4 reasons to choose WordPress for your e-commerce website

reasons to choose wordpress

A good website has to perform and showcase your brand to the public. However, many inexperienced developers are at a loss on how they should manage their e-commerce website and what to do when something is wrong with.

What if I told you that a simple change of your CMS may benefit you greatly?

That’s right.

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In this article I’ll present some arguments on why I think every business owner online should switch to WordPress – the leading and most popular website management system out there.

WordPress is a completely free and community-ran CMS

That means you are completely free to download, install and modify it completely to your needs. Writing a blog, publishing articles or creating a business website – it’s all possible WordPress. What’s more – you can customize it as you want.

The laws of open-source content ensure that the system will forever remain a completely corporation-free platform. You’re not paying anyone anything and you never will. Even you’re just starting out with 0$ in your pocket, a couple of internet tutorials will help you launch your WP site in no time.

You’ll find WordPress very easy to manage

WordPress is not a static platform that updates once every couple of years. These updates are frequent and are made with passion from those who love to contribute to the community of web developers overall.

These upgrades have advanced so far that WordPress has become the easiest website management platform out there, at least in my eyes. Whether you want to change your theme or install a few neat plugins for better performance, the platform allows you to do so with a few-click of a button.

The tools for protecting, managing and creating on your website are already here. All you need to do is focus your effort on making your site a better place.

WordPress is arguably the safest CMS out there

WordPress was developed with top-notch online security in mind, since its inception, so the platform remains a great host for any kind of business website.You might think that your data and content is secure on the vast sea of information, but it’s actually not.

Good thing is that, there many useful plugins that you can integrate in to your site, for any purpose you want. It might be to protect personal data of clients, your emails and so on. This flexibility in terms of security options available is what makes WordPress so safe.

WordPress is a perfect example of SEO friendliness

Last but not least, I must mention that WordPress simply EXCELS in SEO. From the many CMSes that I had the opportunity to work with, nothing feels better than seeing your rankings grow on Google simply by installing a few plugins.

Not only do these SEO plugins help with indexing your content, they can guide you with some recommendations as well. Let’s say your writing on a topic that’s not so familiar to you, or your simply lost with the amount of words you should write.

No problem at all.

Yoast SEO for example, not only offers recommendation on how to improve it, but gives reasons for why some changes to your content should be implemented.

All in all

WordPress is an awesome platform for any type of website. If you’re a business owner – it has all the tools you will need to begin and launch your digital business. So by all means, do choose WordPress.

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