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When businesses are looking for SEO services they often ask questions related to guarantees. Everyone wants to know if anyone can guarantee first page keyword rankings or can they ask for money back.

We have collected few opinions what SEO experts say when it comes to SEO first page result guaranteed.

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Someone asked in SEO group this question:
Recently I talked to some SEO s and they told me I can’t give you guarantee, no one can give you guarantee when it comes to seo.

Question: So it turns out I should pay someone to make experiments on my project or what?

We have selected the most relevant answers.

Stephen F:
SEO is marketing, NO ONE can guarantee a result from marketing…not commercials, not radio ads, not billboards…this is a silly immature question if you are seriously asking…can guarantee page one with PPC, as long as you can afford it.

Dennis H:

You don’t know what competitors do meanwhile, Google might change algorithm, pages/backlinks might get indexed quicker or slower. Jup, an SEO company can’t give you any guarantees on the results. They can however report what work they do for you.
The company that gives you guarantees on the results (unless it’s your own brandname) is not honest to you.
Compare it with placing an ad. There is no guarantee on that it gives you sales.

David H:

SEO is like a competitor in a sport or race… You can’t guarantee the winner but if you train and prepare well, you’re more likely to have decent results.

Tommy C:
Can’t guarantee something that you’re not 100% in control of.
We can do everything we’ve learned over the years but at the end of the day it’s up to Google to make the final call.

Bikash R:
I can guarantee the performance increment, But not the exact result you expect. Such as we can improve KPIs in GSC, Improve traffics and organic keywords but the position is completely depends and the guarantee in the position is just a unsubstantial.

Jethro G:
No one can coz there’s always algorithm updates that you need to catch up. Why wont you just ask for portfolio or recent work where you can check the previous campaigns that they have handled?

Simon D:
All marketing activities are like betting on a sports team over a season. SEO even more so. Understand the odds of all the competitiors, then work out how much you’re prepared to risk. If you want to target a specific highly competitive money term its a bit like betting a team will win the cup before a ball has been kicked. Breaking that down into games, points, players, number of touches you’re starting to get a better understanding of how to spread the risk. But ultimately all you can guarantee is – bar any crisis – the team will play, and all an SEO can say is the type of activities and predict what would happened if rankings were improved.

Ys S:
Is there any guarantee in other business? Is there a guarantee that you will love the food in a restaurant? Is there a guarantee that you will like a movie when u go watch it in the cinema? Is there a guarantee u won’t crash the car if u drive it?

Horia N:
Recently I talked to some doctors and they told me they couldn’t guarantee my health. No doctor can give you guarantees. So it turns out I should pay someone to conduct experiments on my body or what?

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James U:
I guarantee that if you hire me I’ll try my best! Google can switch the algorithm at any time and I’ll have to respond by looking at who is now ranking and what Google now prefers from the top sites.
No one can guarantee you top rankings, 100% though.
All you can ask is that they’ll try their best, analyze the competition and give you a detailed report of what actions they took and why.
I have a ton of #1 rankings I could show you, which should show that I have had a lot of success. I can’t guarantee you’ll get the same success but I am very confident you will if you hire me.


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