How setup Android Phone Volume as per your Schedule

How setup Android Phone Volume as per your Schedule


How setup Android Phone Volume as per your Schedule-: In this post we will learn How to setup Android Phone Volume as per your schedule using Volume Scheduler Android App.



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Volume Scheduler is very simple app that do not use any background service neither it uses gps, wifi and such other android services to change the profile, you simply need to specify the time you want to change the profile, most of the time you are well aware of your schedule, still some time things are not as per schedule like you get late to office, or at home, so app provide you the snooze/postponed options, so you can postponed applying the silent / loud profile by just single tap. try the app and you will find how its very clear and simple app on this category, and how its helps smartly changing volume levels, ringtones and notification tones. Ringer mode options: Silent mode, Normal mode or Vibrate Mode. If you like the app, Please review and rate app on playstore to encourage us to enhance the app.

Three Reasons Why You Should Use Volume Schedular

  • it seems to be much irritating when your mobile rings during a meeting, business conference and other sensitive occasions. You may put your mobile on silence mode but sometimes you forget to do that.
  • in case your mobile is on silence there are many chances that you did not remember to activate the ringtone while an important call is awaiting for you.
  •  assume you are in a crowded place and your mobile constantly rings in your pocket and you are unable to listen to the ringtone.

How to Set Your Android’s Volume Level to Change on a Schedule

Below is the complete step by step guide that will help you to easily set your Android’s volume level to change on a schedule. So follow the below steps to proceed.

Steps to Set Your Android’s Volume Level to Change on a Schedule:

1.To get this one going, start by installing Dama’s free app, which is called Volume Scheduler. Install Volume Scheduler from the Google Play Store

2.Next up, ensure Volume Scheduler is empowered by turning on the switch at the highest point of the application’s primary menu. From here, you’ll see two preset volume profiles named Office and Home. You could utilize the + catch at the base of the screen to make your particular profile starting with no outside help, however, to make things less demanding, just tap one of the presets, then select “Alter” from the menu to make it your own.Set Your Android’s Volume Level to Change on a Schedule


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3.From here, you can rename the profile on the off chance that you’d like, however, make a point to tap “Volume Profile” to change the individual volume levels for when this profile is dynamic. Past that, you can set a custom ringtone and notice sound for this profile utilizing the other two passages as a part of the Profile Settings class.


Image Credit:Google Play Store

4.Next, look down a bit and use the alternatives in the Schedule Settings segment to pick the time when this volume profile will get to be dynamic, and also the times of the week.Set Your Android’s Volume Level to Change on a Schedule

5.Past that, observe the “Show popup and ask before applying on timetable time” choice. With this empowered, your volume levels won’t change naturally, and rather, you’ll see a popup inquiring as to whether you’d get a kick out of the chance to set the volume. So to make things as consistent as could reasonably be expected, I’d prescribe impairing this alternative, which will bring about the volume levels to be connected consequently amid your planned hours.

6.When you’re set there, retreat to the fundamental menu, then rehash this same procedure for the other volume profile. At last, you ought to have one profile that brings down your volume levels amid work or school hours, then a moment profile that raises your volume levels when you’re at home.Set Your Android’s Volume Level to Change on a Schedule

7.Starting now and into the foreseeable future, you can stop physically altering your volume levels, since Volume Scheduler will deal with that for you. At the point when the time comes, the greater part of your volume levels will naturally be set to the qualities you picked So above guide was all about to Set Your Android’s Volume Level to Change on a Schedule. Follow the steps, and you can easily schedule the volume levels in your device. Hope you like this, keep on sharing with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


Conclusion-: putting our mobile phone on ringing mode at our workplace could disturb our colleague this happens because usually we forgot to put our mobile on vibration mode  to over come to this problem you can use App to schedule ringtone of your phone as per your daily routine.

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