Awesome Features of Gmail That Every Gmail user Must Know

Awesome Features of Gmail That Every Gmail user Must Know

TOP 10 Reasons to Use Gmail

Gmail is the #1 preferable email service over for most of the user because it is the service of a trusted brand like Google, which is always known to do something amazing and innovative.

Gmail got popular within a short period of time since its launch in the year 2009 as compared to other e-mail services like Hot mail, Yahoo etc. The biggest advantage of Gmail is it’s standard for security and awesome spam blocking feature. it is not possible for me to explain every good quality of Gmail in this article so I figuring out some of the handpicked awesome feature of Gmail in this post.

Awesome Features of Gmail

Multiple Inboxes

Gmail provides ” Multiple Inboxes ” facility by using this you can create multiple inboxes in your Gmail account. it would benefit you to experience fast Emailing service.

To enable Multiple Inboxes facility in your Gmail account follow the following steps:

1. Log on or and sign in into your Gmail account.
2. Click on ” Setting Tab” which you will get on right-hand side of your Gmail account after that click on ” Lab ” tab
3. find out ” Multiple Inboxes ” and Enable It.

 Multiple Inboxes facility in your Gmail account

Offline Gmail

Yes, it is possible to use Gmail without the Internet connection for this install Google Gears after installation of Google Gears you will be able to use Gmail offline for this Enable Offline Gmail from Lab Tab under setting as you enabled Offline Gmail. For more in Depth Read my Post How To Access Gmail Offline.

 Mouse Gesture

with the help of mouse gesture, you can operate your Gmail account with the help of mouse. Even though Google has been discontinued Mouse Gesture from Lab still, you can use Mouse Gesture in Gmail Using Gmail Mouse Gesture Chrome Extension. Go here

Gmail With Themes

To make Gmail more user-friendly for the user. Google has been added themes facility into Gmail. Gmail having the variety of themes under Setting → Theme → Set Theme

Mail Fetcher

Google Mail Fetcher is a feature offered by Gmail with which you can access all your emails from one place along with your Gmail account. To set up Gmail Mail Fetcher Read Post How to use Google Mail Fetcher

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail provides you to create your own custom keyboard shortcut according to your need within your Gmail account. For example C for composing for send etc. For More Detail Read my Post Use Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail to Make Yourself More Productive.

Gmail vs Yahoo, Outlook, ProtonMail

Here is a comparison table of Gmail vs other popular email services

Feature Gmail Outlook Yahoo Mail ProtonMail
Storage 15GB-30TB 50GB-100GB 1TB 500MB-20GB
Attachment Size 25MB-100MB 20MB-150MB 25MB 25MB
Custom Domains Yes Yes Yes No
Spam Filter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Two-Factor Authentication Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ads Yes No (with subscription) Yes No
Offline Access Yes Yes No Yes (with subscription)
Mobile App Yes Yes Yes Yes
Encryption Yes Yes Yes Yes (with subscription)
Advantages Integration with Google services, large storage, customizable inbox, excellent spam filter Integrates with Office apps, calendar, and other Microsoft services, focused inbox, good security Large storage, integrates with Yahoo News, Finance, and other services, good spam filter End-to-end encryption, no personal information required to sign up, good privacy
Disadvantages Displays ads, limited offline access, no built-in encryption Displays ads (unless subscribed), limited customization options, no free custom domains Displays ads, no free custom domains, limited features compared to other services Expensive subscription for additional features, limited storage for free accounts

Final Thoughts

To explain qualities of Gmail is not possible in a single post,  here I tried to figure out some of the awesome features of Gmail which Every Gmail user must start using to maximize their Gmail Experience.

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