will be delivered to the recipient’s fax machine or email address, depending on their settings.

It’s important to note that many free online fax services have limitations, such as a maximum number of pages or a limit on the number of faxes you can send per day. If you need to send larger or more frequent faxes, you may need to upgrade to a paid plan.

How does FaxZero work?

First, fill out the fax form. Be sure to include your valid e-mail address and carefully type the Confirmation Code. (This simply helps us weed out abuse of the system.) Type the text of your fax or attach a file, then click the Send Free Fax Now button.

Next, a confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail address. Click the URL in that message. Your fax won’t be transmitted until you do. (If you are using a spam filter, please add to your friend’s list first, otherwise, you will not get the e-mail from us and your fax will not be sent.) FaxZero then attempts to deliver your fax. You’ll receive an e-mail message to let you know when it’s delivered. Or if it can’t be transmitted for some reason, an e-mail message will tell you that.

What type of documents can you send using FaxZero ?

The easiest way to send a fax is to just type or paste the text of your fax into the Type text to appear on the cover page box. Or, you can click the Browse… button to fax a file on your computer: you can send a PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC or DOCX or RTF) file, image files(PNG or JPG) or Excel spreadsheet (XLS or XLSX). Other supported file formats include TXT, HTML, TIFF, GIF, and PPT(Powerpoint).

I clearly remember those days when sending a fax was instant and quickest  mode of communication , If you lives in Unites States or Canada then you can send free fax as i  mentioned in the post.


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