Putting up an Ecommerce Portal and Selecting Effective Marketing Channels for Best Results


According to Nielsen research, there are adult Americans now send over 11 hours online. That includes his time at the office interacting with the customer’s/business dealings and using personal social media accounts, listening to music/watching videos, etc. If you want to know what’s happening in UAE, the position is no different as the number of hours for young adults and even teenagers are the same. And that’s a blessing in disguise for online marketers.

There is immense scope for online marketers and of course, businesses as they can attract people in huge numbers for selling any product. But how to attract your target market on exactly which channels is the big question. For online marketing, there are several channels like social media, paid media, organic reach, and email, to name a few. And all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, how do you go about it? Let me offer my readers a quick insight into this matter.

Attracting your Target Market in Hordes isn’t an Easy Thing

Looking to make sure you are on the path to successfully target your audience isn’t easy. If you think that just social media is enough for attracting the audiences, think again. According to the latest research, more people are likely to check the website of a company before buying a product. That’s why companies also need a web design uae company for getting the best results in this concern. But the fact remains that social media is the new frontier to conquer for every digital marketer.

The ordeal of a marketer nowadays is quite interesting. Small-time marketers need to think of ways so that they can have a real go at how to make things perfect for them. But in the market full of big fishes, marketers with a limited budget are left with thinking about new strategies and tactics that can work wonders for them. So, what businesses can offer to their customers now through new and emerging technologies like chatbots and voice-recognition assistants?

Let me offer you some interesting information as to how you can integrate it within your online portal.

Chatbots can Perform in a Great Way

If you think that you can start with a bang on social media and don’t need a website at all, you are missing a link here. It can happen to small companies or freelancers looking to sell keychain and used books, for example, on Facebook or Twitter. And they can earn good money too concerning their investment. But for SMEs and startups, use of chatbots and voice recognition assistants are now necessary for making good progress.

Use of chatbots shouldn’t be limited to answering questions that are related to FAQs,’ but instead, they need to act more human than a robot. This is because now, the technology is available for offering answers for questions that are varied and complex. For example, bots can proactively reply to questions about the delay in shipment related to adverse weather conditions.

 Voice Recognition Assistants (VRAs)

If you think that voice assistants are just for smartphones and is a topic just related to mobile app development, read further to know more. In simple words, a voice assistant is a digital assistant that uses voice recognition and natural language processing to provide information to anyone. And surely, this is not limited to smartphones or handheld devices as now many websites also offer VRA facility. And it is already paying dividends to the businesses using VRA.

Engaging with your customers in the right way so that he can think of you as the best company to work with is what the businesses ultimately think of. Talking to a VRA may not be the best thing a person looks forward to when he visits a website looking for information about a product or service. But the use of natural language processing, for example, and translation of a question asked in any language to accommodate a visitor can offer real value to a visitor.

Choosing the Right Marketing Channel

Once you are done with making your portal on par with the best in the business, its time for you to make things happen. If you think it’s just a choice between Facebook and Twitter or allocating how much budget for either network, you need extensive information in this concern. Confused about how to go about it? The following 3 tips will make your task quite easy.

  1. i) Set the Goals: Define your marketing goals and then think about a social media platform/channel that will offer you the best support to reach your goal. Capital for startups can be crucial, so they may look for a solution that is not heavy on pocket. For raising brand awareness, you need to focus on a social media platform like Facebook.
  2. ii) Know your Audience: Detailed information about the demographics of the market is what you really need to have. You need to know where your target market spends tie online, remember the 11-hour time period I talked about? Think about the CTAs which can get you closer to the goal in a quick time.

iii) Build a Team: Finally, you need to come up with a team that can offer you the best results. If you think that, sooner or later, you will reach your destination without a specialized team or not, this is not a good approach. You need to assign tasks to a team member matching his expertise as this will yield good results for you.

Final Word

Don’t ever think about becoming successful in any business, casually. Your seriousness will show in every move of yours. So, right from setting up your online portal to selecting the right marketing channel, you need to be on top of your game for optimal results.

If you want to know more about any aspect mentioned in this post or offer your feedback, you are welcome. Please use the comments section below in this concern.

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