How To Surprise Someone By Sending Blank Message on WhatsApp

How To Surprise Someone By Sending Blank Message on WhatsApp

How To Surprise Someone By Sending Blank Message on WhatsApp
WhatsApp is a Awesome messaging App which speak itself with its extraordinary quality and huge number of users , as per my point of view WhatsApp is Heart of smartphone and it is impossible to imagine smart phone without WhatsApp. There are lots of amazing thing which we can do with WhatsApp to amaze our WhatsApp contacts one of them is sending blank message on whats app.

Working Method To Surprise Someone

Sending a blank message on WhatsApp can indeed be a fun way to surprise someone, as it may pique their curiosity. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone and go to the chat of the person you want to surprise.
  2. In the chat text input box, simply type a single space or any other blank character (e.g., “⠀” without the quotes).
  3. After entering the blank character, tap the send button. On most phones, the send button is represented by an arrow or a paper plane icon.
  4. The blank message will be sent to the person, and they will receive a notification for it.

When they open the chat and see a message with no visible content, it might surprise them and prompt them to ask about the mysterious blank message. It can be a lighthearted and amusing way to catch their attention.

Keep in mind that excessive use of blank messages or sending them too frequently might annoy the person, so use this trick sparingly and with a playful intent. Also, make sure that the person you are surprising is comfortable with such playful gestures. Always be mindful of the context and the relationship you have with the recipient to ensure the surprise is well-received.

Alternatyve method – Send Blank WhatsApp Message using Notepad


Open Notepad on your system and type  in either ALT+0160 or ALT+255 using the number pad in your keyboard. This will add a blank space to your notepad file. Save the file.

STEP-: 2

Now transfer the notepad file to your android device with a method suitable to you.


Now open notepad file with suitable text viewer on your Android Device.

STEP-: 4

as we usually long press on the empty space to copy the content of the opened file and paste it as a WhatsApp Message to whom you want to send blank WhatsApp Message.

Method 2 – Send Blank WhatsApp Message using Third Party App

There are several applications that let you send blank messages on Whatsapp. One of those applications is Noword. You can download the apk file for Noword.

Send Blank WhatsApp Message using Third Party App

Noword allows you to send empty or blank messages on your regular messaging app. Use it as you like it: For expressing you have no word to say…In case you don´t find the appropriate emoticon for the message…Just to say you´re still there…Infinite possibilities, you decide what to express with Noword.


install the app using given link above, use the app’s icon to launch it.

STEP-: 2

Simply click on the Send button once the app launches. now select the contact to whom you want to send the whatsapp message.

50 Examples of Outstanding Surprise Messages for WhatsApp

  1. “I just received a special delivery for you. Can’t wait to see your reaction when you open it! 🎁”
  2. “You’re an incredible friend, and I wanted to let you know how much you mean to me. Thank you for being awesome! 🌟”
  3. “Close your eyes, count to three, and check your doorstep. There’s a surprise waiting for you! 😊🎈”
  4. “I planned a day full of your favorite activities. Get ready for an adventure! 🎉🚀”
  5. “I prepared a playlist of your favorite songs. Enjoy the music and feel the love! 🎵❤️”
  6. “You deserve a break, so I’ve taken care of everything. Let’s enjoy a relaxing day together! 🌸🌴”
  7. “Surprise! I’ve reserved a table at your favorite restaurant for tonight. Bon appétit! 🍽️😋”
  8. “You’re an inspiration to me. Sending you a little something to brighten your day! 🌞✨”
  9. “I’ve made a scrapbook of our favorite memories. It’s a token of our friendship. 💞📸”
  10. “You’re the reason for my smile, and I wanted to share that happiness with you! 😊🌈”
  11. “I’ve set up a movie night under the stars in the backyard. Bring your favorite blanket! 🌠🎥”
  12. “Life is full of surprises, and you’re one of the best ones I’ve ever had. Grateful for you! 🙏❤️”
  13. “You’ve got a surprise call scheduled. Keep your phone close; it’s coming soon! 📞😄”
  14. “Just a little reminder: You’re doing great, and I believe in you! Keep shining! 🌟💪”
  15. “I’ve hidden a note with a clue. Follow it to find your surprise treasure! 🔍🗝️”
  16. “You light up my life, and I wanted to brighten your day in return. Sending virtual hugs! 🤗❤️”
  17. “I’ve arranged for a virtual game night with friends. Get ready to laugh and have fun! 😄🎮”
  18. “Your favorite dessert is waiting for you in the fridge. Enjoy the sweet surprise! 🍰🍨”
  19. “You’re one of a kind, and I wanted to remind you of that today. Stay unique and awesome! 🌈”
  20. “Surprise! I’ve signed us up for a dance class. Let’s dance the night away! 💃🕺”
  21. “Your smile is contagious. Here’s a funny meme to make you laugh even more! 😂📷”
  22. “I’ve planned a picnic in the park. Bring your favorite snacks, and let’s enjoy nature! 🍃🧺”
  23. “I spotted that book you’ve been eyeing. It’s waiting for you on your bookshelf! 📚✨”
  24. “You’re a ray of sunshine in my life. Sending warmth and positivity your way! 🌞☀️”
  25. “I’ve arranged for a surprise video call with our long-distance friend. Get ready to catch up! 📞💬”
  26. “Surprise delivery on its way! Keep an eye on your mailbox for a special letter. 💌✉️”
  27. “You’ve made a difference in my life, and I wanted to say thank you with a surprise! 🙏❤️”
  28. “I baked your favorite cake. Swing by, and let’s enjoy it together! 🎂🎉”
  29. “You’re a true gem. I’ve left a little surprise in your bag. Find it and cherish it! 💎✨”
  30. “I’ve prepared a personalized playlist of motivational songs. Get ready to feel inspired! 🎶🎧”
  31. “Surprise! I’ve arranged for a private movie screening of your favorite film. Let’s watch it in style! 🎥🍿”
  32. “I admire your creativity, so I got you some art supplies. Let your imagination run wild! 🎨✏️”
  33. “You’ve been working hard, so I’ve organized a spa day for you. Relax and pamper yourself! 💆‍♀️🛁”
  34. “I’ve planned a virtual game night with our family. Get ready for some friendly competition! 🎲🃏”
  35. “Hey, remember that dream you shared? Well, I’ve taken the first steps to make it come true! 🌠🌌”
  36. “Surprise! I’ve set up a surprise video call with your favorite celebrity. Get starstruck! 🌟📸”
  37. “You’ve been there for me, and I want to return the favor. Expect a surprise visit soon! 👀🚪”
  38. “I found tickets to the event you’ve been excited about. Can’t wait to go together! 🎟️🎭”
  39. “You’re my rock, and I’ve got a little rock-themed surprise gift for you. Keep an eye out! 🎸🎁”
  40. “I’ve planned a stargazing night. Grab a blanket, and let’s marvel at the universe! 🌌🔭”
  41. “You’ve got a surprise care package heading your way. It’s filled with love and goodies! 📦💕”
  42. “I made a list of reasons why you’re amazing. Read it when you need a confidence boost! 📃🌟”
  43. “I’ve arranged for a surprise dinner with our favorite chef. Prepare for a culinary delight! 🍽️😋”
  44. “You’re a true friend, and I’m lucky to have you. Sending virtual high-fives your way! 🙌✨”
  45. “Surprise! I’ve prepared a personalized video montage of our best memories. Relive the moments! 🎥🎞️”
  46. “I’ve organized a surprise online party with all our friends. Get ready for a blast! 🎉🥳”
  47. “You’ve got a surprise virtual tour of a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Let’s explore! 🗺️🌍”
  48. “I’ve arranged for a surprise date night with your favorite activities. Get excited! 💑💕”
  49. “Hey, I’ve prepared a surprise scavenger hunt for you. Follow the clues to your surprise! 🔍🗺️”
  50. “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. Sending you all my love and a special surprise! ❤️🎁”

