How to Learn Typing Online inside the Firefox Browser

How to Learn Typing Online inside the Firefox Browser


How to Learn Typing Online inside the Firefox Browser-: A Good typing speed helps us to do our work in office in less span of time as compared to others any individual can have good typing speed after good practice with typing software.

Here I am with a new add-on called “Typing Stats” for the Firefox web browser from which the individual can easily get the typing statistics along with important information which helps the individual to improve the typing skills. Perhaps this add-on for the Firefox which is actually a handy tool allowing the individual to analyze the different aspects of typing along with screening  the results feature invariant charts and graphs as well.

Then the individual can easily get the concept with an easy instance where the individual then is able to have the view of graphs with correct keystrokes as well as the corrected characters along with that the individual can even have the histogram with all the respective intervals in between the keystrokes and much more ahead in this application. Hence the individual able to analyze as well when the results of the test are been displayed and there the individual can check out how exactly the individual is performing the task and the task of doing wrong as well along with that the individual can even improve the speed of typing as well.

Thus this add-on which acts in a clever way but along with generates the stats as well and along with this small tool also detects the mistakes when the individual makes unknowingly and this is displayed on the screen with the distribution by fingers.

Visit the link to get the Add-on:

About Typing Stat Add-on:

This Firefox add-on was developed as a Bachelor thesis at the Faculty of Information Technology, VUT Brno. The purpose of the addon is to provide information about your typing quality and give a feedback making users better in typing technique. ping technique.

Typing Stat

Learn How To Type And Increase Your Typing Skills Online

After the individual is done with the installation can then come across the button over the toolbar when needed is clicked.

Click on Typing Stat Icon

Typing Stats which therefore fire up the application in a new window and then the individual with the initial step allows not viewing the plotted data and as this add-on which is capable of generating the results based on the kind of typing the individual performing. Well, this application lets the individual in order to achieve the results when the individual gets started typing. Moreover, this application, therefore, splits the Statistics in a two main categories i.e. Charts and Mistakes.

However when the individual carry the task with Charts tab which therefore further divided into Speed and Backspace, Intensity and Histogram as well and thus whereas the mistakes tab offers the individual to have the preview of the Most Corrected Chars with Backspace as well as the Diagram for further percentage of mistakes done by the individual such as finger makes.

Furthermore when the individual grips the speed with respect to the number of correct keystrokes as per minutes and then the individual can also be able to get with the Backspace displays graphs when the user gets the most number of corrected characters per minutes along with the intensity by achieving the total time required for the particular task of typing along with that the last category of Histogram which is capable of generating the results with intervals between the keystrokes.
Well the followed step after that the individual gets with the Mistakes area where the user will be able to preview the characters and then the individual gets the wrong area at certain phrases while typing as well as the fingers which went wrong during mistakes.
The individual then be able to get through the corrected characters to the left of the application with backspace as well and along with that feature the individual able to get through the right-side as well where the individual gets the information with respect to visualize the distribution of mistakes as per the fingers. Subsequently, there the individual happen to find which fingers/characters were the cause of most mistakes and with that the user can easily get overcome the mistakes from repeating them once again.

Moreover, this add-on which offers the individual with the task to learn from the mistakes that the user make while typing and improve the typing skills as well.

Conclusion-:In Professional life a Good typing speed add a value addition to your career , if you use Firefox browser then you have no need to install any additional software to increase your typing speed it is just possible with a Web extension.

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