FAQ about Surprise Messages

  1. Q: What are WhatsApp surprise messages?
    • A: WhatsApp surprise messages are messages sent to someone with the intention of delighting or surprising them unexpectedly. They can be anything from heartfelt notes to creative gifts, planned events, or virtual experiences.
  2. Q: How do I send a surprise message on WhatsApp?
    • A: Sending a surprise message on WhatsApp is easy. You can simply craft a thoughtful message or prepare a surprise media file (e.g., photo, video, audio) and send it to the recipient in a chat or group.
  3. Q: What type of surprise messages can I send on WhatsApp?
    • A: You can send various surprise messages, such as heartfelt compliments, encouraging messages, funny memes, audio recordings, virtual event invitations, and links to personalized playlists or videos.
  4. Q: How can I make WhatsApp surprise messages more creative?
    • A: Get creative by using emojis, GIFs, stickers, or special formatting. You can also send a message with a hidden meaning or plan a virtual surprise event for the recipient.
  5. Q: Are there any limits on the size of surprise messages I can send on WhatsApp?
    • A: Yes, WhatsApp has file size limitations. For example, you can send images up to 16 MB, videos up to 16 MB, and documents up to 100 MB. Be mindful of the recipient’s internet connection and device capabilities.
  6. Q: Is it important to consider the recipient’s preferences and interests when planning a surprise message?
    • A: Absolutely! Tailoring the surprise message to the recipient’s interests and preferences will make it more meaningful and memorable for them.
  7. Q: Can I send a surprise message to a group chat on WhatsApp?
    • A: Yes, you can surprise a group of friends or family members by sending a surprise message in a group chat. It could be a fun meme, an invitation to a virtual event, or even a surprise announcement.
  8. Q: Is there an ideal time to send a surprise message on WhatsApp?
    • A: Surprise messages can be sent anytime, but consider choosing a moment when the recipient is likely to be relaxed and able to fully enjoy the surprise.
  9. Q: Should I keep the surprise a secret until the recipient opens the message?
    • A: Keeping the surprise a secret can add to the excitement. Let the recipient discover the surprise when they open the message.
  10. Q: Can I send a surprise message anonymously on WhatsApp?
    • A: Yes, you can send a surprise message anonymously by using a secondary or temporary WhatsApp account. However, it’s essential to be respectful and considerate when sending anonymous messages.
  11. Q: Is it appropriate to send surprise messages to professional contacts on WhatsApp?
    • A: While surprise messages can be fun and uplifting, consider the nature of your relationship with the professional contact before sending surprise messages to avoid any misunderstanding.
  12. Q: Can I schedule a surprise message to be sent automatically on WhatsApp?
    • A: WhatsApp doesn’t have a built-in scheduling feature, but you can use third-party scheduling apps or reminders to help you send surprise messages at a specific time.
  13. Q: What are some dos and don’ts for sending WhatsApp surprise messages?
    • A: Do consider the recipient’s preferences, be respectful, and use appropriate content. Don’t spam or overload the recipient with surprise messages, and be mindful of cultural sensitivities.

Final Thoughts

Sending a blank WhatsApp messing is a good idea when you have no words to say and you can surprise someone and force your WhatsApp Contacts to think about how did you send Blank WhatsApp Message and you can share this trick to your WhatsApp contacts to that they can amaze their WhatsApp Contacts with this Cool Tricks.

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